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I cant believe you put your ipad on restriction. Youre such a disciplinarian! :-p
Meems its up to you to be the MORE powerful mind of the two. Practice makes perfect.:-) 50 people...though it IS at dinner hour, if youve calculated about 4lbs per person...i agree that seems a little excessive. But you cant slash it too much, as you have to allow for higher consumption on the more popular items. Like the wellington-bites, for instance.
Wow you've got ME curious now...can't you like....snap a photo of these mutants next to your car keys or something for scale, you know as in "seeing is believing" before you carve em up? :-) Personally, I would have a look around your pantry and stuff them babies with somethin rich, spicy and above all....unusual.
I agree you should pursue the webstaurantstore connection first, they're good and will work with you on your needs. As will foodservicewarehouse (FSW)--knowledgeable, service-oriented people without an attitude.
So about 1,150 or so main dish servings. For a 2 hour service, mid-day meal. You're gonna have a lot of food left. I too hope you're charging well for this or you may wish you did.Luck.
Nooo, it's definitely the voices. I hear em too. Question is.... do you think they talk to each OTHER?  Yeah delivery, setup and such goes on a line. But in these parts, people are funny about "auto-tips" incorporated and spelled out as such. The reasoning being "why should I tip when you've done nothing to earn it, at least not yet?" I tend to agree, and therefore always intergrated it into other elements...like a weave, ya know. I basically try to avoid the T word in the...
First, you been huntin' up them funny Texas Shrooms again and tossin' em in yer stock pot? Cuz that would be fine.... spechully if'n ya were to throw some out MY way....  And second,  way'll heck--so long as you have yer c'lection o' titles tucked up somewhere....um...concealed?....on yer person, no one should even care.
Work out what the food will cost you, then add in all the other expenses you may have,  including your own labor/how-much-you-want-for-your-time, total it and divide by 20  to get price per person. That is the Caterer's Canon.     Oh yeah and welcome to CT. 
Agreed. Its one thing for non pros to ask questions in this forum, quite another for home cooks to be giving advice and suchwhat. IMO it defeats and degrades the purpose of having a pro section in the first place. Secondly. I don't know how C-JAK or anyone else can even have a home based catering business in the US...unless its a fully permitted, approved commercial kitchen sitting on the home property?
HAH! Me too! Hat, Hen, Ham, Hair, Hail, Hash,Hag, Wave, Paw, Toes!  Thats the peg system, while  associating one item to the next, e.g., imagining thepancakes on top of the red haired lady's head, is called the link System.All based on the Roth Memory system. Or Harry Lorraine, or Jerry Lucas etc,  depending how recent you wanna go. 
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