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Ok, this board is starting to confuse me. We have an obvious amateur posing a question about pricing I.E., money, in the professional catering board. The last time that happened, the entire thread got deleted rather than moved, all our posts, everything.
I agree with where youre coming from by n large, ManOf Ice-- we get many of these people in here who know nothing, and get a little afronted when we tell them straight. Problem is we almost never see the other end of the equation, we never get them coming back saying "you know you guys were right-- I fell flat on my face lost my butt." lol As to the dinner for two, I probably wouldnt do one, unless i got like a killer deal on a great cut or something, and could absorb...
Ive found the male female thing to be not much of an issue. The women ive worked with werent afraid to do it all. Even when they shouldnt have. So there were times i insisted on doing it. Nothing sexist, they were just co workers who who were better equipped to do some other task. we all have our strengths and weaknesses. It evened out. There was only one exception I can think of, she was a whiny lazy young thing who found lifting uncomfortable, didnt like to sweat, and...
Interesting you brought up plumbers and electricians. They are indisbutably skilled laborers. As line cooks or sous or chefs, do we consider ourselves skilled labor? Do most people consider cooks skilled labor?
How do you KNOW them Lobby Rolls were delicious Iceman? Did you actually TRY one? You know the thing is, personal Cheffing like that can be a funny business. You can charge the moon, and if you have the attitude to go with it, they will not only pay you but they will be tickled to do so. That translates to you being well paid and them asking you back again. The trick......well the trick is to sell it all with a straight face. Takes extreme confidence, among other...
Iceman im not saying i think that particular menu is worth 3 bills plus FC, just saying its a minimum. And once the minimum deck is reached, price perJohn just goes up n up til like Cheflayne says, it gets ridiculous. On the other hand Ive done dinners for 8 in the banquet room at 150.00 per person. But it was pretty high end cuisine, and about 50percent fund raiser.
I wouldnt shop, come to their home, cook and serve all that for 50 bucks plus FC either. Below my minimum, for the shopping and work involved. 300.00 plus FC. And I wouldnt need a helper either. Its just cooking for 2. I will say that the diversity of answers above does strengthen what we often tell people asking about what to charge for their time.....that its ultimately up to you--it's YOUR time, and one Chef's 200 bucks is another's 5. Your menu is an unusual...
I second the question. There are some awfully purty looking chaffer setups out there these days.
Cooking with cheap junk wine tastes like you cooked with cheap junk wine. Inexpensive is so much different than cheap.  [/quote] I stand corrected....I dont cook with cheap wine, I cook with decent quality inexpensive wines. Thank you, Ice Chef.
Welcome to Cheftalk. Off hand I'd say if culinary is your focus, and you aspire to work in the industry soon, then go with whoevers gonna give you the best training. Dependent on cirriculum, time spent and certainly on the instructor(s). Do your research! Also, many threads on this subject in here.
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