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i find if the wine is not reduced or cooked out the cream will seperate from the acid in the wine.
I am from Canada now living in Austria and never had any Troubles with my knives being checked in my luggage. 
7 months sick days for chemo.  i thought "no Problem do the chemo take a couple days off and them come back to work before my nexts session"  ya no!  could not taste or smell Food it would make me sick.  but all is good now.   Chef hanz great  f"n shirt
this is the Problem everywhere josh.  when living in Canada i was a Chef at a place open Monday to Friday lunch.  a private Club with a changing menu good pay and full benefits.  i could not find a qualified Person as a saucier.  now in Austria i get many different types of People sent to me for work but they are sent by AMS,same as Canada's UI program.  poorly qualified and motivated People.  in Vancouver it Comes down to too many restaurants and not enough Cooks,  same...
here in Austria we call it Barlauch.  Right now i can pick it in so many places.  it will be on alomost every gausthaus menu in many different dishes.   I consider it the starting of the season.   We had a early spring this year and i have been picking and using it in dishes for over a month.  Now i am in the Spargel or Asparagus season.  But i am looking Forward to the mushrrom season here.  Got some great places for stein piltz or porcini mushrooms.  
yea Keep it clean..... doc oc amazing for a short order cook.  thor in my kitchen would Need a hair net and the cape is a bit of a hazard.  but i might be able to work around that.  Spiderman,  yea sorry  the webs are  be a Problem.   but magneto could you think of anyone that could polish cutlery like this dude
alaminute just think of what wonder woman could do for the front of house.  you want to know the truth about that funky Special you ran she sla.ps that golden lasoo on the guest. 
vilans are good too.   iceman, would be good  you would never have to worry about the danger zone
Today I had to make many Weine Schnitzels and last night i watched the new Thor movie.  So i started thinking that Thors hammer would be great for this.  But i am not worthy enough to lift it and if i could i dont think i could control the amount of force to make a 3mm schnitzel.  So why not hire Thor.     200 Schnitzels bitte Thor hop hop zak zak.  This is austrian for i Need them now.  So then my crazy mind started thinking what other super hero would be great in the...
just depends where on my ass is being kissed
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