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Have about 10-12 different herbs, sunning in front of sliding door.  They'll go outside over next week or so.  Plan to repot most to let them wiggle their toes.  Know some enjoy a "haircut" from time to time... rosemary, sage, marjoram, oregano, thyme, etc.  How about things like dill, flat-leaf parsely, cilantro, & chives?  Gonna be REALLY upset if the local critters (squirrels) thing I opened a salad bar!?!
Thinkin' it's a safe bet to say... NO, parts are not interchangable?!?
Have SHORT hair, so no problem there.  "Chefs" on cooking shows with long hair pulled back BUT LONG wisps hanging loose all around their face... I'd constantly be brushing it aside... don't get it?  Rarely wear long sleeves... usually cuffs rolled up 1-2 times to mid-forearm.  No apron... try to dodge splatters and avoid wiping hands on pants or shirt?!?
Always thought stock was something you added to a recipe instead of h2o for a little more flavor??  Also always thought of it as a bit of a "no-brainer"... bones, onion, celery, carrot, some herbs, water and a nice long simmer.  Totally agree with HOLD the salt as much as possible.  If you ever reduced canned/boxed stock... say by half... can become a salt lick.   Last weekend, cooked my Thanksgiving left-overs?!?  Whole turkey breasts were $1.99/lb instead of...
Rotten potatoes... PU!!  As a kid, our fridge had a TEENY box (freezer) inside that held a few trays of ice and MAYBE ice cream on rare occasion.  Bottom was a tip out bin... potatoes and onions.  When ya opened it and got that WHIFF... ya knew something gross was in there.   Hard boiled eggs!  Nephew asked a very philosophical once... "how can something that smells SO bad, taste so good once deviled?"   Bad eggs!?!  My Grandmother taught me to ALWAYS crack eggs...
Can't make any recommendations on brand, but second hunting up a restaurant supply place.
Chili freezes well.  Meatballs & sauce works well, too.  I'm cooking for 1 and a lot of things are near impossible to scale down to 1-2 portiions.  Even if I start with a half lb of ground meat, once I add everything else to the mix, I end up with plenty of meatballs.  If I cook too much pasta (happens most times??), I have had luck freezing that, too.  When I want to use it, I just drop it frozen into boiling water... ONLY until it comes "unraveled"... no real...
Oil I used for test run on yard sale find is now sealed up in 2 jars... a quart, wide-mouth Mason jar and a large pickle jar, I just couldn't toss.  I used the Food saver attachment for the Mason jar.  Then tried out the "universal" lid that I found.  It's probably about 6" in diameter and will fit a variaty of containers.  Was advised not to us plastic or thin glass... implosion possible when sealing??  Though this lid is bigger than jar top... made a really tight...
First... I'm NOT the spelling police, but almost spit out what I was drinking when I read that you use a "sock" pot... not a good mental image   Do ya think vac sealing oil containers would help?.. can do that with attachment for Foodsaver.
Can't make any recommendations on a specific knife, but LOVE the idea!  A million years ago, when I got married, groomsmen got CUFF LINKS!?!  Was kind of a thing to do, but WHO had a shirt to use them with?? 
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