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You reach under, grab the can, (gloved hand!) push up into the bottom of the chaffer to smother. Alternate method, slide them out then slip the lid on. Not so hard to put out, just annoyingly easy to get burned on. Once burning, very hard to see in daylight, so I always use tongs to get em out, and snuff em with their own lid. 
Lol several years in catering, of  course I have--and I gots the burn scars to prove it!  That IS a good idea though, although as you know they do make a holder designed for sternos, completewith handle and "snuffer". (but I never use em.)  But another problem I see with using OP's thing-a-ma-jig in that way though, is it's thickness--there isn't muchclearance between sterno and chafer bottom--and if they're too close they don't get enough air to burn well. Might work on...
It suddenly occurs to me, it has a bit of a "snowflake" look to it.  So if you laid it on a dessert plate, and dusted it with powdered sugar, would make a very pretty  presentation would it not? Far superior to the standard (and lame IMO) "fork" pattern.  The handle would be useful for that, and the size is abut right too.  
If its a sterno trivet, (or ANY trivet for that matter)  why would you need a wood handle?To me it would just get in the way, both in use and in storing it. Defintely not a brewing tool, cant think off how you would use it in that capacity. If it were made of cast iron or steel, might be a rad way to mark small steaks. lol  And it appears  too small and light weight to "beat" or "pound" anything, like in tenderizing. Cant "spin it", not  with that handle sticking out. Same...
I personally wouldnt touch the stuff...i worked under a "Celebrity Chef" once who swore by powdered ranch dressing mix, used it in several of his "secret sauces" . Still gives me the heebers to think about it. Another boss-chef used canned Hollandaise in his restaurant. No adjuncts or nuthin, just straight outa the can. Which actually had a decent taste, no one seemed the wiser.... but really--canned??
so you got chicken onions mushrooms and broccoli in a hollandaise/ broth base....over pasta. Nah, I agree tomaters, kidney and black beans wouldnt mix in so good. I personally wudda used fresh broccoli if able, and maybe tossed in a few fresh herbs for freshness and bouquet. And things like hollandaise mix is okay for home service, but in a commercial environment of course I'd make the hollandaise.
If she cant or wont give you a guaranteed number of people, then you can "work it backwards"  and figure out how many people you CAN serve for 600.00, and tell her that is the maximum  number of guests.  But in my opinion I would not give her a price until she knew how many would be attending.
Exactly.  Its when its not discussed, and friends and relatives come up to the host saying "Oh  could you pleeeze get some of that chicken dish from the caterer to take to my hubby who couldn't be here? It's only one plate, and they have plenty left." Multiply that song times 10 or 20 and everyone has a sick aunt or uncle who couldn't attend. Bottom line, they just want free food. When I was doing my own thing, I would verbally address it with the client, and it was...
On the other hand, this is far from an exact science, and   there are times when you just misjudge the crowd, or the client's fund raiser gets 60 guests turning out for it instead of the expected (and contracted) 100, or there ends up 30 "vegans" who stick to salad and sides cuz they dont like your mains...a zillion other reasons for ending up with a bunch of extra food. Thats part of the game.    The annoying part is when clients ask...then insist you leave them ALL...
I cant believe you put your ipad on restriction. Youre such a disciplinarian! :-p
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