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Firstly, being as how you have your menu planned pretty thoroughly, I'm a bit confused why you're here asking what caterers charge. Why not simply call caterers in your area, outline the gig as you did here and ask them for a price proposal?    Secondly, I can easily handle  150-200 guests, buffet service,  with myself and one other person. Sure its nice to have a third to be a runner when things run out, etc, but not necessary.    Thirdly, I learned long ago not to...
Pfffth, and here I thought you guys were going to post a great recipe for a delectable shrimp-shrimp sauce. :p
  Is that correct?
The camp cooler works okay, but once you start getting in and out of it, that chili will get cold fast. These are butane powered, and less than 20 dollars. On low heat, you get about 3 hours per cannister. The make double ones too. Whats great about these is instant heat, instant off, like a gas range, so  if you need to you can just heat it all back up.
13 people, with that menu, buffet service..... I'd be in the kitchen at 10am prepping the day before, get all I can done and in the cooler, out of there by say 2 or 3pm, then back in the mid morning making everything.   Be sure to use some REALLY nice chaffers and utensels! :)
Ask the client if they think they can get this menu from ANY one else for that price, let alone less.  That's  why I tended to price high, so the client could do their duty and whittle it down....right to where --I--  wanted it. Its like selling on ebay, NO one wants to pay your asking price, even if its a dollar for a Rolls Royce,  they wanna hold out for 75 cents. 
Personally, this sounds more like a Personal Chef  dinner to me, than a catering gig. You're doing everything at the customers home, not delivering anything. The last banquet I Sous'ed for similar to this was 8 people, and they paid 1,200.00. We went ALL out. 2 servers, (yes for 1 table--they were NEVER without someone standingby to dote on them) all plates and timing to the table perfect. Me and one other sous in the kitchen and I went out and checked on them...
Start by totalling up all your time--and I mean ALLLLLL your time--planning, travel for rentals,  prepping, designing the menu, gathering up supplies, anything you spent time on. Next all your expenses, including rental and travel, etc. Add in a profit-- this isnt "yours", that's separate--this is your "company's pay" .   Now then by your calculations, you're getting 1332, that's 100.00 per person. Id say that's not too shabby if you can get it. BUT I don't know how...
**shrugs** You can choose any title here you want, from several professional ones. Such is the way of the beast. I personally think many of these noobs have no pro-food experience at all, just daydreaming about being a catererbecause Aunt Mable and Uncle Walter love the salads and casseroles they bring to family functions.
Is he a heavy smoker?. Not saying its always the case, but I have TWICE now, known a chef who smoked and  salted the crap out of everything they ever made. 
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