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Welcome to Cheftalk Nicia. If I may ask, are you an actual licensed caterer at this point? Regardless, 4.00 x 30 is 120.00. Is there any part of you that even remotely considers this a reasonable offer? Though you didnt mention how MANY different selections they want, i dont see how this could even cover your food cost, let alone other costs, labor and profit. It continues to amaze me how potential clients think they can name their desired budget and expect the caterer...
Did you research this "professor" at all before enrolling in her class? Like qualifications, and other types of classes they may have taught? I wouldnt be surprised if they had taught something related to politics or sociology and carried it right into restaurant class.
Sorry to hear that. Its a shame you didnt find this forum before you enrolled, you might have been better informed. For what its worth, welcome to Cheftalk.
Were you.......happy or UNhappy about it? Most people and many bars, use ready made margarita mix, many of which contain high fructose corn syrup. Basically a soluable form of sugar. Unless theyre sugar free, in which case they use sucralose or some other sugar substitute. IMO those are worse for you than sugar.
just saw this, but a a week in here can be an eternity. lol Pastry Chef. or by virtue of ownership, if you wanna embroider something more authoritative on your jacket, Executive Pastry Chef... or simply Executive Chef.
I always figure Im adding apx one heaping teaspoon of sugar per each of those little International creamers, e.g., French Vanilla. Adjust accordingly. If I was gonna dump some NDC in a bread pudding it would be Hazelnut or the Caramel one. I too see no need for egg adjustment, just keep the same total liquid volume (and I wouldnt use over one third non dairy) the same for the amount of bread you normally use.
When i was banqueting, my feet would kill me after about 5 hours. I started taking a second pair (different kind) with me, stowed in my chef bag. Halfway thru i swapped em out, helped a lot, i figger the change in shoe is what helped. And my being 40 lbs over weight didnt help. If you are, expect the weight loss speech from your doc. lol Also, I assume yourr standing on rubber mats doing your prep work? Thats essential, and required by health dept in many areas, but many...
Agreed FP it was kind of a general post, sans specifics, thats why I havent said anything yet.
Well using or renting time from an established, health dept approved kitchen, such as a banquet hall, church etc, is a common practice in catering. The technical term is a commisary. Its an agreement between the caterer and kitchen owner, the health department is then advised by the caterer and the licensing process completed, as a legal caterer. I would really advise that you check with your state and county public health departments to see what is required for what you...
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