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Haha I say "you bitch!"I use expressions like "what the f---?"or "Thats a beautiful uppafukae" .Or Kaddammit when I drop or self mutilate, things like that.But never in front of Billy, Bobby or Betty-Joe Public, and I never cuss AT someone--to me that's crossing the line.But I also don't like to be cussed at myself, so it seems equitable.
I think the first thing we need from you (the OP) is either a breakdown or at least a total of your actual incurred  costs here, before yours and your helpers labor time is even considered, (and your company's profit on top of that)  just as in catering you would first list out your food costs and other fixed and variable expenses, both direct and pro-rated. In this case, as mentioned above, insurance for the valet provision would need to be written in, just...
                     Exactly this.  ↑↑ For that money you could even  provide a couple nice meat carving stations, nice apps and delectable sides.Maybe even a peppermint on each plate. 
Gotta be razor sharp to do that. Good form though, notice how he tilts the knife to follow the curvature of the onion. And was that just a latex glove on his left hand?
Okay just so I see straight.....   900 covers, 4 stations, 2 servers per station, 2 meat choices,. That's aprx 225 per station.  Guests hit a self-service buffet first, then go thru the meat line with food already on their plate, where a server asks their meat choice, then plops it on their bread or plate.  Do I have that right?    If so, assuming its a "ready-set-go" service, in other words when the caterer's ready to serve,  guest are sent up as a group all at...
Translation: "That's a crapload of hard work. Me no like." 
Welcome aboard Chef.Glad to see you're keeping your hand in the madness.  Looking forward to the many bits of wisdom & experience you can offer us all.    --Meez
**Mind over matter.......mind over matter....if I BELIEVE it is mine, then so shall it be...mind over matter.....**
No, it means its only recognized as illegal within...certain demagraphics. It's like a check valve in your sink--water only flows one way, not the other.
Not when it comes to the courts it's not.
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