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a la gribeche?
  That might win the understatement of the year....
 It might be a good idea for you to realize that what you see on TV (pbs or not) is not likely to represent reality!  I'd follow Chris's advice many times over before following what you saw on the TV.
... without trying to land myself in a ton of trouble... I didn't 'go-on-vacation' and land a stage... I lined up a few stages, then bought a ticket to go on vacation, then found myself the cheapest flop-house available.  (by asking some of the other line cooks!)   Life is too short to be Timid - dive in and have fun!
Not to seem rude - but what you are looking for is what a lot of us ask money for.   Hire a consultant - they cost money but they also have the answers.     -----     Now ... if you really want to become a consultant and answer all these questions, I'd suggest working in the industry for about 20-30 years to gain your 'cred... then start throwing us test clowns a few benjamins...
oh my ... printing that for my little dancer...   very creative.
ROFL I'm aboriginal Japanese, I spent 3 years bumming around various countries in Asia cooking - never once was I put into a position that made anything but western food. Maybe my eyes are a bit too round... I dunno - at least I ate some amazing meals.   Met great life-long friends and have the memories. 
Mostly Asia actually - only did a few stages in England while on 'vacation' lol   Canada has been good to me though.
Looks splendid!
ooh.... good taste, my favourite style
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