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I went to college in the Pocono Mountains of PA back in... 1492!?!  WAY before microwave or mini-fridge became the norm in a dorm room.  Had a "kitchen" in basement with stove, fridge, sink and a few very basic utensils and pots/pans.  It was always GROSS!!  If we didn't eat in dining hall, we'd use a hot pot to heat canned stuff up.  OR we'd use a HIGHLY taboo thing called a "stinger"... metal coil to submerge in liquid... got screaming hot in seconds.
Not crazy about thighs, but just bought a package of drumstick on my way home.  Gonna dust with seriously seasoned flour... maybe a little corn meal mixed in for crunch.  Have a big Calphalon non-stick "griddle".  This is what I use whenever I do wings instead of frying... not necessarily to be more healthy... just a lot easier with little baby-sitting needed.  I spread the pieces out on griddle and into relatively hot oven... maybe 400-425. Let them go about 10-15...
No serious knowledge of names/brands... need SHARP!?!  Chef to paring... if sharp, or easily sharpened... that's what I want.  Have a decent, long serrated knife that's good for carving and slicing things like bread. 
Using the neck for stock!?!  First thought was my grandmother ALWAYS used the turkey neck for stock at Thanksgiving.  Trying to picture the size of the pot that would accomodate an ostrich neck
HMM... gonna have to go check my knives to see if they have ONE or TWO little men on them??  I'm NOT and expert on knives at all, but thinking you could get fairly nice one(s) for $40... especially if ya go to place like Home Goods or Ross that has kitchen stuff reduced.  If you're buying for someone with REALLY awful knives... a $40 one (or 2/$40) will seem like zilliion dollar knives!
LOVE Thanksgiving dinner.  Still cooking the same things I had as a kid that are pretty much "mandatory"... not much inovation, though certainly open to new things.  LOVE real cranberry relish, made from fresh... but that can shaped cylinder with the ridges... usually on the table.  Like the stuffing IN the bird... ripped up stale bread, LOTS of onions/celery and butter.  I make pretty awesome sweet potatoes that are like dessert to me... lots of butter, brown sugar...
Several years back, had 2 Rotties (Ivy & Rose) who were bed-hogs, too.  One night I had what I called my "paralysis" dream... just couldn't move at all!!  The girls had parked them self on either side of me on TOP of blankets.  I was pinned down with almost 200 lbs of sleeping dogs.  Only thing stick out from under covers was my head... and all the dogs did was graon as I tried to get them to move... they didn't want to... they were perfectly comfortable right where they...
Have TRIED oysters... every which way but loose... just don't like them. Have tried them in oyster stew, fried, baked, bled, even raw... just don't like the flavor... not a texture thing.   DON'T like liver... though a nice pate works for me.    Have NO desire to even try anything that has a disgusting description.  Like Durean fruit... like ROTTEN meat?!?
I NEVER toss bacon fat.  When I had a dog, a few spoonfuls drizzled over dry food was a treat for her.  It's the only think my grandmother used to fry her crab cakes in.  Try making REAL pop corn with bacon fat instead of oil.  Great for scrambled/fried eggs and hash browns (fried potatoes).  I never strain out the little bits after cooking bacon.  Just pour into a contain (with lid) and store in fridge.   Once made a big vat of chicken stock.  Bird musta been...
Have an inexpensive mandolin... Mouli, I think. NOT expensive... well under $30.   Have had it for YEARS.  Came with wedges that snapped in place to produce thin and THIN slices, juillienne, and "fries".  Also had a guard with little points to grab onto food.  It is still VERY sharp and I always use the guard when getting close to blade.
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