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Something on a completely different track.  
Heritage Cast Aluminum pans have done well for me on a crappy glass top.   A bit pricey as they don't last forever.   I believe they are under the 'starfrit' group of companies now.     There are a couple of lines but they all seem the same in terms of quality - Infusio, Artisan etc.   http://www.atlanticpromotionsinc.com/products/5-heritage/49-by_material/55-cast_aluminum?limit=all   In Canada you can get them at any Sears or Canadian tire store and many kitchen...
Where there is a will and determination there is a way.   Once in Jamaica I watched a guy arc-weld mild steel plates using a cable attached to the overhead power lines. He was even doing repairs to aluminum boats, no idea what kind of sticks he was using as I didn't get that close.  
Looking great!   You're better setup than 3/4 of the places I've worked over the last 30 years!   Beautiful.
Ben is just getting a name for himself... i'm actually attending a 'house-gig' in July where he and his band are playing... expensive tickets but only 40 in the house. Paco is great for the classics. I have, and own almost all the recordings I can get from them... I just prefer to post either 'lost-oldies' or 'new-stuff' with many exceptions.   I just love music.  All music.
Paco Peña performs "Farruca" in Studio Q    
This one is for Petals...   Local Canadian Talent - very much in the style of Tom Waits...but with a bit more Canadian!   ... and beard!    
Depends on the type of heat - for propane I prefer a Plancha style grill with raised grid.  For charcoal I prefer thin wire Stainless Steel.  I prefer to cook with the coals rather than the retained heat in the grill.
Here is another point of view.   I've heard about them almost all my career... that is a long long long long time, covering many continents and many cuisines.   I have never seen one in a kitchen, any kitchen at all ever.  I have seen sharpened hack-saw blades with wood handles, wood paddles with finishing nails driven through them to tenderize food and many other horrors of horrors but ....   Never a CutCo -   I might actually go out and buy one just so I can see...
 Please don't forget ... if you mechanically tenderize any whole muscle meat you must then treat it the same as ground meat.  ie. you may have introduced foreign substances into it. imho - it's all around a bad idea to MT any steak, fillet, chop or roast.   Just learn to cook and slice it proper. The texture comes out all wrong also in my opinion.
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