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its a boring night at the restaurant around Wednesday so its not really busy and then the order came...1 redwine risotto but without red wine..hmm how am i suppose to do that chef???1 rib eye steak medium rare. and then the plate cameback because the customer said it has is like ohhkayyy....
thanks chef petals for the reply.i appreciate it! Paul
does it really need a degree a culinary?im a graduating studen but i only took up associate in culinary(2 years).
thanks a lot chef ;) im goin to try it next week ;)
thanks for the reply.does it overpower if i put liquor in the filling and also sprinkle the 50/50 alcohol simple syrup on the layers of the cake?
Hi paul a culinary student.i just want to ask if you have a good recipe with any cakes which has liquor rhum or whiskey?i badly need your ideas...thanks in advance guys.have a nice day;)
porcelain knife ;)
ohh yes thanks for the replies. Im trying to absorb everything here. have a nice day.
Which is better to be working/training in a restaurant or  in the hotel? my friends and a chef instructor look down on me as i applied in a restaurant,they said you cant get enough there.For me ive been wanting that restaurant its a mediterranean restaurant. So did i made the right decision in applying in restaurant?
Hello there guys, a restaurant accepted me as a trainee. my question is which is bette inr training is it in a restaurant or in a hotel? because my friends and a chef  instructor said that hey you should go to this hotel to get better training. and they keep on looking me down cuz im not working on a hotel? need your advice guys. but none the less i  i enjoyed in my current work now.I just need some justification, hope you will answer my question.thanks ;)
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