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Turn once during quarter moon, twice for half moon, thrice during full moon, and never turn during either solar nor lunar eclipse.    I turn a slab-o-meat like a brisket once about mid way, then baste as need to keep from  drying out. On the other hand (usually my left),  there are times when that slight "crust" on top is appealing.   Favorite sentence of the week:     "Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three."  
And THAT might make a great topic title, Chef Ross. Start one for us! 
**shrugs** not just you, I'm on Win7 and these things are slowing down my laptop immensely,  I'm getting long lags, hangups and the occasional error.  The ironic thing is that it doesn't tend to make one very open to the lure of the ads themselves.
That's pretty cool, dirt cakes have been around quite a while....  Back when my daughter and her cousin had a combined 6th birthday party, I made  dirt cake filling and filled clay pots, added edible plants and let a batch of gummy worms tunnel thru the "dirt". Needless to say it was a pretty big hit. 
I'm currently confused as to whether this is a palette problem or a memory problem.
Lesson: The next time someone says "We need to cut the head off the snake" as a definitive end to a battle.... ......don't believe them.
Grande boiled it down pretty nicely, my take is this....  sounds like  you feel you're being over worked and under appreciated  for the amount of pay/perks, and added responsibility, that your talent is being taken for granted and you're apprehensive as to whether it's ever going to change.    And that's the trick, isn't it--to determine whether its going to change. Only way  you'll figure that out is by communication....or just plain waiting.
I assume you're baking it..... Chicago's right, once it gets close to temp you have to watch that chicken like an eagle--it can slide through moist and delicious into dry as a desert pretty fast if you're not careful.  And since the breast is the big worry for drying out, I sometimes temp it as well. Also, the only way I've found I can get an even bake when i'm forced to use a less than fully thawed bird is to cook it "slower-and-lower" to give the inside a chance...
While I've designed and built out a few commercial kitchens, I have no experience with bakeries.  So Im foggy on what all is needed, but the codes for equipment remain basically the same.    Generally speaking an exhaust hood and ansil type fire suppresant system is required for  any appliance that cooks food in the open and can therefore start a grease fire. This would include grill, range, deep fryer, flattop, and salamander broiler.    Have you physically walked...
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