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Did you learn something?  Did you pay Attention?.  IMO unless you were a master before  you were 14 years of Age.   then yea cooking School in France was the best option...  so many jealous People here i think.  cool.               Can you work in the EU?  Start with France.  you are there already Then maybe ooooo let say any one of the EU countrys.  Italy, greece, spain, or maybe France.  Keep on Cheftalk,  there are some great Chefs and minds here. Opinions good...
An answer to you question on the Geschirr..  dont buy to Little unless you have a awesome geschirr washer to Keep up with demand.  check out the spar Cafeteria and Mehker, and go to another concept style Gasthaus for lunch and see how much they use,  think of the staffing.  Austria is different,  work 12 get paid for 14.  strong Union.  my biggest Problem is the staffing.  too many from AMS.  work hard for 2 weeks then the probation is over and the hard work is over too. ...
Servus Nole wie gehts? how are Things  going. are you opening soon and are there any hang ups.   i see Wien won tonight looking closer to a Wien Salzburg final.  just cheking to see well...wie geht's?
Hey good luck. I am a Canadian living now in Salzburg Austria.  I run  sports bar that Hosts the EC Salzburg Redbulls.  We do the VIP Club for the hockey games the media and feed the Players after and before the games and after Training.  As well as all the Food for the spectators. Been a bit of a School for me picking up the traditional Austrian cuisine but enjoying the experience.  Getting me looking at Food differently.  Any questions or advise just Keep me...
at times i use alot of onion rings.  too many too fast to have them blanched.  so i do blanch them, then into a shock froster to freeze, then into vaccume sacks and then from the freezer to the fryer.  the freezing them while hot and with some oil on keeps the Quality good.  not like fresh but still very good.
during mushroom season my dehydrator is working full time.
Working now in Austria it is more Tradition that Plays a part in my daily menu choices.
i find if the wine is not reduced or cooked out the cream will seperate from the acid in the wine.
I am from Canada now living in Austria and never had any Troubles with my knives being checked in my luggage. 
7 months sick days for chemo.  i thought "no Problem do the chemo take a couple days off and them come back to work before my nexts session"  ya no!  could not taste or smell Food it would make me sick.  but all is good now.   Chef hanz great  f"n shirt
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