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I've never really messed with grits before, I would like to have them on our menu this spring but I have a couple questions. First off, how can you hold the grits once they are cooked? Can you par-cook them to certain point then finish in a saute pan? I assume that if I make a big pot for service they will set up right? I want to stay away from instant for sure but was thinking about using quick grits... I was also thinking that if I use "real" grits I would have a better...
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Croc Bistros all the way, like walking on sunshine as one of my line cooks puts it. I wore my AllPros today(first time in 3 years) they are made by Birkenstock and my feet are killing me! Back to the crocs tomorrow. As a side note one of the soles came off the Crocs after about a year and a half, some shoe goo, and they are back to 100%, I am about two and a half years in on this pair and they were 37 bucks online.
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