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Congrats Lechevitrine..See you on FaceBook, or in Paris :)
@ Zoebisch There is no better place than the Montmartre in Paris for artists :)
Hi Noobie,   Don't worry about getting recommendation letters from your school/ university. They could actually be from anyone, even your friends. I got one of mine from a colleague..I had cooked for him at some point..The second one was from a teacher at a pasta making class I had gone for.   It is necessary to give those recos. I suppose they use it just as a check for reference/ motivation.    All the best!
@ashwin - havent started the visa procedures as yet. I think we need to wait till 3 months before departure isnt it?   On french, I think im going to join one of those weekend batches at Alliance Francaise.
Hey ashwin! Congratulations... :) I cant wait to go as well...I think i can leave tomorrow...hehe   My french is really rusty now, used to be pretty good...I could get around, now I dont think so :P   Anyone seen Mashav's blog? It has a wealth of info on ferrandi and her life there...will post it on the FB page after I get her permission    
Congratulations Cest Cheese1 and Jennyflop! Jenny thank you for joining. I hope we can get a lot more people, so we all know each other a little bit, before actually meeting at the course :)   Are you'll considering looking for a place now, or much later? I guess Im just paranoid. Have posted some websites a friend of mine gave me on the page. Hope it helps!   Rita...what about you..have you started looking? You seem to be one of the first few who've been...
I have just been accepted into the Cuisine 2012 fall batch as well!   Am trying to get to know those who have been accepted, or plan to do the course in the Fall.   So, have created a facebook group @!/groups/404744219552186/   If anyone else sees this thread- please join so we can connect :)
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