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You could also try making the main course look like desert--like a meat cupcake (bacon sprinkles and mashed potato frosting). And make the desert like a soup...maybe a brownie bowl with ice cream 'soup'--or maybe a salad that is actually desert (cookies and sweets cut to look like salad). Lots of fun mix and matches!
SO AMAZING! I need a baking mentor like you! Everyone in my family leaves cakes/pies/desert up to me but I never try such ambitious designs! 
I made these once for my class years ago but I didn't frost them so well (I used grape fruit-rolls to cover the top). These are so cute and so fun! 
This is so delicate and beautiful! The colors just POP! Wow! I'm so inspired because I LOVE lemon! Quick Questions: What did you use to pipe the decals? Was it all free hand?
could you give me a link to what exact method you are talking about?
I baked meringues for a long time at a low temperature on a tin foil sheet. At first they were fine but then they started forming a sugar-y liquid bottom. When they were finished they all had this gooey-carmel/sugar bottom that totally ruined the meringues.   I follow a lot of instructions to make them bake and they had a great texture but I have no idea why they weeped... could it be because I used tin foil instead of parchment paper?   any suggestions or...
I made a Minecraft 'creeper' cake for my brother's 15th birthday and he LOVED IT. It was really difficult at the time because apparently NO ONE made a minecraft cake yet so there were no Google Images to reference. Now it is much more popular!     What is the strangest thing you've baked?
Literally every time I make a recipe for the first time I screw up something! A great example is when I made cupcakes for the first time in high school-- I filled up the entire cupcake pan instead of filling it halfway. When they were finished baking I ended up making chocolate muffins! The tops rose so much that they spilled over and I ended up giving away that first batch to my teachers.
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