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Yes, it's how you present it-- you're not charging more for 70 than 150, you're charging less for 150 than for 70. I.E., "volume discount" or whatever you want to call it. Do you think they would say, "HEY! Why am I paying less for  150 than for 70? That's not fair." ? Not blarky likely.     Agreed you choose your minimum, based on flattened-out fixed costs, your personal fee, and rock bottom profit, then  you stick to that minimum--or consider yourself to be losing...
Yes, given your.... unique style of articulation.......I too was wondering where in the world you happen to be? And also just what kind of business you're planning to eventually run, after word gets round how good your samples are....as at first you indicate catering, then you say "so that I can have a GREAT place to eat" indicating more of a sit-down type of restaurant. Confusion is confusing--while clarification makes things much clearer.  
Well while you're waiting on finding the right book, are there any particular issues weighing on you that we might be able to help you with?
The one upside to glasses is when you're standing over a flatty or a saute pan and suddenly wince as a glob of fry-temp grease lands on your glasses right in front of your pupil like some stray freeway bug. And you just KNOW that li'l beetch wudda hit you right in the eye without your specs.  
In the case of soft lenses, what keeps them in your eye is suction due to constant wetness, and of course fitting  the curvature of your eye. If you've ever noticed how a suction cup sticks far better to a surface after you lick it,  you'll understand this. So what makes a contact pop out are two common things:    1, rubbing your eyes, and 2, the lense getting too dry to stay in your eye. (not enough moisture, old lenses, etc)  When they work well, they can't be beat...
Well okay, but Clostridium almost always is accompanied by a foul smell when you reheat it. This I do know....from experience. Doesn't mean it's safe if it DOESN'T smell bad. Just sayin. I too have left beef out over night, covered, and it's been fine. But having done it, and recommending it are two different things. 
But that's the point, I would imagine this roast was getting plenty of air. Doesn't Clostridium flourish in an airless environment, say between 70 and 120 degreesF? Been a while and I dont feel like looking it up.  
What I occasionally do and what I advise others to do sometimes differ a bit, sometimes not.  This  was a cooked meat product, not a stew or Stroganof or parmesana type dish with a low Ph, and it sat out for what 8 hours? My advice is to look in the mirror, shake a finger at your reflection and say "You dumb-dumb", AFTER you've tossed the thing in the garbage.
Well there are MANY great posts on catering pricing in these archives. :)   You mentioned the lodge kitchen is being updated so you're "catering" in the meantime. Are you licensed caterers?  The moment you prepare food somewhere else and transport to the client you technically need to be health licensed.    Anyways, the first thing you need to do is figure out how much food you're going to need for 75 people and determine the cost of all the food. Then add in any...
 No. They're paying you for your fuel, not your travel. There's a difference. Travel includes your time as well as aprorated wear/tear on your car and insurance. These are things a caterer normally incorporates into their bidprice for the job. I have a sinking feeling that no matter how we try to advise you, you may end up beingtaken advantage of, and they will expect the same deal, or even lower, next time. I'm not saying don't do it,just saying that NOW is the time to be...
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