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 Please don't forget ... if you mechanically tenderize any whole muscle meat you must then treat it the same as ground meat.  ie. you may have introduced foreign substances into it. imho - it's all around a bad idea to MT any steak, fillet, chop or roast.   Just learn to cook and slice it proper. The texture comes out all wrong also in my opinion.
I will surely do a review when I get the device... I've already planned on it. @dcarch  the ones shown on Kickstarter and Cooking Issues were hand-made buy Dave and Crew - so it's no wonder they looked pretty bad. here is the Production Prototype.    Taken apart for cleaning / inspection... New Torch / Bushing and Thumbscrew ConnectionsThey have also now pretty much come out and said - you must for best results and stability use a BernzOmatic TS8000 torch head and the big...
@ChrisBristol You'd end up with a soggy mess on the outside instead of a crust and carry over cooking would be increased.    Try hot water bathing / poaching that chicken in a marinade / broth of soya sauce, maple syrup and water.   Bring to 140F and hold for 35 minutes.   Remove pat dry and sear quickly.   Now that is moist, tender and full of flavour.   @AllanMcPherson  I've always wondered if a freshly grilled steak had some sort of VOC's that need to dissipate...
  I agree Allan... that is why it put it in the Zen... seems right but not exactly 'proven'... more to be found out i'm hoping.
I agree... not much commercially available here - unless imported from England .. but the local scene is starting to pick up on 'old-styles'   ... least that is what they call them here ....   For me... I call / describe them as 'balanced'...
ROFL welcome to the site~! I'm so glad to hear about your enthusiasm for RD. Please tell us a little something more - you have used them for 15 years to do what?  You are an owner? 15 years as a manager seems a bit ... ack Which RD location have you used for 15 years....
Oh My... you couldn't have picked a better tipple!   I love brown Ales, even more than all the other ales I love.
Happy World Goth Day!   Here are a few classics... well maybe more than a few... heavily influenced by alcohol and KEXP....                   next time it will be more blues for Petals!
Sorry to hear TF... sucks when punks mess with your hobbies... hope things get sorted out alright for you.   Plate looks just fine, and tasty.   Extra helping of wine/beer/booze for you tonight!
Looking great!
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