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My money's on nerve damage. 
Yeah, good one. With a positive ending.    People just don't get it: you DONT mess with Restaurant people!
When prices get exorbitant, I stop buying it. My eating habits have changed several times in my life due to this very phenomenon. 
Now im leaning toward the frdges. How big are these...what volume?
Agreed, hard to even make a guess without even knowing what kind of food you're making.   The problem with planners who don't cook, (maybe yours does, IME most don't) is what looks  good on paper,or for the space, or fits well, or is cheap, isn't necessarily the practical way to go. They don't have to USE it all while the restaurant is wait-listed on a Saturday night..... you do.  It all needs to be tailored to your menu, supplies and methods, not the other way round.
That, and fancy titles don't buy you no gourmet coffee. A higher salary with a less glamorous title does.
Which means you get to pick up the tab Mimi. Good thing its not a REAL party eh?  But of course! That's what Cambro boxes are for.Another method being, provided you brought enough chaffer setups, is to keep a backup pan next to the active pan, with a foiltop or tight lid on it. Plus an electrical ZAP wire, so them nosey guests don't go messin' with it! (happens all the time--ARGH!) Anywho, everything stays at or above 135°F as per the man with the clipboard and pen!
Not only that, but it also doesn't mean they would have ANY idea what is involved in running this kind of business. Preparing/Cooking great food is a VERY small part of it. Look at how freqquently people tell us theyre home cooks startinga catering company and need to know what to charge.  Simply estimate your hours of labor, decide what you want per hour, and bid that amount. Or, if you're to be paid afterword, keep track of your time and bill for it, based on how much...
So...ketchup on beef is okay, so long as it's ground beef.  But it's not okay on steak. How about on ground steak?  And ketchup is NOT okay on a hot dog, but is it okay on french fries  served WITH the hot dog? Just trying to keep it all straight.  
Sure you get sloshing, that's why its essential to wrap as KUAN suggested, all the WAY round the pan, never just the top. Needs to be sealed tight, then it can slosh all it wants. On the other hand if you're planning to transpo a lot of wets then sure, insulated soup containers would be the more sensible way to go. Also depends what you're planing to serve it from. 
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