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I know exactly what the original poster is talking about. I recently started on the line at a steakhouse and the lead has the worst attitude. He has this "I REALLY don't wanna be here" attitude...all day...from the minute I walk in, to the minute he leaves....since he just leaves as soon as his station is clean and doesn't bother to help the rest of the place close. He's so far from being a respectable, professional chef and yet he has a lot of experience in the industry....
From what little Ive learned, in the north you're going to have more meat dishes. Moving through down to the southern regions you're going to find more vegetables and seafood along with better olive oil.
Thanks Marg! It was definitely one of those experimental recipes that turned out to be a keeper. I'm not too big on spicy food but I've recently started using Red Pepper Flakes and I'm glad I did. They add such a unique flavorful heat to the dish and I'm looking forward to using them in newer dishes
Hmmm well after reading through lots of the responses I have to say it really depends on what your favorite kind of cooking would be. Most people I know would say that the Joy of Cooking is a good book for the basics, anybody with a pulse can pick it up and make an easy, successful recipe. I personally like The Cooks Cookbook Illustrated but my mother would always choose JoC over Cooks haha. I also have a few friends that are grill/BBQ people and always have the BBQ...
It's possible some have seen this recipe other places, or have used a similar recipe..this is my personal favorite.  Sorry if this is too detailed, I just like to thoroughly explain stuff (yes I'm one of THOOOOSE people) haha. Roasted Broccoli with sauteed White Mushrooms.     Pre heat the oven to 500 degrees (A little hot for some but trust me, it's all good)   What you'll need: Baking sheet, saucepan and a skillet Broccoli (I'll have to edit this to how...
Pork loin and Broccoli which turned out to be one of those "experimental keeper" recipes. I'm sure I'll still be using this broccoli recipe 30 years from now in my future restaurant 
  Hello everyone! I'm Jordan, 21, and I'm an aspiring professional chef. I'm from California and I've always been interested in cooking and what not, I decided that I should finally just jump right in and take it serious rather than keep thinking about it. After a few successful dishes lately, I thought a forum would definitely be a good help for future questions, recipes and help on further pursuing my career. :
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