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I am looking for a good recipe for lobster bisque please help
Can you share the recipe from thomas keller's
thanks for your help  
the more i cook it the bitter the taste ????
My demi glace is tasting bitter ,all i do is a nice veal stock with the mirepoix and roasted  veal bones ,add some reduce red wine with shallots ,but is turning bitter ? please help
i am making au jus ,and demi glace thanks for the info
thanks for your help
Hi folks i hope that somebody can help me with this ,i lost my recipes for these 2 items i had it  for years, i scanned to the computer the computer broke and that was the end ,please if somebody can help me out with these 2 items it would be awesome i need the recipes by gallons please ,thank you
Try Cheftec ,good luck
You Know what you can use ,you can use the cones filters to clean and filter the oil from fryers also ,use it with a china cap and pour the water over ,good luck
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