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Well, you haven't been very clear on what kind of place you're looking to work for, though  you mentioned in your last "a smaller chain".  But you sound to me like you're well on your way to being a pro level PC, due to the volume and workload you've become used to    I see two things that make you valuable as a prep cook.  First, you don't mind doing it. Oh, lots of people start out that way, get in the door, then viola-- they get tired of prepping (I'm one of them...
Haha, very creative, I doubt many rest owners ever think of most of that stuff.  I loved the smuggling food out in the trash--never thought of that one--if you wrapped it up all snug in stretch wrap, it could stay serviceable in even the trashiest trash cans.  "Hey, I'm emptying my prep-trash, boss, be right back!!" And out the door goes 4 steaks or a pound of shrimp.
Well in my experience dealing with such creeps doesn't usually involve the exchange of currency.   So at least in this case, Chef John was well creepensated. 
Uh oh, that's embarrassing.... I was going round telling everyone we gots a guy named Squid on our chefboard.  Sounds like he didnt care about the money, just wanted a satisfying pic--and in my opinion you gave to him-- that's a great pic, the way your arms are spread out like you've just fanned out a deck of cards.  And the desserts look fabulous. Thanks for sharing that (well, semi) crazy story with us. 
I dont think its automation they dont want so much as self service. Those self checkout counters have been around forever now, yet how many times have you seen no one at them, while the regular cashiers have lines a mile long?
Sure look how the rest biz has changed over the last 20 years. We're given electronic pagers to hold in the lobby.  And people are cooking their own steaks, FCOL. Everythings computerized. Yet theyre still manually taking and putting in orders--I agree  that will change soon enough. The cooks job wont change a whole lot, its already done that once computers started sending orders to a printer in the kitchen--but the server's job will continue to morph into something...
LOL So easy to do on this site, 'specially when the months and days line up.    Quick rule of thumb: if the post shows an actual date, rather than a number of hours or a number of days,  look twice at the actual date. :-)
Good suggestion--I haven't seen that done so far, is it in effect anywhere yet?   In my experience they all use the computer station to input orders, they "save up" several table's orders and punch em in all at once so the wheel gets theirs at the same time stamp. On top of that wasted time,  they all "fight" for time on the terminal to input/alter their orders. 
Using a multiplication factor like 3 is not a good idea, as most with catering experience will agree. Because its a guess,  not only will it not be consistent, but its a very good way to go broke.  That said, it is difficult for us to advise you on WHAT to price, because we dont have access to your numbers.    As to HOW to price, the formula I use is :   food costs,  plus: fixed costs (insurance, licensing etc.) variable costs (travel, serviceware, rentals,...
True all that, but if the numbers and events of the study are all made up, then we're  right back to where we started..... forming our own personal opinions about cellphones,  restaurants and inconsiderable patrons.   No proof here, but at least some analysis:   http://www.pratttribune.com/article/20140715/Opinion/140719654
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