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What some consider to be extra maintenance is what some people would do anyway.  Clean and wipe your blade before, and after each use.  Rinse and wipe between cutting different items.  Don't leave it in the sink, don't leave it laying on the counter wet, don't put it in the dishwasher (nor any other knife), do put a smile on your face when you realize how sharp you can make it and how well it cuts:>)   Cheers
  With the exception of some of the nogent Sab's that need to have the handles bent back into shape
Maybe my less than trained eye, but from the looks of it in the link you sent, the Zen looks to have more belly than the DP?  Which would you prefer?  That being said, I would think that the knives are almost identical in all other aspects.  
I'm not sure about the steel in the gyuto (sk4?), but I have a the same model suji which is made of fairly low grade yellow steel--have the same issues--so guessing issue just may be more in the tempering process?  I do use more acute angle (10*--which is why I suspected mine didn't hold edge that long?) but certainly mine doesn't get used like your gyuto, so no real comparison there.  That being said, I do occasionally brunoise onions with it as well as use it to cut...
Good deal, hope the issue is resolved...   Curious though as I thought the reason to use the Edge Pro was that there was essentially no learning curve (or no way to mess up an edge)...guess just like learning to freehand that mistakes can be made...   Cheers  
I wonder if that is just the famous Moritaka overgrind showing itself?  Pics?  
...   You have all nice knives on your list, but they aren't all too similar so it sounds like you may want to gather a bit more knowledge/info--in other words you can probably have a list with a similar number of choices, but more homogenous as to blade type that will best suit you.   As to petting the knife, most carbons may fall into this category:>)   What type of stones are you currently using?  Do you plan on replacing or using the same ones with the...
Easier to peel apples with Suji:>)
    I wonder if anyone here has any bad experience with Shig's...from what I've read on other knife boards there are many happy users who seem to recommend them at least as much as anything else.   I also think that maybe there is confusion as to the knives with the bad f&f/broken tips...if you search shigefusa on cktg it 'sounds like' Mark will be carrying them in the future (as in he hasn't in the past)--unless that is just a very old (cached) page...maybe someone here...
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