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Welcome aboard Chef.Glad to see you're keeping your hand in the madness.  Looking forward to the many bits of wisdom & experience you can offer us all.    --Meez
**Mind over matter.......mind over matter....if I BELIEVE it is mine, then so shall it be...mind over matter.....**
No, it means its only recognized as illegal within...certain demagraphics. It's like a check valve in your sink--water only flows one way, not the other.
Not when it comes to the courts it's not.
Sure there are facts and figures for everything, including maximum allowable yuck. There are bound to be a degree of contaminants in natural products like wheat...yet people freak when a gnat flies in from out of town and lands in their soup or they find one boweevil exploring the interior of their bisquit. We're peculiar psychological creatures.
Awww, you guys forgot to mention the gold piping and fancy monogrammed name and title. I mean with a schmancy coat like that, you just KNOW they gotta be an awesome Chef, right? And why not--cuz them Pepper-Pants don't show any muck or onion guts on 'em for at least a year or two. At least he'd SMELL like he'd been cookin'.  
The problem with reverse sexism/discrimination/whathaveyou--it's essentially discrimination against the majority--we all know it happens, but officially it doesn't exist.
Well hmm...let's think outside the box a little.... I mean if you want both your walking-billboard-advertising AND your sanitation, you can have a  galavanting-around chef coat and when you get to your business, change into your nice clean work chef coat. Off work, change to the PR coat, so you can stop off somewhere and drum up some more customers again. Easy-pleasy!  
Well it IS quite amazing just how many culinary students really do think that when they graduate and get out in the work-world it's gonna be just like....well, culinary school. 
Well for starters, you now know there are often shenanigans taking place behind those kitchen doors, practices you wouldn't like. You cant always tell much from the front of the house either, as many times the FOH is immaculate while the BOH looks like a germ-rot bomb was set off months ago. So, with your new-found (bad) experience, you might want to try touncover those issues, if they exist, at the time of your future interviews and BEFORE you're hired. If possible, try...
New Posts  All Forums: