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Didn't say you are a "cooking robot" said you could become one by just accepting whatever was around and not familiarizing yourself with the food scene where you live and in a greater extent the world as a whole. Youve been advised to not work at what seems to be one of the few quality restaurants in your area, where is this advice coming from?  
I know that but there is also one in Detroit actually -  
How can you live in a city and not know what the top restaurants are, what they are doing, who the established chefs are and who is up and coming in the food scene. Part of excelling as a cook is actually enjoying learning/reading/trying and totally immersing yourself in food, new types and techniques. You could become one of those journeymen cooks that only knows dishes and tricks from the places they worked at who become essentially cooking robots or you can develop...
Your gonna try to get a job in a highly regarded restaurant as a line cook and go there with a suit on? Don't do that if that was your plan.
Not just Faux Demascus but also Hammered texture and 15% off for July, I've tried this one, its pretty much Gekko, not a bad gift -
As an owner of a TKC, its a hell of a knife, love it, but its not  a "line knife" and I dont care what others will tell you. It will rip through prep, hold a damn sharp edge and is light and nimble but it goes in my bag once service starts. Im not saying the TKC is fragile but during a shift cooking you don't use your knife that much and may have to leave it unattended where it can be knocked over, grabbed by someone else to use quickly and possibly improperly or even...
Hey lady, before you make statements about being professional and bullying this guy, read the thread about how to deal with kitchen a******* and you will see many people sticking up for and giving advice to a young cook and chastising those who were picking on him. This fellow on the other hand is joking with his post or his reasons for complaining are pathetic.
I know all about Michel Bras, Le Suquet, inventing the chocolate coulant,  Gargouillou of Young Vegetable, etc... But what the hell is up with his signature knives made by KAI? Im not asking in interest of purchasing (370 dollars for a paring) but asking if anyone has actually touched, used or owned one. They are handsome with the grayish matte and all the embellishments but the price is bonkers. They cant just be going that steep on Name recognition because Bras is only...
This guy cant be serious, if he is its not even worthy of replying to
Yes, shoulda mentioned that 250k is only used for repair/re profiling which isn't something needed frequently but helpful on the occasion of a shot blade.   
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