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The internet is full of untested, and in many cases, non workable recipes. All written up into "clean recipe-style prose". Sounds like this "chef" just wants to make himself a name and some money writing yet another cookbook by doing as litle work...and as little expense, as possible. Probably not the writing type, so he wants to pay someone peanuts to make him some money. If he doesnt want to publish, maybe hes simply out to record his work for posterity. Either way, a...
Beef over pork every time. Cornstarch or flour? (including roux)
Flavored. (onion n garlic. Yumm) Non stick pans, or Stainless Steel?
Yes CW, I was wondering about sauce as well, but was assuming that a breast over pasta would have sauce either added atop as a final, or between the pasta and the breast, but either way, chicken baked without it. But not necessarily, so that's a good question as well.
Ok only one oven, but how much time do you have available to cook the breasts? And is it one breast per dish? Though you can precook day before and reheat, trouble is boneless skinless breasts tend to dry out while reheating in the oven--theres just not much moisture or fat to keep them moist. Ideally, you cook em all the day of the event.... if you have 2 large ovens, great--one batch. If not, more batches, and more time. As they come out they go into thermal...
 You come from a wondrous, enchanting and frightening place, Dear Lulu.
Damn, you guys sure have me beat. I mean I ate Rattle snake one time, out in the wild, and squirrel. A story I will no longer be telling with the same zeal as I have in the past. lol
Good food on crappy dishes, or cappy food on expensive elegant dishes. Ive had it both ways plenty. I'll take the first way, provided everything is still sanitized. Of course I prefer excellent fare on beautiful china. Apperently not everyone does. I think theyre drawn to the incongruity of the thing. Like abstract art galleris produced by defication. It exists, and has a loyal following.
Welcome to Cheftalk BCG. Theres much TO learn here, with many thousands of threads on vitually anything culinary buried in the archives just waiting to be rediscovered. Biking coast to coast sounds fun and rewarding. You didnt make ALL your meals did ya?
Thank you for the tip SGlasser, itss a good one. Welcome to Cheftak, lots to learn and share in here, from amateurs to professionals.
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