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What else are you trying to switch too? Meats, eggs, chickens, etc?
I've actually never tried to make my own sushi... What's the difficult part about it?  
I actually heard that this was really tasteful and healthy.
WOW! Eating Ramen 3 times a day is boring and completely unhealthy for your body. The amount of sodium that you are importing into your body is outrageous!!!   How much water are you drinking a day? As for a solution on finding cheap food, go to Costco and stock up on eggs, chicken, and other small frozen dinners.
Very informative.. Thanks for the post.  
Where'd you find this recipe it sounds delicious!   I'll have to try this, thank you.  
My mother always boiled the pasta first and then laid it out in the glass dish for the lasagna mix. Just her personal style I suppose.
I think the taste difference really is just a matter of opinion. Some people like it aged, and some people don't like it aged.  
I think getting extra exercise would help maintain a healthy life style. Being a chef allows you to engage in some pretty "rich" cuisine.. I lift weights so that's what helps me keep the extra pounds off.  
I don't really think there is a clean and cut answer to this my friend. Sorry.
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