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Pre-partem insanity syndrome. IMO, not much can be done about it until she herself admits she is being hypersensative about many things. Maybe then her O.B. Wan-GYNobie can help her counter the crazies....maybe some eastern herb or sommat.
**whispers in your ear**.....just twix me and you, I never said i never USE cool whip, just that Imade it fresh the other night.... **speaks out loud**.... EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH TILL THE DAY I DIE!!
Just to say, thanks Phatch for being so straightforward about that. A lot of boards I have been on the past, well let's just say many moderators/admins don't handle that subject very well. --Meez
I still make ice cream in a 50 year old, manual hand cranker, with a stainless pot and wood paddles attached to an alluminum frame. If i dont have that cannister, the paddle assembly, and all ingredients freezing-cold from the start, its all a lost cause from the get-go......itll never set up right. The newfangled makers arent much better.....unless of course theyre of commercial quality......and $$$$.
I served homemade Banana Cream Pie to some dinner guests tonight. Fresh home made crust, fresh home made whipped cream......and not so fresh or home made box of instant banana pudding mix. No one asked...neither confirm nor deny. I'm a bad.... BAD monkey--man!
Teamfat this is pretty serious.....I strongly advise youto repost this in the Cooks Confessional immediately!
TBH, not one of those, with possible exception of the first one, (the martini) present well, IMO bordering on repulsive. I certainly wouldnt feel comfy making them for my own dinner party, let alone for sale in a commercial establishment. In other words.................. C H O P P E D !!!!
Now that's what we like to hear! *sigh* so many negative stories posted in here it's nice to hear a really positive one every now and again . Thanks for sharing it with us!
That's the kind of kitchen I like as well, where everyone is there to do the work as a team, regardless of who does what work. Provides a much better sense of teamwork and equal responsibility.
 Of course, NOT remembering your chef pants will teach you humility as well!    And good luck on the stage! 
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