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Same cheese, milk and roux mix you've always used?   And this has always turned out before, just not this big of a batch?
You're welcome.   That one sounds pretty damn good Mike!
Yeah general advice would be  Stay Frosty and Keep Your Powder Dry.   No one can help you with your problems cuz you're not HAVING any yet.  But if you do down the road, ask here and you'll discover plenty of "luck". :-)
I agree with that call, for Wellington for 30 I came up with 37.95 to 42.95.Didn't have the numbers to work it out exactly. @ALAdeG: The labor fee is for you, and be sure to consider that as expert skilled labor as opposed to a helper.The profit is for the business--which has a mind & will  of it's own, and will be quite offended if you don't pay it well! Whatever number gets spit out of the calculation machine, you of course have to "weigh that" against the going ratein...
Firstly, it depends what you don't LIKE about it. If it's the cornmeal taste itself, you're probably screwed. lol If however its the sweetness combined with the cornmeal you don't like (like me) sometimes making it sweeter gets it done. Like adding brown sugar, or molasses or maple syrup, etc. You can also use the Jiffy as an ingredient in things like breads, cakes & cookies, adding a box of cake mix, or pumpkin puree, things like that.   Such as:   Jiffy...
And in addition to that, the percentage profit you're expecting.   We really can't price it for you, our numbers aren't your numbers, we can only tell you which of your numbers to add up, get your total and divide by number of people to get price per person if you desire.   Also, each party is different, and needs to be calculated individually. In other words, trying to thumbnail, like taking your 30 person costs and multiplying by 10 for 300 PPL say, is not going to...
Agreed, your dilemma post reads like a professional  resume'. Its always preferable to try to find ways to combine your talents, skills and interests. Off the top-o-me head it sounds like you should find yourself a comm kitchen to work out of,  work up your own recipes and test others, and write some culinary books.   Since your cooking experience is minimal, perhaps you could document your journey from novice to accomplished culinarian. Sounds interesting to me.
I didn't know the fat-wrap trick either and I've made tons of PL's, butterflied, cored or rolled. Serves several  purposes, moisture, drippings even presentation.  A great idea.
Hmm somehow missed your 2nd post. I retract....if they'll be second-day-repurposed for Obrien or home fries etc, definitely use the russet. Just be sure to not overcook in them the first time, so they don't fall apart the second time.
haha Those are great.
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