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What would you like to know. And how are you planning on doing the hash-- reheated from commercial cans, or made from scratch? Eggs cooked on site? You have a full kitchen there? Some details and some specific questions would be needed.
Welcome to Cheftalk, congrats on the job. Keep learning and stay passionate. And read in here a lot--there are tens of thousands of useful posts in here by seasoned pros on virtually any cooking or culinary subject.. Enjoy. --M
OK then.
 I agree, and it's funny, that for some reason the inelegance of a stand-in-line buffet, coupled with elegant food fare, (an impressive protein choice with classy sides), does seem to work well and is a popular method of feeding wedding guests. Plated table service is of course the best of all, but since its costs a lot more, the "elegant buffet" is a good compromise. I also agree with a couple other things--first that reheating the pasta, (overseen by a pro or not) is...
Sure you're exaggerating....but not by much.Weddings are, IMO, the single most unpredictable events in the catering field.I know of no other type of event where the emotions are so high, have so many fingers inthe pie, and the buck gets passed as much as in the celebration of matrimony. Or is that matri-MONEY?  I have actually passed on a wedding or two, simply because my spider sense was tingling early onthat the clients were gonna be....problematical......and that's...
I tend to agree with Jimyra........let me put it another way: by the time a person gets enough hands on experience in event catering to actually bid, contract, shop, cook, and cater an event themselves, they already know how to shop for and price the event. So to get the gig, THEN figure out how to price and estimate amounts is putting the cart before the horse. Also a good way to lose money, if not go broke.
Wow, thats pretty disturbing. Its time we all started asking where all this product comes from that we take for granted. So many are getting wealthy exploiting those who do all the grunt work....in many different industries. Thanks for posting that.
I think the first thing you need to rule out, for sake of this thread, is that "its just you". Have someone else try your soup, and have someone else make it from your exact recipe and ingredients, then YOU try it and see if it still tastes vominated. (TM)   It's also possible , you're just choosing the word vomit to mean tastes terrible, off taste, not palatable, etc. But if all is on the up and up, Im planting my flag in the rancid-fat camp.
Theres an established fast food chain here that refuses to hire anyone with any facial hair whatsoever, including neatly trimmed mustaches. They've been steadfast on this for decades--if it were legally discriminatory, they would have been called out on it years ago. My eldest daughter has tats....(and maybe I shouldnt even dare broach the subject of body piercings!). Not because shes rebellious, or has an identity crisis, or is making a statement to the world. But...
Welcome to cheftalk Al. I happen to think about pies a lot, very versatile and universally appealing. You didnt mention what type but if I was going to make a name for myself in pies, I would offer a line of both sweet and savory specialty pies, and make them as unusual, or even never been done before, as possible. With the goal of bringing in clientele from all over. Theres a single, established donut shop in my area, (and donuts are VERY competitive here) that makes...
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