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Sky is the limit.. do not cut yourself short, every great chef started out at the bottom, it is who they worked for that made the difference, find a place that will teach you proper culinary fundamentals. learn the words OUI CHEF, YES CHEF,.. Or just YES.. you are getting paid either by $ or knowledge, to do what you are told. not for an opinion.. every restaurant in the world can teach you to cook, but, no one but yourself can teach you to be (and the importance of...
Recommend the book "On Killing" Lt Col (ret) David Grossman. Our society has distanced itself further and further from its food source, sterilizing the actual acts that take place for us to sustain life. It is good that he feels empathy for the creature whose life he is taking for the nurturing of others. Respect and care should be given to all things that fall in the way of our blades,in the sacred act of giving life to others from life. I would (if you haven't already)...
Bon Chance..
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