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Nothing wrong with that now ...
Well I hope you're not in NY or another jurisdiction that has some crazy specific rules wrt Sous-Vide...    good luck though. 
True... but so are many marinades, you just reserve some before adding the un-cooked protein or cook the marinade along with the protein.   Marinades generally don't penetrate very far into the protein so you kind of have to include some in the final dish... or you loose most of the flavour.   Either way - I started typing the list and then realized that I might be typing for a day or two.  Thus the sudden question of where are we going with this?
Cool Ordo!   Looks great.   I had virtually the same dish tonight but it involved Chicken Thighs and Fermented Black Beans.     Looked almost identical - except mine was presented by putting the rice cooker and hot wok onto the center of the table and running out the door while the family tucked in. (My chicken thighs even curled like yours because I boned them and cut across the grain... something I don't normally do.)
 digress more - it's the little tid-bits like this that I love the most.    Going to have to get me an 'achiotera' now!!
Chermoula is basically highly spiced acidic marinade.     You could use many variations of Thai Curry Pastes as a marinade by adding some extra liquid likely salted cooking wine.   Indian Tandoori Marinades & Afghan Onion & Yougurt marinades are an option.   Chinese marinades are mostly made up from shelf stable items designed to eliminate pungent meat smells cantonese style or to completely blow your mind schezuan nam-pla, hot chiles and numbing prickly...
You can also do variations on the standard tomato sauce, sweet onion, garlic and herb, fiery tomato sriracha, the skies the limit.   butter and oil with finely chopped fresh mushrooms, use dried wild ones and some ground shitakes   olive oil with salted and drained cherry tomatoes, dried tomato strips and a splash of tomato juice at the end (fresh and vibrant)   lemon pepper, lemon zest and olive oil with a squeeze of lemon at the end (goes really good with black...
Lots of good advice - another thing to note is some jurisdictions have very specific rules regarding sous-vide cooking.   Some have very rigorous standards that must be met - and will not likely be accepted / approved if you are working out of a commissary kitchen (or shared space).
Actually the more beans you eat the better your body becomes at digesting them.  ie. less "end effects"so does epazote...
 I love ratio's If you want to take it in another direction you can make Do Chua (Vietnamese Pickled Daikon Radish and Carrot) Just use the same 4/2/1 ratio but Water / Vinegar / SugarOnly need to add garlic for seasonings, about 1 medium clove per cup of water or to your tastes!  (you will need to salt the veggies first to soften and then rinse them)
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