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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand around she goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooes.....   Conk85 cheft talk forum is a well...a forum. There are many brilliant and experienced chefs and owners here. So if you just explain your problem and ask your question here, odds are you will get several expert and helpful responses.
They look great & theres nothing like homemade BBQ sauce. And yes once your made yours you'll never use stores.
What is this like some secret recipe that doesn't work?
Welcome in. The food sounds great, would like to know more about some  of it.   As to pricing there are many threads and formulas on this site covering that topic. But basically it's food-cost + fixed costs (insurance, license etc)  + event specific supplies, rentals, and other variables like promotion, travel/gas expense, fees/tax etc, labor-help, YOUR labor PLUS your "business's" expected profit. Divide by number people to yield a per person charge.
Something you just wanted to get off your chest, or is there an actual  question trying to emerge from that?
I use a light herb butter, some garlic, and I like some green in there too,  smear the mixture round the kernal-- if husks on, fold back over and bbq, if husks off, wrap in HD foil and drop into the hot coals 'til succulent.
Agreed on cleavers, any Asian market will have decent (even if not so pretty) one piece shank cleavers for 8 to 15 us $. And they hold up better than you might think. As to kick-around knives, as a caterer  I'm coming from different perspective....where knives I take to events are subject to abuse, being "borrowed" and never returned, or just plain disappearing. In such case Id carry ultra cheap chef knives for general chopping, slicing etc, and keep my decent knives...
Methinks the 5 yr old thead just became about spamburgers.
Oh. My bad, I read that as the first birthday party you were making for, not a one-year old's party. That's what I get for answering before Ive had my coffee.   Okay so use the same per-person estimates and adjust your amounts to accommodate 35 or so, just to be sure. 10 lbs pasta should be enough, and one good-sized  watermelon ought to do it if theyre being served like apps on a stick and not scooped from a bowl.   Hope that (still) helped.
So are you saying that you CAN watch TV and read cookbooks at the same time? lol The beauty of internet is ease of search. But the downside is sifting through hundreds of junk recipes. Most recipes that go into a published book.....work. Downside to books besides finding stuff is taking up a LOT of room--I just got rid of 40 or 50 and still have too many.
New Posts  All Forums: