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Wow Ive heard and seen plenty of horror stories, and I'd rate this one an 8 out of 10. So Im curious who the hell is running this place....I mean what is their background? And is this somewhere in the U.S.? I ask because I'm dying to know how they're avoiding being fined or even shut down by the Health Services Department. Or even getting through inspections, for all that. 
Thats great fp! You sound long overdue for some fun!
Personally, a 9 to 5, 5-day a week cooking job doesn't  sound like a dream job to me, it strikes me as rather mundane. There have been times when I've ached to work different shifts for  example, just to mix it up a bit, or actually wanted to stay on for 12 hours or more, just to "get it done".  The only thing about it that DOES sound nice is the security of a solid 40 hours a week.  I dunno....dream job.....I dunno. 
 Agreed, if you're anywhere in the USA, it's pure and simple illegal,  you cant get insurance or it will berendered invalid in the case of an incident, and should you be sued you'd be in muddy waters with no paddle. Home based catering is outlawed for a reason--pubic safety.  So.  You from around here? 
Exactly right. It doesn't matter what you like or dislike, your own taste buds are the only way you have to gauge the flavor of what you're making--even if "made the same" every time, too many tiny variables canaffect the taste, and the customer benefits...or suffers. 
It's basically Chicken Cordon Bleu, substituting Jack for Swiss or better yet, Guerre. 
Haha, doesn't surprise me, Catering is a perfectly crazy business, you just never know.  I've had customers look at my bid price and say "Are you SERIOUS? I expected to pay twice that,  and that's what I intend to do. Who do make the check out to?" If they want you, they WANT you. LOL    As to you, I'm glad we convinced you to aim higher--in this case it paid off.  I also think you deserve it--as that does sound like a pretty awesome menu for 30!
There are many pricing posts and discussions in the archives, here are just a few;      ​   ​   ​   ​   ​   ​    The phrase "Home Based Catering" is pretty much an oxymoron these days.  In what country or state are you located? 
25% markup? She may as well be asking you to donate it. Rule number one in pricing, never let the customer suggest anything. You have what...9 main items there....plus sauces? And a cost of 300 and 4 solid hours (i suspect it might be more) of labor. All that for 30 ppl for 12.50 per? Shes dreaming. To me thats at least 25.00 per person out the door. Charge a reasonable price, if she balks thats her problem. If you give it to her for a song, word gets out and you have more...
Are you asking if you have to like what you cook, or if you have to taste what you cook? No to the first....YES to the second.
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