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Araucanas/Ameraucanas Chickens lay blue eggs  (Google blue eggs  ) maybe you can use them but  in revers  Naturally  blue outside    some people say they are the best eggs.
The culinary cream by minor's  works as advertised it's mainly use in  catering and instutional  cooking  hepls cream based sauces hold  longer  works  great in scrambled eggs that are on a bufet line  keeps fresh real mashed potatoes  hold there texture and color when held in hot boxes   lots of the casino use culinary cream  .All I can say is try it to see if it works in your operation   it also cuts you heavy cream and butter cost .   
use Day dots  google Datdots         eco lab product 
Exactly where  in the Hudson Valley   ? other option  depends on your location  Sams club,  BJs  ,         TO. Miller Cash and Carry , Zafar Produce,  Adams,  talk to the produce guy  or meat mananger  deals can be made .even  at Aldies if you near one
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