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that would be the way I* want to go
How would I go about being an apprentice and lookin for someone who would be willing to teach me? I have thought about my different options for learning and I think this is probably the way U want to go. Thoughts/information?
thanks for the input. i wilk definitly have to think about the alternative choices for learning the trade. It will help knowing i have alternative options. If theres anything else i should know before choosing what I should do for my education,please let me know
this helped a lot! thanks you so much for your help i will probably be saving a lot more money because of you:) much appreciation goes out to you for helping me with this. i had no idea where to start with this. everything is kind of overwhelming with all the choices to make. this will definilty help me when i make plans for college!
pete, would you maybe suggest maybe a business management instead of culinary so i could run my own business? im kind of confused. would business managememt be a smart way to go? i really do love cooking so i was excited for the classes so maybe take a couple classes as a side would be beneficial? man, im really glad i found this site before i got myself too many school debts for no reason
i actually live in michigan. i was looking for a college in chicago because i really wanted to get out there and try new things. i love the upbeatness of chicago and the different cultures packed in to one city. @chefedb what would you suggest college wise that would help me out? i really would love to go to college in chicago and really need some help. thanks for your input:)
I am currently a highschool student but i want to do some research on a couple colleges before i have to start sending in applications. I am interested in learning about these two different schools. I've researched a little bit and they both seem to have outstanding culinary programs. I would like to know maybe the similarities and differences between the two colleges. Maybe the different costs? I plan on living on campus so having some of that information would be helpful...
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