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 No. They're paying you for your fuel, not your travel. There's a difference. Travel includes your time as well as aprorated wear/tear on your car and insurance. These are things a caterer normally incorporates into their bidprice for the job. I have a sinking feeling that no matter how we try to advise you, you may end up beingtaken advantage of, and they will expect the same deal, or even lower, next time. I'm not saying don't do it,just saying that NOW is the time to be...
You may think 500 is high right now, but after you and your friend do all that work, including creating the dishes, you may well feel underpaid believe me. And does that 500 in your mind include food cost, or are they paying for that separately? Im with chefRoss....need more data
Shouldnt you be asking your mum what youre doing wrong? I'd say she is the resident expert in this case.
Wait...12 to 14 APPS per person? You mean 1200 apps?? If you mean 12-14 dollars per person, then youve already thrown your price out there. If niether, then its tough to help you without knowing how many apps per person youre making, or food cost or labor time or anything.
All that said, if I had that kinda space and the $$ I'd definitely go for a walk-in, keeping some reach-ins for handy stuffs.   I think if you're gonna use it for a lot of your own events, then you wont be happy renting it out. It tends to ... not be the same after wards. lol
That's an awesome space. The last one I designed was about 450 sq ft and it was comfortably large. How far are you in the design process?   Walk-ins are really nice and roomy, but it depends on few things, how close to "the action" it will be, and how much food you're  expecting to need to store, both material and finished product.  One nice thing about them is you can store racks full of sheet and hotel pans for many purposes. Nice.  I'm assuming its your kitchen to...
You have a Mensa background? On your computer you mean, right, like a desktop wallpaper?    Very interesting, Ive never heard of such a thing. If you cant solve it, how long do they keep you there?  I think its like after 48 hours they consider it kidnapping right? 
ChefRoss beat me to it, these are all questions any caterer would be asking, and alcohol is a BIG one--when booze is floating around, guests get the "munchies" and descend on passed apps like a colony ofravenous army ants. If an actual meal is provided only a couple hours later, you can keep the apps light, and more or lessvegetarian like cream cheese-stuffed cucumber caps, greek-salad skewers, things like that.Again, more info needed. 
Oh, did Kuan say that? I've been able to take hot on my hands for years now, but not like that. (maybe someday)I can pull stuff of the flattop bare handed all day....the trick is to alternate hands and fingers. I get a kick out of a server delivering my plates while I'm dining, with potholders telling me,"be real careful, plate is very hot" as I take the plate casually with my bare hands and gently set it down. lol 
There are quite a few threads on costing and pricing in the archives here. Just search "food cost", and "pricing".
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