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I've been using for apartment hunting.   I am not too sure about receipts. I have emailed them and they did confirm with me that they have received my payment. Maybe you should try that way.
hey all,   sorry i haven't been active on the thread, life's been busy!   i have been looking for accomondation for awhile now, it's hard to find a decent and affordable place in paris!   particular, the area (6th arr.) where ferrandi is located is very expansive. I have been hunting for flats in 3th, 4th, 15th and 16th.   perhaps it will work out better if we'd be roommates and rent together :)   ciao for now   rita
Hi Jenny,   Thanks! I sent my application at the end of January and got accepted at the end of Feb. I think I am pretty lucky to be able to get such a quick response from them.   When did you send your application? I really hope you also get the offer! Good Luck!! And perhaps we could help each other on moving to Paris!   Warm Regards, Rita
Hi!   You can find the information on the school's website   good luck!   Rita
The tuition for the career program is 18000 euro. The fee includes the tools, the uniforms, and any school related field trips any ect. I am going this Sept so I haven't yet figure out living arrangements, but I have been searching. I think there's always room to apply but you might want to do it asap because there're many stuff to take care of after such as visa applications and loan applications. Good luck!
Hey Guys,   I've just got accepted into the Cuisine program at Ferrandi for the September 2012 term. I cannot wait to go!! And I am just wondering if anyone else here are going to the school for the same semester as me? I wanted to open a thread so we could talk about all the other things to prepare before we go! :)   Cheers Rita from Canada
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