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No real help here, but curious if maybe the burr is there, but standing up straight?   It would make sense that you feel it after a short time on the board as it would have had a chance to roll over after light use.  Just a guess as I have no experience with Kono's or edge pro at all...
Actually, often the Japanese knives are based on the French profile which is flatter...the German profile is usually the one with the bigger belly (from drinking too much German beer)...   Cheers
steel = iron + carbon (plus an assortment of other goodies) chromium makes steel stainless all steel knives have carbon rust does not = patina rust = bad patina = good chinacats == yes, i like chinese cats (krazy ones w/ eyes peeking through lace bandana like a 1 eyed cheshire, like a diamond eyed jack :>))
Just to clarify...high carbon can be stainless...when people here refer to carbon knives they are speaking of knives that are not stainless (they will rust/patina).  Most knife companies use the term high-carbon to refer to 'high' quality knives...this may be what is misleading as these knives are usually stainless--and often not of the highest quality...kinda confusing myself now:>)   I think there is a thread around here that explains what percent carbon is required to...
I did a quick search and found a few that looked interesting...have no experience with this contaption, but it looks promising...like it came out of someone's garage (in a good way)   http://sungoldgroupinc.com/equipment.html   this is described as a hybrid japanese/american sharpening system, runs ~$2200 and looks like it is made in the us of a...with some parts from japan   they also have a few other interesting models that are in the same ballpark price...
Not sure what knives these are, but they are not K-Sabatier...the stamping is completely different...they may be Sabatier, but that says nothing...seems these people are selling k-sabs without the "K"?   This link is for the real K-Sab au-carbone knives...   http://www.sabatier.us/kitchen-knives_15_au-carbone-vintage_.html
    One opinion on any carbon Sabatier is that if you plan on sharpening the way you are speaking of and don't want to involve yourself in knife care, then avoid them or any nice Japanese blade...stick with dull, heavy German stainless knives that it won't matter how you treat the steel...   As to K-Sab, they are very nice knives as are ****/Elephant Sab's.
    Sweet knife!!!
Nice, hope you enjoy!  
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