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    Thanks!  Can't argue with the 'making it look pretty' part...very nice.  Quite generous of you.
    OK..amazing considering that Shig's seem to be one of the few knives equal in reputation to the Masamoto's...guess he got a bad batch:>)     Curious about the Moritaka's...
    Too many problems keeping them in stock?
  For those of us playing along...please do provide at least a few minimal details as to the direction taken to fix this issue...Thanks!
If it doesn't bubble you may have other problems...the only problem with the bubbles is that if they get too large, the cheese and toppings will slide off (leaving a less than desirable slice)--so you are technically both correct.  I would pop the large bubbles (larger than a golf ball) and let the others bake in for the more authentic style of pie:>)    Just my 2 a qualified pizza freak!   Cheers, Chinacats
Could also use "loaded paper"  (3-m micro) some of these are available with an adhesive backing and some not, but these put on a flat surface do essentially the same thing for a lot lower cost...   Cheers, Chinacats or,43072       I haven't tried these, but they also look interesting and may be of...
yes you don't need one with a could try something like this...,43072,67175,67176&ap=1
  Since it is true that an independent contractor is not a paid employee, you are right...I am wrong...but you are still associated by way of something more than simply proprietor and customer.
Oh that's right, you only work for Mark...and yes it has sunk like the mighty Titanic...
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