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One that is beyond description - starts as OK / Good... gets to funny then to real music and cow-bell.   All around interesting talent.   ....  Jonathon Richman    
Something on a completely different track.  
Heritage Cast Aluminum pans have done well for me on a crappy glass top.   A bit pricey as they don't last forever.   I believe they are under the 'starfrit' group of companies now.     There are a couple of lines but they all seem the same in terms of quality - Infusio, Artisan etc.   In Canada you can get them at any Sears or Canadian tire store and many kitchen...
Where there is a will and determination there is a way.   Once in Jamaica I watched a guy arc-weld mild steel plates using a cable attached to the overhead power lines. He was even doing repairs to aluminum boats, no idea what kind of sticks he was using as I didn't get that close.  
Looking great!   You're better setup than 3/4 of the places I've worked over the last 30 years!   Beautiful.
Ben is just getting a name for himself... i'm actually attending a 'house-gig' in July where he and his band are playing... expensive tickets but only 40 in the house. Paco is great for the classics. I have, and own almost all the recordings I can get from them... I just prefer to post either 'lost-oldies' or 'new-stuff' with many exceptions.   I just love music.  All music.
Paco Peña performs "Farruca" in Studio Q    
This one is for Petals...   Local Canadian Talent - very much in the style of Tom Waits...but with a bit more Canadian!   ... and beard!    
Depends on the type of heat - for propane I prefer a Plancha style grill with raised grid.  For charcoal I prefer thin wire Stainless Steel.  I prefer to cook with the coals rather than the retained heat in the grill.
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