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Blue fined tuna belly. Seriously one of the most tastiest things I have ever had. It's 60 bucks a can, one of my rich lawyer buddies gave me it and I was in disbelief.Once I tried it though, I can understand why rich people would buy it!! 5 star quality ALL THE WAY!
Yeah I agree. I am a simple man, but it still tastes perfect to me.
I'm a college student so I had top ramen and soup lol..
This iis so true.
Yeah you beat me to the punch.
What do you think the best time to cook it is if I were going for like medium rare?
TThat's pretty good advice.. What are the best ingredients youve ever added as a placebo?
CCan I ask what you are using it for? I am interested!
Sounds really tasty to me. I woulld be satisfied with that.
You should read a book by Michael Pollan called The Carnivore's Dilemma. It talks about the difference between industry and organic.
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