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 You come from a wondrous, enchanting and frightening place, Dear Lulu.
Damn, you guys sure have me beat. I mean I ate Rattle snake one time, out in the wild, and squirrel. A story I will no longer be telling with the same zeal as I have in the past. lol
Good food on crappy dishes, or cappy food on expensive elegant dishes. Ive had it both ways plenty. I'll take the first way, provided everything is still sanitized. Of course I prefer excellent fare on beautiful china. Apperently not everyone does. I think theyre drawn to the incongruity of the thing. Like abstract art galleris produced by defication. It exists, and has a loyal following.
Welcome to Cheftalk BCG. Theres much TO learn here, with many thousands of threads on vitually anything culinary buried in the archives just waiting to be rediscovered. Biking coast to coast sounds fun and rewarding. You didnt make ALL your meals did ya?
Thank you for the tip SGlasser, itss a good one. Welcome to Cheftak, lots to learn and share in here, from amateurs to professionals.
lol well its not about usernames in here, (there have been some really stranges ones) no one really cares. Its all about information exchange. As to your name, I interpret it as makie (or maka) mine irish. Kinda catchy IMO. Look at mine....a gross mispelling of a classic french cooking term.lol
Your hi-end protein makes your food cost proportionately high, so a multiplication factor doesnt really work. Add up all your costs, add in food cost, then your desired profit margin and divide by number of ppl to get price per head. That is how it is done.
Yeah it did have a brew bag or "kit" brew feel. At least it didnt call for 2 cups of table sugar, as a lot of em do. !
Many may, but I don't. I boil. I rarely top off 5gal batches, but when I do I boil a small pot and sparge carefully.Proper sanitation is all about keeping those stray dust particles OUT of your wort. Once you have 5 gallons of belovedbeer you spent $$ and slaved on for a week spoil, you find yourself redoubling your sanitation efforts. The weak spot in myexperience is when sparging.
You may think its small, but I doubt theres much I COULDNT make in that kitchen. What do you WANT to make?
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