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Make sure you know you're rights and benefits.  Severance pay, employment insurance and any packages for ex-employees.   Don't be rude but insist on your dues!   Here's one that might cheer ya up!   One place let me go for similar reasons but race not age... unprovable of course but little did they realize that I'd get a year free membership as part of my severance after 5 years.     I immediately booked a T-Time right after every Sunday brunch when the management...
Sounds like someone I would like to have known better. (vaguely familiar too!)  
Pure artistry again Petals!   Thanks for the demo... do you roll it the way it is in the picture? or do you have to flip it so the smaller part of the puff-pastry is on the outside.
... and I've turned him into soup!
If you constantly have leftover mashed potatoes (all finished), cool them quickly don't hold.     Keep em in the walk-in and reheat in a microwave to order.    They won't be the worlds best but better than most, especially the brown rotten kind.   (it's actually something that the microwave is good for.... and reheating my darn coffee)
haha   nice thanks for sharing
Cause in most states in the usa and provinces in canada they are banned.    Mainly because they shouldn't go thru the sanitizer... thus they are illegal.   Stupid and crazy but that is what it is..   Don't mention that beef-tartare and rare burgers are also banned.. that gets my blood to boil!
Welcome Dan,   lots to learn here ....   Keep an open mind and never forget to learn.   There's a lot of talent on this board, both old-school and new.   Everyone has an opinion or 'a special way' to do things.    Take them for what they are and figure out what you like.     Practice makes perfect and remember no-one ever makes an omelette without cracking a few eggs!   o/   (ps- this is a very old board so even after doing a search .. check the dates... some...
Traditionally leftover beef brisket ends up in the beans or some kind of burnt ends sandwich.    It also goes great in soups or stews, depending on your location.    Potato and Brisket Hash is another winner if you do breakfast.     Finely diced or minced brisket makes amazing pasties or hand pies, jamaican patties etc.  (fillings for pastry).     Texas Style Chili will not be hurt by it's addition, neither will a plate of french fries topped with chili and cheese...
Agreed,      I was just trying to compare Fresh to Canned though... although I did have to sneak frozen in with the green peas part.   I have no idea how anyone could use canned green peas... blah.
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