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  I agree Allan... that is why it put it in the Zen... seems right but not exactly 'proven'... more to be found out i'm hoping.
I agree... not much commercially available here - unless imported from England .. but the local scene is starting to pick up on 'old-styles'   ... least that is what they call them here ....   For me... I call / describe them as 'balanced'...
ROFL welcome to the site~! I'm so glad to hear about your enthusiasm for RD. Please tell us a little something more - you have used them for 15 years to do what?  You are an owner? 15 years as a manager seems a bit ... ack Which RD location have you used for 15 years....
Oh My... you couldn't have picked a better tipple!   I love brown Ales, even more than all the other ales I love.
Happy World Goth Day!   Here are a few classics... well maybe more than a few... heavily influenced by alcohol and KEXP....                   next time it will be more blues for Petals!
Sorry to hear TF... sucks when punks mess with your hobbies... hope things get sorted out alright for you.   Plate looks just fine, and tasty.   Extra helping of wine/beer/booze for you tonight!
Looking great!
 up until recently they all said to 'never wash' mushrooms either because they soak up water... caramelized onions also always started in butter / oil as it was the only way to do it right... ... now we know better don't we. A very old one that was busted many many years ago - seafood and cheese don't mix....  PS with sous-vide cooking, unless you are low temp - braising, there is no need to rest the meat.   There is no hold-over cooking and nothing is re-adsorbed.   I do...
Ok - I hope Kenji doesn't take offense and start sending me bills for type copy... but anyway.   This will hopefully save everyone a lot of time... read them.  Understand them.  Then you can get all Zen about Steak.   Myths and Wives Tales about Steak   now that is out of the way here are the traditional methods   Pan-Seared Steaks  and   Grilled Steaks   Onto the Art and Zen topics:   Types of steaks   Home Dry Aging of Steak   Why Cook Sous-Vide...
Tell me more about it - haven't read it...  kinda got turned off on Japanese cooking long ago because of all the rules (that are only regional).  Still love many of their techniques and use them regularly.    What's this books angle?   tia
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