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I'm in the camp that doesn't think it's mold. It looks to me like "potato grey", a result of being exposed to air. I've seen it happen with both cooked and uncooked spuds, especially russets. And even though oxidized potatoes may be safe to eat, things that look like that especially as cheap as potatoes, go straight to my trash bin.
But the right handed ones impart much better flavor. Little knownfact, nonetheless true.
Yes and if there ARE code violaions, guess what?--the buck stops with the home cook, not the unaccountable Josephiners.
Currently, vaping continues to be passed off as not smoking. But that's changing, and WILL change eventually, resulting in the same laws applying as do to cigarettes. The hard part seems to be convincing those who are doing it that they are indeed smoking. And that it is indeed unhealthy for both them and those around them.
Like underground gambling trucks, dens, and other ops, it's your client base itself that's the biggest security leak, and what ultimately does you in. All it takes is one happy customer who shares his experience at a family gathering, his wife''s aunt''s brother in law Tom catches wind of it, who happens to work for the health dept, or FDA, or some other authority, and before you know it you're shouting "ARRRRRGH!" as they haul you away in irons.
 Ahhh.... well that might also explain your view that money isn't important.  But you're ashore now sailor....so welcome to the private sector!!  
So it sounds to me like Mytable is basically a marketing arm for local professional cooks, yah? And I say "professional" because even though the PR touts "anyone who thinks they  can cook", and right from their home, the truth is only food-safety certified...people...that either operate  from, or have access to, a heath approved, permitted kitchen can engage in this legally, in virtually  every state in the US. After all, you're providing food for public consumption...
As most pro cooks (and anyone who's tried to reheat french fries) would likely know, cooked potatoes, once cooled, change chemically, the starches break down into component, well, bland paste. Mashed are particularly susceptible.    It can be done, but the only way I know is to re-bake (mashed, whole, o' graten) or pan fry (french fries, home fries, hash browns) It reestablishes some texture and flavor and makes them...um, servable again, but still a ways away  from...
"If you want to determine how much you should charge your client, the simplest way (but not always the best way due to obvious complications) would be to find your total food cost based on those numbers and times that by 3 to set a price.    I'm sure if you do search for Pete's posts, as was advised, you will find many more eloquently and more detailed answers, as Pete's posts were basically some of the best education I have received on the subject. That's the simplest...
Forgive me but you sound like you've never taken on anything like this before in your life. Further, how can you expect to get accurate advice when you offered basically no facts about the event,the most important being the number of people attending? Besides the late great Pete's posts, as our own wise and wonderful Mimi has suggested, there is a wealth of posts on this site about that very subject. A simple search in the archives for catering pricing will return many...
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