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sounds like a bunch of students had no idea of how hot sugar can get...   ... bad teacher - next time don't leave them alone while you go for beers.   - your beers should wait while you finish supervising.
Use fresh tomatoes... refrigerate them - this will kill the tomato taste and then add your herbs / flavourings.   Heated or canned tomatoes have the flavours 'fixed' in them, so they won't work for a red-herb sauce.   The other modern alternative is to use tomatoes grown for size, colour, shape and durability out of season.  They however created have a natural lack of flavour!  :)   To find them - simply pick them up and give them a sniff... no scent ... no...
I bet if they had called the restaurant and explained the situation ... most of this could have been avoided.   Honestly, there are many possible solutions and when 2 sides work together they are easily found.
Here is a thread for making cheese sauces.   Pepper Jack will work just fine with the method I posted, you can actually use almost any cheese with this method.   
ROFL... you're only a douche if you know they are on that diet! Quit Eyeballing them and you'll be fine. It seems, at least in my area, that the 'diet' restriction phase is coming to an end... lets hope at least.
Anyone that I hire / accept in my kitchen is already assumed to have no experience. They have never worked in 'my' kitchen so they can not have any experience.
ROFL - nice one TF!
Congrats!   Sounds like a well executed plan.  I wish you much more continued success with your new endevour.    New concepts and new places are always such a rush.  You never actually feel the moment until it's all over and the dust has settled.   I'm also in a bit of a transition and will likely (hopefully) become the head care-taker, chef, and chief bottle washer at a privately owned fishing lodge.  Right now I'm working there as Jack-of-All trades to get the hang...
Here is a new one that has that 'old' feel to it.   Caution might make you break out in ...       Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Man on Fire
You are either the Chef or you are not.   There are many things that a Chef might or might not do... the secret is ...  If the Chef is not doing them, they are telling someone else to do it for them.
New Posts  All Forums: