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Whether it's chicken, beef, pork or fish... always grill some thick slices of onion.  If it's a BIG onion, will cut 3-4 thick slabs... I stick in toothpicks (in 2 directions) BEFORE I slice, so rings stay together.  If the protein is in any kinda marinade, the slabs of onion go in, too.  I like to grill just short of BURNT!?!
Looks pretty darn good in pic!  I like green bells but fnd red/yellow/orange are MUCH sweeter.
Flavor not an issue?  Thinking RED bell peppers instead of green might help... my preferrence over green anyway.  Thinking color-wheel... red + green = brown?!?
Bought a basic Cuisinart (model??) several years ago as a a Chirstmas gift to myself.  Think it was about $100.  Had had several other (sub par?) brands and was amazed at how much power this basic C had.  Then I find another one at a THRIFT STORE for $8... clean, had all the blades, ran just fine.  Figured... a spare bowl, at least.  Ended up being a step UP from what I already had.   I love it for shredding cabbage for cole slaw or shredding a large amount of...
First, on the cast iron.  If it's crusty, self-clean cycle of oven works great.  No self-clean?  Go quick and dirty with as many applications of spray oven cleaner as it takes to get the gunk off.  If just rusty, have at it with cheap (dollar store) table salt, a scrubber and pleanty of hot water.  Then on burner till HOT and a generous blob of bacon grease... NEVER toss that stuff... keep it in a container in fridge.  Rub melted BG all over inside and outside of pan...
Would probably either request it be vac sealed or vac seal myself.  When I was growing up, Dad, his sister, and her neighbor would go in on half a steer... husbands, wives, and 9 kids among 3 families.  Everything was tightly wrapped in "old-fashioned" freezer paper, and never remember and freezer burn issues?  Not sure, but thinking size of things like roast was specified?  We got half of EVERYTHING... and sometimes stuff I was not crazy about.  Vividly remember my...
When I have a craving for lasagna... it's for ONE... NOT a whole pan full of it.  I'll boil maybe 6-8 noodles TOPS till pliable but not to al dente yet.  I make a roll-up version... sauce and cheese mix inside.  WIll bake off a few... dinner and lunch next day.  Will freeze and vac seal rest, 2 to a bag, for later.
Have a perfect place for some tomatoes, pepper, cukes, string beans, etc... BUT local critters (groundhogs, especially) would just be lined up to mow everything down.   Have a nice sized patch, right outside front door that I'm planning on converting into an herb garden.  Have a bay laurel (that I thought I killed last year, but made a come back) that I plan to put IN the ground.  In my area of NJ, odds are in its favor to survive winter, as long as not SEVERE and...
Tried my hand at homemade breakfast sausage a while ago.  It smelled wonderful browning off, tasted good but was hard/tough??  Had a feeling not enough fat in the pork??  So vac sealed it in 2 portions (maybe a lb each) and stashed in freezer to hopefully remedy "later"??  But don't really know what my next step(s) should be?  Maybe just some ground pork fat added?  Somebody suggested (somewhere) maybe a little ground oats?
SIL thought the ONLY way to cut egs for deviled was the "avocado method"... which I personally think is a bit silly... NO offense intended!?!  I can usually see where the yolk lies inside and cut so it'll be more centered.  Will defnitely try that shaking thing before hard-BOILING next time.
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