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Might be easier to suggest things you may not know if we have an idea of what you already know, and how youre doing things currently. For instance, by egg station, do you mean a range, and youre doing fried eggs in a pan? And if so, are you doing all egg products that way? Also how close are your egg sources (fridges) to your station? Things like that...
 Pretty much in agreement with Chef Billy here. I've worked hot lines in fixed establishments and  eventcatering as well. Gotta say I love catering far better, for his and just many reasons. The greatest being howrewarding it is to get that positive feedback, the sense of gratitude and excitement that YOU were the onethey used for their event, and that priceless feeling you get when you pick up new business from pastsatisfied clients. While line cooking can carry its own...
Welcome to Cheftalk Kevin. I've found this to be a great place for questions and answers, and  to contribute your own take/experiences with the industry, both past and future, as well.  The archives here, containing many years and thousands of posts worth of useful info, is an excellent place to start as well.  Enjoy.    --Meez
A very important topic I would agree..however I also concur with Jake,discussions of this type in here often end in locked threads.....and upon occasion, banned members. Not the issues themselves being theculprits, rather the emotional passions that tend to piggy back into them.
Question doesnt make much sense...even a prep-only cook does far more than a food processor can,  and if the prepper is gone, who's gonna run and clean the FP? The current line cook, taking them away from the line just that much more. I've also never seen a food processor run to the walk in cuz we suddenly ran out of something. 
I sure hope they were free. Your destiny with this was preordained from the moment you accepted patially cooked meat and made the ill fated decision to plop em in the freezer. Live on, and learn from the goof while you enjoy some expensive stewmeat.
"LOCAL TEXAS WOMAN DISPATCHES WOULD BE ASSAILANT OVER CHOCOLATE BUNNIES...FILM AT 11!" Ahh but even in TX one must have ample cause to even show the weapon. Of couse, were he more agressively dangerous you could have introduced it to his internal organs. Stupidity coupled with not knowing to quit when ahead has found many a horsethief coolin his boots, waitin' fer the circuit judge t'come around. What makes Meez happy is our Mimi bein fine and well to tell the...
Agree, file immediately. And hopefully your ex boss is a sole proprietorship, and you can sue him for a million, maybe get a hundred grand or so. Or even better, his business, his house......and his ass.
1000 all at once? Or over a certain period of time?
I chalk this one up to yet another case where, had the OP provided us more complete info  on the situation from the get-n-go, it might've saved a good degree of "wheel-spinning".... as well as avoided a few misunderstandings. 
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