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HAH! Me too! Hat, Hen, Ham, Hair, Hail, Hash,Hag, Wave, Paw, Toes!  Thats the peg system, while  associating one item to the next, e.g., imagining thepancakes on top of the red haired lady's head, is called the link System.All based on the Roth Memory system. Or Harry Lorraine, or Jerry Lucas etc,  depending how recent you wanna go. 
Possible translation:  OMG!  Are you cuckoo??!  OMG!!! Say.... WHAAAAAT!?? Hey, whatever....it's your "professional" funeral!     CakesJAK, that's not a lot of info, and there are several methods of doing this...andthere are many threads on catering pricing if you do a simple search.Up to you which method fits your needs. 
Unofficially I would quietly say it lasts longer than that even. I was making....something....Ceasar maybe?... grabbed up a half full tube of Anch Paste squeezed it out, looked and smelled fine, used a couple teaspoons of it....then later got to thinking....wait--when did I BUY that? I never did figure it out but it was longer than 8 weeks I know that. It's like Phatch said, it can't get air much so it stays almost vac-sealed. Makes ya wonder...if we left our...
Well for starters it depends what you're planning to do with the stuff.  Sure I prefer smooshing up my own fresh as well, but  I think you'll  find that a tube of paste keeps as long as you'll need it to, provided it's kept  refrigerated after opening. I don't have a personal brand preference. 
Lol well we're running a special on titles this week....FREE while supplies last!
Chezpopp has it pretty much covered, too many variables and you're asking not even HOW to price, but what to actually charge. If a client said to me, how much would you charge me... I would dictate to them, or email them a questionaire before even switching on the calculator. 
"Zombie thread".... Hmm. Yeah, like resurrected again and again? Not sure Rick Grimes would like it, but it kinda works I guess.    Funny, all the times I made and held Alfredo at an event, I used only 3 ingreds: Butter, cream and cheese. And occasional spices. Always got rave reviews. 
That made me hungry for an omelette and its dinner time here!  Now where'd I put that camcorder? 
From that, and the crud along the edges, I've cleverly deduced it's a very well-seasoned pan.  Good work Chef Kuan. You know, I happen to have 2 of those exact Stainless trivets myself, they're great. But what  does one do when one loses one or two of those little rubber "feet"?  
Confused? In THIS place?? NAH!    When I offered 2 sauces with the same pasta (as opposed to 2 separate pasta dishes)  I cut down the quantities by only 30%. Reason being you'll get a certain number of guests who simply MUST go back and try the other sauce. Which uses up more sauce than normal.  Um...it just...DOES.  
New Posts  All Forums: