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Maybe...never did know, I just feed the face below it Bananas Foster Flambe'!  
Actually from what you've said I don't see how you can afford NOT to.Because it sounds like your place of employment has suddenly become a sinking ship.I see one of two things happening in the next year; one, they're gonna "wake up" andstart trusting the people who know what they're doing to make the plan, or at leastlisten when they're advised against something they WANT to do (like your example)or two, they're gonna stay stubbornly ignorant, jumping at anything shiny on...
Very nice Chris, I've made many a stuffed zucchini, always length spilt and baked with almost anything as filling. But I've never found nor used the roundies, gotta admit they really present nicely. Gorgeous sauce too, doesn't take much saffron to make with the pretties.
In my younger days I worked QC in a food lab. I went through my curious phase where I was trying to contaminate everything through normal use, utensils, my hands, even breathing on the dam petri dish to see if I could give birth to huge robust colonies of aerobic creepy crawlies, and then enumerating them "just because they were there". I found it a challenge to produce anything noteworthy. Masks in a kitchen is paranoia at worse, lack of knowledge at best--a much...
First I suggest you search recent archives--there are several discussions on this very topic. It doesn't really matter if theyre affiliated or not, what matters is the quality of education youre getting, the credibility it has with employers, versus how much youre paying for it. I also suggest that you call 10 or 12 employers you would like to work for, and ujst ask them one question of their busy day--what do they think of American Le Cordon Bleu schools and...
Depends on the peeler. You can peel it, just takes more elbow grease. :-)   And BTW to cut without excessive pressure, you can also score a line a few time first, then complete the cut.
Great references Michael!
I cut butternut with my chefknife and youre right, sharp knife or not, butternut skin is kind of tough. You could try I dunno, a serrated one might invade it's way through easier..... fine or cross-cut serrations, not bread knife serrations.
I'm sure youll get some pretty experienced opinions in here.... the way I see it, first, so long as you didn't close any doors by asking for help and observing someone else doing it, that accomplished two things: A) You know now it's not just you, that anyone not used to that position has as much trouble as you do, and B) the (guy) you asked to do it (and the others as well) can also now see that properly executing those duties has nothing to with your gender,...
Funny  how some kitchens just seem to stagnate and then stay that way forever.
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