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Holy-Shit.. thansk for the second video... I didn't care for the first one much.   The second one ... oh wow!   Never heard of him... now sad to hear he's gone...time really is fleeting!   . . . . .  .   .    .   I think I'm going to stay home ... spend the day play/dancing with my daughter - world be dammed. Hallelujah !   (way better than Cohen's)
@ordo   That should earn you money...   Seriously great on so many levels.
I hear ya - only 1.5 inches here but ...sheesh when will it end?
I will have to try that!   btw  Welcome back... haven't read a thread from ya for a few months.  (and missed the different approaches) /cheers - hope all is well.
Nice!  a bit dark for what the rest of my family would like but I actually prefer the very dark bits of crust.   What was the recipe?  If you used one!  :) Often I don't... I just let it go and see what happens.
Honestly I'd say forgo either - unless you have a commitment to make a certain shape/style.   Experiment more with high-hydration doughs and different baking containers and forming methods.   Isn't the only reason for specific shapes / sizes / materials of proofing baskets just to shape and keep the regular dough from sticking?   Embrace the sticky...   - some of the more wacky and improvised solutions are way cool  - very adaptable and work...
As far as I'm aware BDL is on a sabatical for a while (finishing his book and generally avoiding forums until done).  Some others here can get in touch but i'm sure some others will chime in with good advice in the mean time.   Welcome
Looks superb!   The family would tuck-into that and fight for more!   ... grampy better not be late or he might find himself out of a helping... (although he loves it when he looses out and has to fend for himself in the fridge)
One solace is that you can now think of yourself as feeding your fur-friends the very best quality!
I just brought home 3 belly's ... as much as I can smoke at the same time.   I'd be willing to skip the samples, as I'm sure I know how that would taste, and be pleased with just a description of your technique.
New Posts  All Forums: