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And if that experience doesn't closely match up with the demands of the job, you're going to get in the weeds pretty fast. It's one thing to say "Hey you just graduated, I like you, come be my private chef!" and another to actually provide you with detailed job duties and specifications of the position--before you make a decision. And welcome Delgirl, to the land of chef madness!
Does that make their supplier by far the largest toy manufacturer then? Hmm, wonder who 'tis.
Bitter melon, healthy enough, but I dont many people who can eat it. Do you marinate it in something, or otherwise prep it to get a little of the....eeee....ahhhh..... !!!!! out of it first??
A lot like asking for the answer to the universe. Which ive heard is "42", but Ive never been able to confirm it. Welcome to Cheftalk. Are you asking from a provider or a consumer viewpoint? Foodcost + fixed expenses, + rentals + variablecosts + your labor, help labor, desired profit, divided by number of people gives you price per person.
Yeah, or finishing off a Creme Brulee. The above is also assuming a low pressure type gas service. Bottom line here, if there are shutoff valves for each feed, and youre not making modifications, its within the DIY realm, but still illegal. Anything else, just hire a plumber, its a minimal time job, half hour maybe, and any surprise KA-booms will be easier on your insurance agent's nerves.
I've done hundreds of staffed-station buffets with both steak and chicken offered.  My rule on the proteins (and mind you this is VERY general--depends on a  number of factors concerning the guests, time of day etc too) is 120% when serving  a single protein choice, (to allow for seconds, surprise guests, etc).   And 115% when serving 2 choices. Now, that's 15% over for each, so 65% for each entree,  rather than 50-50. This way if there's a big "run" on your yummy...
If there is no shutoff valve for each appliance, or a main one in the kitchen, (which isn't to code, but many older kitchens took these shortcuts to cut costs) then the gas would need to be shut off at the meter. Something the gas company will insist a certified gas tech or licensed plumber should do.    If however there are accessible shutoff valves, after they're turned off, and the hoses disconnected, they need to be properly capped off until new appliances are...
And in the process youve discovered one of the most awesome cooking/culinary sites on the net. Welcome to cheftalk!
Pre-partem insanity syndrome. IMO, not much can be done about it until she herself admits she is being hypersensative about many things. Maybe then her O.B. Wan-GYNobie can help her counter the crazies....maybe some eastern herb or sommat.
**whispers in your ear**.....just twix me and you, I never said i never USE cool whip, just that Imade it fresh the other night.... **speaks out loud**.... EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH TILL THE DAY I DIE!!
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