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Well you can always get a new blade, but if its the shaft that's damaged, probably not worth repairing.  Especially if it's a "sidewinder" type. (belt driven as opposed to direct drive.)
Point conceded. Counting all those dead egg bodies would be depressing, from a waste standpoint.  I actually hate them, they're so damned finicky once they're out of that shell. But we always just reconciled  the eggs that went out the pass with number of eggs that went into oblivion, and if the number was normal,  considered it waste. But with the cost of eggs these days, probably even more important to get an accurate reckoning. Even egg theft may go on the upswing...
Of course the problem with not firing, like lets say he continues to throw the rules in your face, walk out when he's  not happy, and expect to sign in the next day....problem is they're setting a pattern you may never break,  it affects others as well as your business, and before you know it they're threatening sewage...er, I mean sue-age.  And I admit I'm out of date on unemployment......my last experience with it, they didn't simply base it on your...
That was my view with Cordon, as  I've never been very big on pan frying it--its baked or nothing. 
Then again at least on the flattie the mess is quicker to clean up--spatch or scraper swipe and its gone. Downside is they're harder to flip--even with a spatula in a saute pan you can to the pan to help a bit. Also ties up a lot of flat space.
 You're gonna BOOK YOURSELF??!  You can go BLIND doing that!!   
 Areed. So the prima donna quit of his own volition cuz you decided you weren't gonnaspoil him like his previous did. Why should you, and to expect you to was naive on his part.Doesn't matter if he claims he didn't quit anyway; he had two warnings then he walked outon his shift. He's memorex. California's an "at will" state anyways, so pay him what you owehim and find a cook who wants to work.  I have confidence you'll get the kinks out, just may take a little time. From...
And I too have seen inexperienced people become successful when I would've bet against it.  But then, catering isn't rocket science, with really only 3 parts to consider.... the cooking/prep etc,  the financial side and..... dealing with any variables that pop up. (and brother they do.) That last one IMO, is where the "no substitute for experience" comes into play.    Even pricing can be fine tuned through trial and error, as can the food, (unless you poison...
 THAT.  And don't forget to consider things like wear and tear on your vehicle, pro rate the insurance etc. Not sure how you're doing your taxes on this business....just wanna be sure you account for every thing--it all, as they say, adds up. 
Sounds like the plastic housing on the blade assembly might have jammed against the motor shaft,  You might have to open up the case and "lock" or hold the motor in place while twisting the blade assembly to free it up. Had this happen on one years ago, but it wasn't an HP.  If you give us the model number maybe on or more of us can look up a schematic on one. 
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