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Don't be lazy.
Foodpump.. again i appreciate your words from experience.  when i was a 2nd year apprentice i would not consider wearing Shorts in the kitchen.  after years of cooking i feel my movement in the kitchen is efficient and careful.  very much unlike my second year in the kitchen.  Shorts in the kitchen... its good for me in the right Setting.   but Hygiene?   hair Containment?   i thought my prep tables were low..
in summer i ware Shorts, they are below the knee and black and with my cook shoes and socks.  i have had no Problem at this place or any other.  and no i dont shave my legs,  or shave my head or shave during hockey Playoffs and have had no hair Problems.
yes it was cool but not too much of a big deal.  Salzburg is only 120km from munich a 90 min drive.  and we are the 5th biggest seller of Steigel beer so the beer rep invites us there
i Change my clothes at work.  wash my uniforms at work, many Business in Salzburg have their own washing machines.  i do this for the respect of the uniform.  to reduce the use and make it longer Lasting.  also when i go cruising after work i would  only meet fat chicks because i would  smell like Food.
VIP at Oktoberfest.  all paid for and i was dancing with the band on stage and drinking schnapps under the stage with other members of the band.  not to Sound like a drunkfest, the stage was raised and there was a room under the stage for the band  members to chill in.  already talking to my rep for some tickets this year,  i even have my Lederhosen now.
if you are having sex in the restaurant after it Closes don't do it below the camera over the bar.
yoga or stretching. and proper Standing Position while working,  get some instruction on Body alignment.  my wife is in physio and she constantly Trains me,  but she is really correcting me,  at first i was like "chill babe this is how i do it."  then started listening to her and now after Long days of proper Standing i feel strong and good at the end of the day not tired and sore.  she also has me put cold water on my lower legs at the end of the shower to push out any...
no i think the process of cleaning the environment you work in as a Chef gives you the respect needed for the Equipment.   i have seen this in a large scale kitchen where a Crew came in and cleaned everything after we were done.  too many Cooks left the place looking like sht.  "come on man wipe that up before you leave".  " why the cleaning Crew will be here  in half a hour."  i am not a lazy Person and as the kitchen Chef i still clean and do the dishes,  but after...
i have one from rational.   we bought it used for 6000€.  it is in use often in my kitchen.  i have worked with some before and not given them much use,  but the rational with the programing, exact temperature Settings and a lid that completely Closes to give you a pressure cooker.  no i never had to use the pressure cooking program for 100L, but the Option is there.  we had the plumber fit it with a hose and cut it into one of our Drains,  making cleaning easy.  the first...
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