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Sure Nicko.....you know, i know there are exceptions, but I'd sort of gotten the impression that was something the mods considered their turf. I guess I stand corrected.
 I've done it with 4 people cooking steaks AND chicken on site for 600. Lot of work agreed, but with agood team can be done, so my comment was based on experience.  But it was also intended as a minimum,and a guideline for pricing--not necessarily a recommendation for the  event, about which we know little. Im basing everything on the assumption that everything is being done as an action station /self service buffet, and c ooking at the event site This is why it's so...
Agreed, looking closer and thinking about it, 3 days but 5 meals with various head-counts,  top of my head I would need 2 helpers for the dinner serve, 1 for the breakfasts, unless we're cooking things to order, like the eggs, 2 for the boil, 1 for the burgers and dogs, unless CTO, then 2.      Dont know what kinda steaks or how theyre being prepped and cooked (or where) but I would say  a thumbnail would be:    Steak dinner for 250 @ 21.95 = 5487.00 (no food...
That whip....that bowl....that's ummmm....a bit like killing ants with a sledgehammer is it not?    Good pic though, mjb.  
Yeah, thinking of it now as A 3-day, and considering the menu, perhaps our previously discussed rate is a bit low.  But I've done multiple day events too, and i wouldve been ok with 3600, not having to buy the food. 
My personal opinion is that if youre always doing a quick sani on it after the scrape, well, thats better than nothing since youre  killing germs most likely, and likely washing them away too. However, youre not using the full sani procedure, ..i.e.,  wash in hot soapy, rinse, etc,. Which just means that if a Health Official saw your "scrape-n-dip" procedure, followed by the  knife being used to cut up fruit say, well they might frown on that a bit.  I imagine they...
Thats about 14 to 15 dollars per head, without food cost. Sounds about right, Chef Billy.
um not locked in so much as "locked together" if you GMM... "Wheres Brandon?" "In the walk-in" "So is Tiffy....so theyre in there together again huh?" i agree with Chef Hoff...knarly stuff happens any where with any age group of employees....when i mentioned teens and young adults I was referring to mainly fast food and intentional tampering. The spatula incident i spoke of was in a full service restaurant, and the cook who showed me had worked there for 13 years! Now...
Well as I say in my experience its mostly young people doing this crap, and mostly occuring at fast food places. If I was a general manager of such a place I would fire for that on the spot, but that's me. 
 Methinks you were born under a lucky star Chef! 
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