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If we could just invent refrigerated live chickens, cows and pigs, our Mimi might be a seriously happy camper.
WOW. You guys think the zombie virus creeped into a brand new crockpot do yas? Every electronic device tells you to wash it first, its SOP. I doubt there are germs or even machine oil in there.....however you may find yerself picking small pieces of styrofoam or other packing materials out of your teeth. Only thing i can think of that could be dangerous is clear plastic ...like baggie material. Should you survive it, i would definitely make a note not to do that again.If...
Still qualifies as a grilled entry.....well, IF it's purty!:p
Well?? Let's SEE it!!
Nah....really wasnt referring to you Mimi, just what you brought up. No worries.
There ya go, add it to your book of important cook notes. If you dont have one, start one. :) 
I see no reason you cant cook a bone-in, just keep your trusty blankie...I mean thermometer handy, bring it  to your desired temperature internally, then make a note of it for future reference, I mean meat weights and ovens vary right, so a recipe is never an exact science anyway.....right Chef?  
[/quote]I agree, experience has a good bit to do with it--if we assume a new member is experienced, our answer may be misunderstood or confusing.Conversely, if we assume newness we risk offending them with a simplistic answer (has happened!) not to mention the wasted time/effort.I personally feel, despite the trend of customers wanting more detailed info, that trying to list out details that wentinto your "workup" just confuses most people, leading to misunderstandings....
.And yet.....some of us good ol' boys get accused of some of these stereotypicalattitudes when we're in fact completely innocent of it. Something I happento get tired of myself.
Welcome to Cheftalk Rose. All foodies are welcome here. Theres plenty to learn from as well, be sure to consult the search feature-- very powerful on this board. Enjoy. --M
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