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I apologize, I thought I had deleted this thread.  With summer almost over, we are set with staff until next summer, but thank you for your interest.  
Thanks for the inquiry Arte; However we only operate in the summer months. Good Luck with your search!
I've never had much luck reheating mashed potatoes in an oven, especially once piped.  If you want to do them in advance, have you thought about doing duchess style potatoes, which are basically mashed potatoes with egg yolks added. They hold together better and aquire a nice golden tone too.  It shouldn't be a problem adding the chives ad horseradish too. Good Luck!  
I worked in a restaurant with a wood-fired pizza oven for five years.  We would always use a little semolina flour in the dough, and 1 tablespoon each of honey and olive oil to standard pizza dough recipe. We always tried to make the dough a day ahead, so it could rest overnight.  We got lots of complements on our crusts.  When I tried making pizza in my home oven, I found that it worked best if you didn't pre-heat your oven, but just cranked it to 500 when you put the...
I also agree with the experts.  Why drown the marvelous flavor of expensive seafoods with the overpowering flavor of asiago!  That being said, there is room for cream cheese and salmon, or tuna melts in this world!  And I personally love a brie and salmon pizza.......
I'm looking for several Culinary Students to work at a private club near Asheville, NC. There will be many challenges and opportunities for creativity in this members only camp on the shores of Lake James. We will be producing weekly special events, as well as daily  menu items. It will be full time May thru September.  Please email me for more info.  Some housing will be available.
I  had to comment after seeing your post. One minute after joining this community, I came across it, and the coincidence made me smile.  I am originally from Cleveland, and after many years around the U.S., I have thought about coming back to Northern Ohio, where my brother and sister now live in, yes, Akron.  And with a last name that is so throughly German that most people can't pronounce it, I have a soft spot for German foods.  If I hadn't just started a new job in...
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