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The problem of not having your papers is clear when you think that you are qualified enough to handle the job due to experience,  they always ask do you have your papers?  and 9 times out of 10 they will not hire you because you do not have them.  I am learning this first hand as I am returning to NS after all these yrs in hopes of getting a good paying job with my experience I have now.
After I boiled off the lobsters I shelled them and then crushed them up and made a stock with veggies and liquid. I strained it off a then reduced it by half.  It turned out great.  Rich in texture and flavour.
I am going to be making lobster bisque.  Is it a good idea to start a lobster stock first?
I work in Edmonton Alberta Canada and yes all of our sauces and dressing are made from the mother sauces from scratch.  The name of the establishment is the Chateau Louis Hotel.
Hello from Edmonton AB Canada
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