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Just have to add... DON'T totally turn your back on "used" stuff!  have found some great things at yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.  Just a few include... a square, leCreuset grill pan (blue enamel exterior in PERFECT shape and CI interior), a CUisinart food processor, a "vintage" KD stand mixer, KA 7-speed hand mixer (NEVER even out of box), Foodsaver vac sealer (and LOTS of accesories)... and a lot more.  KNOW it didn't spend a total of $100 for these...
In short... YOU were right, redvan, and THEY should listen to you.
Like the flavor but only takes the SMALLEST amount! 
Have niece in her early 30's.  She DIDN'T have the greatest upbringing and never learned basic cooking techniques.  When she got married... got a S-load of NICE kitchen stuff thru her registry??  KA stand mixer, food processor, NICE knives, etc.  BUT she didn't COOK!  Her kitchen "junk" drawer was full of take-out menus!  When 1st baby (now 4) came along, she wanted to be a SOHM... but thought she would HAVE to go back to work... NOT a high paying job.  We did a little...
I just blacken on top of gas stove.  Then park in a paper bag till cool enough to handle.  Have found that if I rub between a few layers of paper towels, pretty much all of the black comes off and no need to rinse.
Can't recommend a cookbook, but have a few SIMPLE recipes that I think are good.  Grew up in Delaware County, PA... not far from mushroom central.  My Dad loved mushrooms.  Sliced and sauteed in butter... they became a side dish... NOT a garnish.  Ate lunch after 1 of 2 DISASTEROUS rounds of golf, at the club house at Kimberton Golf Course.  They're house dressing was THINLY sliced white buttons in a basic vinagrette... raw of course.  Can make a half healthy and half...
Bought a "regular" white KA stand mixer after SIL RAVED about hers and FORCED me to take it home one Thanksgiviing Day... with the condition that it came BACK the following weekend.  AFter cranking out double batches of cookie dough for 5-6 different holiday treats... I was sold.  Think it was around $200... and had a rub-off coupon that got me 20% off.  It came with dough hook, paddle amd whisk... tilt top model.  I don't bake a lot but have NO regrets about that...
When it comes to your recipe, the difference is probably not gonna be remotely noticeable!?!   I'd just slice up a few strips of everyday bacon, render the fat till bacon was crispy, and scoop out... then proceed with rest of recipe.
I enjoy a nice glass of wine from time to time, but it's not something I have on hand most times.  True that you should only cook with wine you would drink... NOT stuff you might fnd in supermarket called "cooking" wine.  Liquor stores around me sell LITTLE bottles (maybe 4 oz or what ever that is in metric) of stuff that totally usable to cook with.  I'll buy a "six pack" of something red and something white and have used that with satisfactory results.
REALLY??  My FIRST teachin job was in a little Ukrainian Catholic school in Chester, PA... it's BEYOND not safe to venture into that neighborhood today.  BUT... every Friday the neighborhood ladies would be in the school kitchen making perogies... that would be the school lunch and lots of people in area would come to buy them.  Sure these ladies made dough from scratch... and they were so good your eyes rolled back in your head!
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