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You just need to taste every part of the dish to narrow it down to avoid in future. Hmm, I wonder if my mother in law would like it.... sounds untraceable....... KIDDING!!! : I love my MiL! .
Really? What happens chemically to fresh basil to tin your taste buds?Or are you thinking it was something ....non-basil-ish?
WOW.   Now why didn't I think of that? And I worked in a food lab once too.     Type and cross-match. Make it so!
Well welcome to Cheftalk anyway Melissa.
But you said both of you got numb. Thats a puzzle. We're not there, dont know how we can analyze it. Off hand it doesnt sound like food chemistry gone haywire, sounds more like accidental chemical contamination. From what however, eludes me. The next time you make this, taste taste taste at every single step......well except raw fish of course.
My gosh Isabout, that sounds almost like a carbon copy of a place I worked. The stupid gauntlet, neglecting the equipment maintenance, just about all of it.
Sauerkraut and Worcestershire Sauce-- both tough to spell, but both have 1001 uses.
Literature: Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook. Educationally: Boys Cooking Class, 8th grade, taught by a very curvy 28 year old blonde, Miss Winslow--kinda hard to NOT learn something when youre constantly staring at the teacher. Television: Galloping Gourmet taught me how to make fluffy eggs, among other things. People: Grandpa was an ex chef, made a great lasagna. Sister had some influence as well, early on. Self, trial and error. "Dan" , taught me to throw...
Welcome to Cheftalk David. Aside from forum interactions, once you consult the archives, you will have tons of  useful reading at your fingertips, with thousands of posts and threads on almost any culinary topic.   LaurenLULU:   "This forum is a wonderful mix of friendly professionals and passionate home cooks."   That's gotta be one of the best single sentence descriptions of this board I've heard. Makes me wonder if it was ...inspired. :)   --M
What would you like to know. And how are you planning on doing the hash-- reheated from commercial cans, or made from scratch? Eggs cooked on site? You have a full kitchen there? Some details and some specific questions would be needed.
New Posts  All Forums: