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The two are not even comparable, CIA is MILES ahead of LCB (the US LCB)
Lime, cilantro, and ginger lately
Do you grind all your meat in house?  If not I'd have probably politely declined to make that ticket.
That written test is laughable IMO.  It's pretty much is going to disqualify a lot of fantastic immigrant cooks who have never heard of Escoffier and will never have to make a hollandaise but people right out of culinary with no experience would pass with flying colors.
Is liquid nitrogen an option :P   As said above, shrink it down into smaller containers, large shallow containers are best.   The ice paddles you mentioned above are NOT a waste, they definitely help.
I worked in the corporate world for quite some time before I went to culinary school, Ive seen it come back and bite far too many people.  You can defend yourself in court if you have documented proof, but that is far more trouble than it's worth.  By refusing to give a positive review the person on the other end of the line gets the message and the case will never make it to court if they try to sue you.  If you do say negative things you better have a lawyer on speed...
No.   NEVER give any employee a bad review as it opens you up to lawsuit (if you are in the US).  If you are unsatisfied and do not wish to give him a good review just say "Mr X worked here from this date to this date, that is all I am comfortable discussing"  The new employer will get the message and you cover your own a$$.   Even huge corporations with giant HR departments refuse to divulge negative info about past employees, it leaves your business too vulnerable.   This is the "reasoning" for that line of thinking.
It's actually a pretty common rule when you cook in a high profile restaurant that deals with a lot of athletes/celebrities/politicians.   People who live very public lives are not likely going to return to restaurants who do not respect their privacy.  People in the front of the house are not even allowed to say things like "Im a fan of your work" etc.  The higher end the place you work is the more your guests expect discretion. 
Disclosing information like that is grounds for immediate termination where I work.
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