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Hi Rita,   Thanks for the info. I actually realised this morning that a bunch of my e-mails weren't actually delivered but the fail notices ended up in my spam folder. That's probably why I haven't heard from them yet.   I originally looked at renting with Lodgis, but none of the Lodgis rentals qualify for student housing grants.  SUBMIT
Hi Rita I have also been having a really hard time finding affordable accommodations, and I have practically given up on the 6th. I have been looking at the 14th 15th, 5th, and 7th, trying to keep to the left bank. What site have you been using to look for rentals? I have been using   I actually have a question for anyone else who has been accepted and has sent their first payment. Have any of you received confirmation of the payment's receipt yet? I...
@Addiee I have also been considering going to some of the Alliance Francaise classes. I hear they are very good    
So this is a bit of follow up to my last post. Today I decided to take a more serious approach to learning French and I came across this helpful article in the New York Times archives. It lists some of the various language learning programs that are available on the web.
Hello everyone I want to start by saying congrats to all of my fellow students. I can't wait to meet all of you in Paris!   In a response to Ashwin's question. My French is buried deep in my subconscious (I took seven years of immersion as a child). I really haven't spoken it since then except for the few times I have been in France. So to try to help revive my french abilities I have been watching my Simpson's DVDs in French instead of English . Hopefully I don't...
Hello I have also been accepted into the September French Cuisine program, and I can't wait to start. Can't wait to meet the everyone in Paris!   Oh and I am Canadian  
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