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@Mimi, no prob with your thread regurgitation girl, certain points cant seem to be stated enough. Also add a gold star to your paper, for having quoted me.    Properly pricing appetizers in an event catering situation can be a tricky thing, reason being that from the customers standpoint they're like ..... "Wait--you want like, a THOUSAND dollars to serve my 100 guests appetizers?? Its not like its a dinner, theres hardly any food there! We may as well do...
Besides......Ive always said the world needs more red-headed chefs!!
well i agree, the fumes from sternos and the food itself,never the twain shall meet. its intended as an external heat source. and i prefer the tiki-torch, wick type, to the napalm type. I swear by those butane portable burners, i never do a gig without at least 2 in a crate at arms reach. And theyre so clean burning you can use them indoors.
Not necessarily a bad idea, depends what and how much.  Ive cooked with sterno heat, but it was in hotel pans. And  2 cans will certainly get things hot enuf to boil or braise.  If the top pan is "full-o-holes", you're basically steaming.   Trying to roast something might be another matter, I might try  it with low temp quaility beef cuts like tri-tip or Tenderloin-- pork,  probably not, and raw chicken....no way.  Impossible to render an accurate opinion here...
Sounds like a combination of osmosis, and just being a chip off the same block.   A very inspiring story, especially the fact that you actually made money on it. Great way to encourage her! 
Providing a "taste of home" to your fellow countrymen sounds like a great idea.  Welcome to Cheftalk Helen, looking foward to your specialized wisdom.             ETA: Hey, that was my one THOUSANTH post! Yay MEEZ!  
what type of food, what volume at once, how many guests being cooked for?
Greetings, Joni. Apologies for the welcoming delay, many posts lately, easy to miss some. Hope you stay and post a while, welcome to CT. --Meez
Welcome to Cheftalk docoluv.  Plenty of long-winded chefs in here who post all the time, so dont let that bother ya!    --Meez
Welcome in joliveri. I would challenge anyone to find a better Chef board on the net--others have come and gone, while this one's been here 14 years and still going strong. --Meez
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