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Ahh, so it's a tracking issue then. Hmm, as I live and learn.  
Ok point taken but op coulve left some pertinent comments instead, that tied into the rest of the thread. Its not that hard to do. Or a simple explanation. This way just left a team of horses standing there without a wagon.
Y'know, I really don't understand why OP's come back in to a thread with several replies and remove their entire post. It leaves the whole thread a confusing mess. If one doesn't like the responses, I suggest requesting the desired response in the OP. Unless there's another reason of course-hard to guess with the blank field. 
Well today's grocery prices can do that to any Mum these days.  But on the other hand, lets not forget whenlittle Johnny was actually coughing up blood, the waiting room had only 3 people in it, you talked to them anddiscover they've been here for 3 hours already, you look over and see two ER nurses talking about one'sscumbag boyfriend, while the receptionist is on the phone..... sounds like her Mum--then when you finally doget him seen, they walk you back and you realize...
Guess I missed this one... Restaurant grade stretch wrap....and if its even slightly liquidy, you go all the way around the pan at least twice to seal. Then seal with heavy duty foil...2 or 3 times if regular foil. I also keep the foil cover around during the event to cover a pan of loose dirtys, if not convenient to re-wrap.
I don't think the  8670PB is an induction cooktop. Just a glass top electric stove. Which  I never much cared for, because they take a while to heat, you cant tell they're still hot. Unlike induction, which isn't hot unless it's cooking, even then only as hot as the pot upon it gets. Far safer.  For standard electric stoves I prefer individual burners--either "plate-type" or coil type.  Induction tops are nice, albeit not so cheap, but once you get past the...
If it doesnt get hot without a pan on it, its probably an induction burner. unless'n shesa broke.
Ive found it's generally not the length of lines, so much as equipment on wheels often need to be secured. I use 4 ft flex lines with commercial appliances--3 ft stretches the line too far for comfort when getting back there. If you're in a state that's prone to earthquakes, even occasionally, you have 2 options with rolling appliances: (check your state!)   1) install the HEAVY gas lines (still flexible but not nearly as much, and more expensive) these wont pull away...
In addition to all the good questions by others....   First if you're trying to do it out of a home it's not even legal in pretty much all the states. It also ain't very smart. So I would add that we also need to know what country you're in. I was running catering events after only a few under my belt, yet I wouldn't even CONSIDER taking on a wedding party of 200, until I had 50 or 60 events to my experience. Weddings don't get taken lightly-- they're a huge event in...
Hmmm.... If I'm reading my Mike correctly, he seems to be saying that you have now proven yourself in the industry as a"fixer". You can show the ability to walk in, size up an establishment, create/implement  a work plan, and cut waste and increase profits in just a few months. And THAT...is something you can charge quite a nice premium for. Something to consider.
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