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In California, veggies are cooked crisp tender. I have been converted. I guess when you have the freshest produce there is no reason to mask the natural flavor. IMHO
I love Arby's, I worked there as a kid and still enjoy it today. I love formed pressed Spam too. That's good eats. Sorry don't know the red ranch recipe but it's on the Super sandwich too. Not on the menu anymore but they will make it if you ask. Basic roast beef with red ranch, lettuce and tomato.
I like a loco moco or some grilled spam with rice and eggs over easy.
I towel dry, sometimes score with a crosshatch then dredge in a light coating of seasoned wondra flour (superfine flour) sear in a little evoo and butter. Perfect every time.
Yo mammas, NewOrleans. Skip the peanut butter on your burger.
Sacramento, California. They carry lots of Hawaiian food and beverages. They do a good job on poke too. Love the hurricane popcorn.
I was told at a local asian store that used to carry it that they stopped making it. We will be having words tomorrow. Did you get your Mac salad fix at Zippys?
I am currently in culinary school, ending third quarter and the experience level of the instructors has varied greatly. Do any schools list the experience of their instructors so you can choose who you want to learn from? Just feels like a waste of money to have a 23 year old instructor who was once a breakfast cook at the Hilton.
Thanks, I will check it out.
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