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god I wish I could do that! I live in fresno, ca and potted things wont survive a day of volcano heat without care - every time I get them going I go to the coast for the weekend and lose them, lol - may just construct a greenhouse ...
Who knows what could be accomplished with an asperin in the water? Or some of that stuff florists use (would that be toxic or change the flavor?)?
oops - I also re-trimmed the stems and freshened the water every third day or so.
I have done it!!!! Grocery store bought fresh basil kept firm and green in the refridgerator for nearly 2 weeks!   I treated the basil much as you would a bouquet of flowers, first I cut the stems, then put them in a plastic (glass would get too cold I think) vase and loosly placed a plastic grocery bag over the "bouquet" making sure there was air flow at the bottom - no lie - my brown thumbed comrades! We no longer have to suffer our basil to ooze form a tube or...
I have found that slow grilling is best - and pretty red flesh doesn't taste nearly as good as that which has been charred a bit - either way, don't forget to steam them after roasting to loosen the skin, just popping the hot peppers into a closed container for about 20 minutes should do (don't use the liquid released by the peppers, it is unpleasantly bitter), but if I want to make a chili paste (like for birria) I roast the soak the peppers in boiling water for 20...
another for the 'finned fish and cheese list', blackened blue salmon 
I use I use any and all of the Mexican cheeses with seafood all the time - Queso Fresco rocks crumbled on a plate of shrimp scampi or over a bowl of spicy mussels!
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