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Not to be a bitch... but here's a thought... since there people won't be working and there and YOU might be... why don't you Answer them true to yourself....quote name="Cajun Princess" url="/t/75407/line-cook-interview-questions#post_425243"]wvman2374, I do appreciate spunk...But you know in the time you took to type up that clever retort, you could have actually helped me out a little, still I cracked a smile... Good one   [/quote]
The more I'm slowly finding from searching, I think you're right.  They're thinner and don't seem worth the money, other than being pretty.   The Wusthof's from what I've learned on this forum are solid, decent knives, but for the price nothing spectacular.   Does anyone have any experience with Robert Welch Signature Knives?   How about a recommendation for a Chef's knife (8-10") -- I don't necessarily have a preference over Western/Japanese.     I want...
Hi there!   I was close to getting Robert Welch Knives... I just like the looks of them and read some good reviews.  However, I think they're a bit light (I tend to prefer a heavier knife)   I ran across the Tamahagane San Tsubame Knives...   I think they're gorgeous... however, I cannot really find any thoughts/reviews on them.  I found a review of the plain Tamahagane San (non patterned...
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