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Great, will do. Thanks!
That makes sense. The cans do appear to be sealed and do not appear to have taken on air or are bulging or otherwise harmed. Thanks for your input.
Thank you for your replies. It is natural gas. I would like to reiterate that it is on the under side of the bottom floor of my oven. I took it out to clean some burnt on food stains and when I flipped it over I saw that. I noticed it was right above the pilot light that lights the bottom gas element for the broiler/oven, so it's clearly a side effect of the natural gas pilot light. I do not know if it is soft or hard as I did not attempt to touch it or scrape it due to...
I am a novice cook looking to understand how ingredients and food store as part of my learning experience. I just moved into a new apartment at the start of 2012. As spring and summer came without A/C I soon learned that I would not be in the kitchen at all during the warm months. It was typically around 80 to 90 and 95 on the warmest days in my kitchen (I'm in an upstairs apartment). I do live in Wisconsin so my kitchen varied between 50% and 60% relative humidity on...
It's directly above the pilot light on the bottom side of the bottom shelf of my gas oven so I would assume it is some sort of gas 'deposit', but I have no real idea. Is it dangerous? Should I try to get it off? Thanks anyone for any information.
Interesting you mention deboning and returning. I used a slow cooker chicken broth recipe for this and it mentioned optionally taking the meat from the bones after about 5 hours (half the time) and returning the bones to the crock pot. I will try this next time for sure to see how it tastes. Thanks
Thanks. The egg drop soup turned out fabulous!
Name's Kevin and I'm here to learn and make friends. I'm 31 and have until recently only cooked to survive as a bachelor. I now have to cook more often so I am looking to expand myself in this manner. Other than cooking, I enjoy my 6" reflector telescope, xbox 360, and following my sports teams. I look forward to having conversations with you all.
Hello folks, my name is Kevin and I'm new to the forum. I am making my first broth today to use in egg drop soup tomorrow. I am using about 2 pounds of thighs. I was curious what other folks do with the chicken after the broth is done. I've heard that the chicken is tasteless because the hours of cooking draw all of that out, however I am skeptical of that. I'd be interested in using that meat for sandwiches. Thoughts? I was also wondering if after the broth is complete,...
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