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"Seasonal" veggies to me means... REAL summer tomatoes and sweet corn from SMALL road side stands where the produce comes from THAT place!  When other "farmer's markets" start bragging that they have fresh NJ tomatoes and corn... I get very skeptical.  Any place that says they have tomatoes or corn on the cob before 7/4... I pass them by, cuz it just does NOT happen!
Have an inexpensive one... Mouli, I think?  Have had it for YEARS and still remember to keep fingers WAY out of the way and use guard.  Can do 2 different thicknesses of slices, a jullienne cut, and something like a french fry (maybe 1/2 inch).  Sure I didn't pay much more than $20 for it.   Found a Cuisinart (maybe Kitchenaid) mandolin at a thrift store.  Blade didn't seem damaged and did seem sharp.  Didn't have hand-guard, but only $5.  Used it ONCE and redonated...
Knocking on my WOODEN head... haven't had any serious kitchen cuts of any time. If ya remotely think a cut might need stitches... need then right away... not a day or 2 later!  Have littl half-moon scar on tip of middle finger on left hand from one of those "slaw" cutters that suction cupped onto counter.  Didn't cut a hunk off, but had a flap that bled like CRAZY!!  Took a while before I could take pressure off without bleeding starting right up.  It healed up fine......
One niece, now 17 yo, has ALWAYS sent hand written thank you notes... even if her name was scrawled across card.  Same with niece's niece... only 4 yo.  Wish every parent had kids (or selves) actually SEND a thank you note... even if an email or text!
NE PA isn't Philly... moe like Scranton or Wilkes Barre??   You'll find lots of hints/tips/suggestions here!
I like white buttons raw... instead of a chip for dips.  Mushrooms (raw) and onions/shallots (VERY thinly sliced) in a vinegarette makes a nice dressing for a salad.
The "tree rats" are abundnt whereI live.  Not at all unsual to see 3-4 in yard at one time.  They're destructive... totally destroyed a few houseplants out on  during warm months... and I totally blame them for gnawing thru gas line on grill.   Saw something today tha I just HADDA be in the right place at theright time to witness.  Out of corner of my ee, saw "something" dive outta the sky!  Next thing I know a BIG bird is heading up into a tree in backyard with a...
Rise time depends on several factors.  My sister makes pizza nearly EVERY Friday night.  She buys yeast in bulk at one of the warehouse stores... and shares with me.  A pint mason jar of dry yeast lasts a LONG time.  I keep mine in Freezer (it never gets solid) and just dip some out when I want it.  I can easily have it a year before any noticeable change in rise time starts to happen.   She uses a bread machine... just dumps everything in and sets to mix/rise.  I...
I make cookies... giftees don't have "time" to do more than slic and bake??  A few years back made 5-6 different herb/spice blends as gifts.
Cute idea!  I'd definitely want RUNNY yolk and totally cooked white.  Might get a little "color" on the pepper ring before putting egg inside.  Thinking could be a thicker slice and would hold 2 eggs.
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