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... umm    It's not a state   Nova Scotia is a province  ...
did  you even read the original post ... seriously...
Well - as long as the winter seemed to last it sure left amazingly fast.   I'm not quite ready to plant anything ... frost is still in the ground... but at least I can see the soil!     Going to get some onion bulbs and spinach seeds, swiss chard and kale on Saturday.  Might be a bit early but as soon as the frost is out of the soil they'll be going in.   Maybe another week or so if temps hold up.    
Aloo Matar - very darned tasty... although I'd rather leave out the paneer rather than use cottage cheese, not really the same in my mind - but I haven't tried it, so maybe I should and shut up. 
 Except on the places you never thought you should have hair...wtf
Darn !     I wish I had that problem.... love game and hardly ever get time to go get any.  Maybe when I'm really-fully retired, hopefully I can still get out then.
If you're into the molecular gastronomy thing you could butterfly the breast and then use TG to put it back together with a nice ribbon of pork belly in the middle.   It would be easier than the needles or larding the traditional way and would still slice nicely.
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