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Well sure, Cambros are the best, but as was indicated, only frequent use justifies their expense--couple hundred bucks a pop. You can get a full sized igloo cooler that fits hotel pans for 70 bucks, plus being an ice chest, has a zillion other uses. Of course the other option is to just rent a couple Cambros (thermal boxes) for the weekend, and you dont have to store them.
Exactly. Get it done! Write a book! And send me a signed copy!
Interesting, especially with sand, Ive never done it that way, always took the preheat materials out and relied on the thermal action of hot food in an enclosed environment. I may try it that way sometime to see how it works.
Thats a good way with things on hand. You use those materials just to preheat the cold ice chest walls. Should feel like a nice warm cozy place when you stick you hand in there. Then when you pack it up to go, make sure all the food is hot. I mean hot, not warm, or just perfect temp to eat. Like, right off the stove or oven, hot. By the time you transfer to sterno chaffers, should be perfect.
Welcome in Ashy. Plenty of great knife talk around here, and about any other kinda culinary discussion you can think of. Enjoy. --Meez
Looking foward to it Chris. Awesome menu!! All your hard work will pay off!
Stir fry, noodles optional. lol "Nooo, no trouble at all, you must be starving." dumps chicken pieces into hot wok with oil, to brown.... "So, how are the kids...." dumps thawed veggies in, adds asian spices....... "Sure, we're all fine, Billy-Bob started practice today." turns down heat, partially covers wok.... "We'll just let that fry up about 8 minutes, then we can eat!" See? Easy PEASY, or I aint Meezy!
LOL @ChefBilly, reminds me of my beer home brew days.....as my techniques got more and more complex, I seemed to get less and less yield from my batches.....   I eventually equated this to the longer the beer-making process, the more would disappear prior to final bottling. Beer making can be a long, thirsty process! :p   @Freshbaked, it depends what flavor profile you're shooting for. MK has mentioned some awesome beer component options, just pick one and see...
Some pretty scary appetite killers in there. Good way to WATCH your dessert intake. The up side is, maybe Chris L. can finally make some convincing eyeballs outa some of this stuff!
I seem to recall Rainbow Sherbet was all the rage back in the early 70s....specially 'mongst the ladies.
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