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 If you have a 22.5 Weber Kettle or even larger,26.5 it is easy to make a 2 zone smoker. I just helped teach a class yesterday and I was the pitmaster for the beef module. One of the kettles was set up the way I will describe. You can cook on it forever and a day just by adding coals when needed. Get 2 fire bricks, layed end to end they will divide the coal grate chamber about in half. Cover 1/2 of the   coal grate with HD foil. Leave the other half of the coal grate...
 Nope, just a few of my work horses.   Mark
A UDS is easily made, WSM are avail on line, Kettle can be set up with 2 zones easily with a couple fire bricks and foil. Just cook indirect and add some chunks of fruit wood to the coals for that smokey flavor. Keep kettle and others covered and shoot for 250-300 cooker temp measured where the meat sits not over the coals. Mark
Welcome Sean, hope you have time to contribute to these discussions. What part of the world do you inhabit? I am in Central Calif near the coast.   Mark
Thomas Keller has published a couple fine books that may interest you. Mark
Siduri, thanks for not whacking my knuckles with that spoon. I am trying to learn some table manners before my visit to your fair country this fall.   Mark
Mark, the best thing is that you are eager to learn. The safest knife to use is the one that is sharp. Testing for sharpness is a matter of personal choice but I usually let the food tell me if the knife is sharp. If you have several knives that need sharpening you can use a piece of paper as a test, may dull a bit but I have never found it to be too damaging in the long run. Your blade should be able to easily slice from point to hilt without dragging. Even if you are...
Interesting and timely topic. I am visiting Italy in the fall and have been working on pizza, pasta and risotto a lot.   I use a mixture of methods to make my dough but only do it by hand. Several folks have commented that there is no way that a machine can knead a dough as well as by hand. I don't have a machine but love doing it by hand. I have found that I control the size of my dough the best by measuring the water and adding the flour until I achieve the proper...
kaneohegirlinaz, Thank you for the warm welcome. Hope this day brings the joy of cooking to you.   Mark
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