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Digging through a bunch of junk/rusty tools at a garage sale yesterday in the 25cent bin I found a knife sharpener. Score! Its only a $5-10 tool you can buy online but for that price its a steal.
I prefer mine slightly undercooked.  
I am just a line cook, but I tend to do the same as you. Spend the first hours in a full apron, wearing my usual jeans/work shoes/t-shirt then if I feel confident with the kitchen toss on a coat for the dinner.    
Thank you, I'll look into it.
Oh, sorry I guess I didnt understand it the first time I read it.
So this person is going to somehow skip up the ladder and get a chef job, despite never having done the entry level position or even having been a sous chef? Could you explain how?
"crispy hours after being fried"   hahaha
I know this is too late to save you, but perhaps someone else will read it. Many people dress up 100% proper cook clothing: crocs on their feet, chef pants, crisp chef coat, some sort of culinary hat, weird TV chef hair style with a personality to match.   These people are a joke. They clearly are dressing up to make up for their lack of skills. I wear an apron at work, a chef coat when I'm in the mood.
Seems to me that one of the reasons why there are fewer food trucks is due to the increased amount of regulation. Larger businesses force them out of town with permit processes (3 steps of approval at least where I live!) and fees.
I would love to run a popup kitchen. I currently work as a cook in a very busy restaurant but my goal someday is to become self employed. I'd so that perhaps somehow by owning a food cart/truck, private dining, or the temporary restaurant concept. Anyone have any good ideas on how to make this a reality?
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