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Personally ive never known a customer to be offended when a server says "No I haven't tried it myself but I understand it tastes like this and this...." Not like theyre saying "i dont believe in eating meat and neither should you." And if customer is still unsure by then, a description isnt going to sell em anyway. Offer to bring them a sample of the sauces and go from there. I see this as a non issue with nothing more than a chefs pride at work. Id personally offer a...
Meh, I've done both of those things...culinary and construction....at the same time....for many years now.  They seem to get along well.  Congrats on being happier.
Well to be honest, 18 to 31.00 per person for a thanksgiving meal, no service, they pick up, no delivery,  seems a bit on the high side to me, in terms of the going rate. What are others in your area charging for similar? 
If you can keep the contents below the rim of the serving  cups, load as many as possible onto  a full sized sheet pan, wrap (commercial grade) stretch wrap  tightly  ...all the way around..... at least twice. Then slide into pre-chilled cambro box.   If done properly, a gorilla and 2 chimpanzees couldn't spilll em...or even ME. 
Theres actually an interesting previous thread on this topic.... http://www.cheftalk.com/t/74999/what-watch-do-you-wear-in-the-professional-kitchen
Here in so calif there are still a few auction houses, open to the public. you can also go in and buy during the non auction times. but it is changing....a lot of small out of business restaurants are now throwing all their stuff in storage lockers for a month and running criagslist ads for it and selling to the highest offer.
Congrats FP.... for having bravely endured 10 full years of mixed emotions, conflicting advice,  misconstrued comments, ever-changing industry standards, and a maddeningly high turnover  of brand new, one-or-two-poster 'professionals', who leave so fast they never even SEE your  well thought-out, 62-line response to their current kitchen emergency. Well done my friend!  
Well that's all true in principle of course.... but just wait til you get a well done tenderloin or tri tip come backthrough the pass with the complaint that "its too bland", "too chewy"   or "meat has no flavor". 
Seems to me you're asking subjective questions to subjective people to determine whether  previous subjective statements regarding a substance are true or not. Seems a futile quest to me. Perhaps you should simply try some and form your own subjective opinion.Also fail to see how a member's statement that she learned something from an article indicates she believes all she reads on the net. Seems a bit of a presumptive leap to me.--M 
You reach under, grab the can, (gloved hand!) push up into the bottom of the chaffer to smother. Alternate method, slide them out then slip the lid on. Not so hard to put out, just annoyingly easy to get burned on. Once burning, very hard to see in daylight, so I always use tongs to get em out, and snuff em with their own lid. 
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