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N.P.W., some confusing features in here. And dont know if it said, but you can easily check the source of your rep points, both at the post, and in your personal profile page.
Where are you cooking the food? Are you transporting it to the party? Are you a licensed caterer?
What you will find, should you follow Jimyras advice and read some of hundreds of threads and postsregarding catering pricing, is that you MUST plug in your own numbers--no one can do this for you.  Sit down with pad and paper and list out your food cost, (and like Chef Billy, I think 10.00 sounds high,I can feed 150 steak and chicken with 2 starches for much less than that too)followed by all other expenses; fixed costs, rentals, variable costs (what youre providing) your...
Its all about taste and preference. And saturation...I ate a lot of Hambuger Helper as a teen, now I wont touch the stuff. Same with balogna too many school sandwhiches, cuz balongna is cheap, now I cant stand the sight of it.
Well yeah, I certainly hope it's not still marinading all this time!
Umm....Eggs in a Frame y'all. lol Pigs In a Blanket. Weiners rolled up in a pastry triangle and baked. Of course Pilsbury got up in it and has a recipe on thier frozen croissant package. lol
All true, and food micro biology is fascinating, I worked in a frzn food factory for a year in QC. I think we're all pretty cautious about raw chicken, Im just saying Ive cooked literally thousands of pieces of the little cluckers in various ways,both in catering and for me and family, and have never had a problem im aware of. Im just careful about temps and cross contamination, especially in the home, where various operations arent usually as separated as they are in...
Sure, its perfectly fine to dump that marinade into a saute' pan and turn it into a mouthwatering sauce or gravy. Which ive done many times, with many different marinades. And once its cooked down for a few minutes, you can baste with it too.
I can relay how I do breakfast potatoes. They come out perfect every time. Many insist that precooked or "left-over" potatoes have broken down and are basically unservicable. (we're talking about standard russets here, about 2-3 dollars per 10 lb bag.) And that's true of mashed for the most part.   But I steam standard russets, cleaned, whole, skin on, til fork soft. Cool, then if peeling, they come off easily with a blunt knife. Peeled or not, into the fridge over...
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