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I have an inexpensive plastic mandolin that actually works nicely... 3 different thicknesses for slice, a juilliene, and a "french fry" cuttin blade & guard-thingie to protect fingers.   Was taking some things to donate to a local thrift store and of course browsed the place... never know what you're gonna find... and for cheap.  Came across a Cuisinart mandolin.  No guard.  Body mostly heavy black plastic... fold out "leg".  One blade that appears to have 2 sides......
A LONG while back, bought all the fixings for Miso soup at little Asian market near me.  Only thing that cost much was the miso paste.  Made the dashi and it was SOOOOO too fishy for me!  It's my understanding (and so far proven true) that miso paste pretty much NEVER goes bad!?!  I like to put a spoonful into veggies to finish instead of salt.
I'd use a springform pan or a disposable aluminum one.  With aluminum pan, I'd cut the sides away after cake was cooled.
And for name-brand things, you can often find the manuals online, if you need them.
Have a bit of a pet peeve about what's in kitchen in a vacation place.  Most have pretty lousy cookware... totally understandable, I guess.  Imagine someone deciding to put a great, well-seasoned CAST IRON pan in the dishwasher!!  Or scraping the H outta a godd non-stick pan with a metal spatula!!   My sister has a great place in the WV mountains with what I consider a well stocked kitchen... a LOT of things came from our Dad's place.  She has a full set of "vintage"...
MANY years ago, previous neighbor planted bamboo in a corner of his yard. It took several years, but it eventually "invaded" the 3 attached yards... mine included. Personally, wasn't concerned once I realized if ya snapped it off when it was short, it didn't regrow. At least not in that same spot... just ran someplace else. Current (crazy/good) neighbor would probably want a public execution of the guy. A few years ago, taught GED, ABE, and ESL students at a community...
Over the years, I've made some pretty good finds of GOOD kitchen stuff at thrift stores and yard sales.  Picked up a blue enamel, square, Le C grill pan for $5... inperfect condition... except for VERY minor schmutz in interior crevices.  Bought a Cuisinart food processor... with all the blades/discs for $8.  Found a crank-up, "vintage" KA stand mixer for $20... runs great.   Yesterday, found a spare BOWL for it... $4.95 on tag, but HALF PRICE!  WOO!  HOO!  They're...
Have about 10-12 different herbs, sunning in front of sliding door.  They'll go outside over next week or so.  Plan to repot most to let them wiggle their toes.  Know some enjoy a "haircut" from time to time... rosemary, sage, marjoram, oregano, thyme, etc.  How about things like dill, flat-leaf parsely, cilantro, & chives?  Gonna be REALLY upset if the local critters (squirrels) thing I opened a salad bar!?!
Thinkin' it's a safe bet to say... NO, parts are not interchangable?!?
Have SHORT hair, so no problem there.  "Chefs" on cooking shows with long hair pulled back BUT LONG wisps hanging loose all around their face... I'd constantly be brushing it aside... don't get it?  Rarely wear long sleeves... usually cuffs rolled up 1-2 times to mid-forearm.  No apron... try to dodge splatters and avoid wiping hands on pants or shirt?!?
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