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If you're into the molecular gastronomy thing you could butterfly the breast and then use TG to put it back together with a nice ribbon of pork belly in the middle.   It would be easier than the needles or larding the traditional way and would still slice nicely.
Here's one you probably might maybe remember,  It's a cover but much better than the original.     Hold Tight is an Original ... that many love but have never heard:     here is just good...     Hope someone likes em...  
Holy-Shit.. thansk for the second video... I didn't care for the first one much.   The second one ... oh wow!   Never heard of him... now sad to hear he's gone...time really is fleeting!   . . . . .  .   .    .   I think I'm going to stay home ... spend the day play/dancing with my daughter - world be dammed. Hallelujah !   (way better than Cohen's)
@ordo   That should earn you money...   Seriously great on so many levels.
I hear ya - only 1.5 inches here but ...sheesh when will it end?
I will have to try that!   btw  Welcome back... haven't read a thread from ya for a few months.  (and missed the different approaches) /cheers - hope all is well.
Nice!  a bit dark for what the rest of my family would like but I actually prefer the very dark bits of crust.   What was the recipe?  If you used one!  :) Often I don't... I just let it go and see what happens.
New Posts  All Forums: