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Bought a "regular" white KA stand mixer after SIL RAVED about hers and FORCED me to take it home one Thanksgiviing Day... with the condition that it came BACK the following weekend.  AFter cranking out double batches of cookie dough for 5-6 different holiday treats... I was sold.  Think it was around $200... and had a rub-off coupon that got me 20% off.  It came with dough hook, paddle amd whisk... tilt top model.  I don't bake a lot but have NO regrets about that...
When it comes to your recipe, the difference is probably not gonna be remotely noticeable!?!   I'd just slice up a few strips of everyday bacon, render the fat till bacon was crispy, and scoop out... then proceed with rest of recipe.
Your recipe and pictures are pretty much how turkeys looked when I first learned how to prepare one as a kid... taught by my Grandmother.  BUT... she NEVER used any "prepared" bread... though I really don't have any problem with it.  She'd get a loaf of "day old" bread and kinda spread slices out in a BIG bowl the night before.  A few of us grandkids got the job of ripping it up early on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning.  She put the neck and other "presents" in a pot...
I enjoy a nice glass of wine from time to time, but it's not something I have on hand most times.  True that you should only cook with wine you would drink... NOT stuff you might fnd in supermarket called "cooking" wine.  Liquor stores around me sell LITTLE bottles (maybe 4 oz or what ever that is in metric) of stuff that totally usable to cook with.  I'll buy a "six pack" of something red and something white and have used that with satisfactory results.
REALLY??  My FIRST teachin job was in a little Ukrainian Catholic school in Chester, PA... it's BEYOND not safe to venture into that neighborhood today.  BUT... every Friday the neighborhood ladies would be in the school kitchen making perogies... that would be the school lunch and lots of people in area would come to buy them.  Sure these ladies made dough from scratch... and they were so good your eyes rolled back in your head!
And W-marts prices on canning jars and lids... generally MUCH better than any place else.
By NO means an expert on pot stickers. Mine always look a little "ugly" but always taste good. Have made them with a pork mixture and that came out very tasty. Bought nice wonton wrappers at my local Asian market yesterday, and the "mad scientist" part of my brain kicked and and have started thinking of spin-offs. Made the same way... stuck and then released by a little broth with some kind of dipping sauce. BUT thinking of different stuff to put inside?!? Have had...
Press on lids... if they have any give (slightly up), they didn't seal... if every so slightly indents and a solid thunk when tapped, they're sealed and fine.  Your beans look fabulous!  I just made a few jars of pickled beans a few days ago.  Was in a funky (GOOD) little market where they had 2 LB bags of nice looking green beans (we always call them string beans) for $1!!  HAD to buy them, even though WAY more than I'd ever eat before they started going south.  Googled...
Love mangos.  Just wish they were a littl easier to disassemble... that SEED?!?  Wondering... can I stick the seed in some soil and get a plant?  Not like I'm planning a mango orchard here in NJ... maybe an interesting house plant? 
Agree that as long as jars sealed, you should be fine... especially with pickly stuff.  You should probably pick up a canning FUNNEL... I have an ANCIENT, banged up, aluminum one that came from my Grandmother's house.  Has opening that just fits inside a small mouth canning jar... not JUST the small jars... just BARELY inside small jars.  Ya end up with little/no stuff on rims to need to wipe away.
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