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Looks Sharp!   Nice collection also.
Very nice - I would be proud to have it in any kitchen.
ORDO!   Stop being silly.   I respect you and commend your quest but what you are doing is not 'sous-vide'   I could have told you that those rib bits would fail.  Cooking for that duration and that temperature will not work. (anyone who has done sous-vide could have said the same)   It is way too high a temp and far too short a duration.   The vacuum or pressure is not the important part - the time and temp is!
Depending on the protein you are cooking, and how it's sliced.   You could try to fry your aromatics and onions in a fairly generous amount of oil.   Remove them and then fry your chicken in  the now flavoured oil.   Then mix them all together or alternatively make a sauce with the oil in the pan.   If you must have darkly cooked, carmelized onions, cook them first.   Then remove them and cook you chicken breast and add them back just before serving.   Everything...
 ...   this is your first problem.   Learn what a Chef is and then you learn how to work with them.
High or Hacked...   ... that is the question.   ?!??
Actually that was faked.     I'll try to find the article that de-bunked it.    Basically using old video tapes would not give  half the information that is being stated.   Even modern surveillance doesn't come close.   It's a rant -  some truth to it... but still made up.
I decided to go completely crazy used a great big o'l 8 foot chest freezer.   Added a humidifier, dehumidifier, temp control and now use it for aging sausages as well as dry aging meats.   Here is a good primer from Kenji - at first he declared it wasn't a good idea / worth it but we set him straight with the errors in his ways.    Then he jumped in whole-hog as they say.   As long as it's done right it is spectacular.   If you do make a multi-use cabinet, make sure...
Not to mention that in true blind (or coloured) taste testing ... people also couldn't tell the difference between farm fresh and mass produced.   It's all in the colour.   http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/08/what-are-the-best-eggs-cage-free-organic-omega-3s-grocery-store-brand-the-food-lab.html
Looks great and the holder will be the perfect finishing touch.
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