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It seems like today's kids are on there own by choice. They act as if they know it all and parents today are scared to over react for for of losing them (they probably already have) or fear of discipline because of child abuse laws. When my siblings and I were growing up my parents were not scared to knock sense into us. Abuse with lots of Love, I call it.  
Clarify the expectations of your employer with a sit-down.
Definetely one of my very favorites
these all sound great-thanks guys
What are some favorite stuffed pepper recipes?
Sounds great; please do post pictures
what is everyone up to this week - anything new in the culinary world?
  I would like to know if anyone else would like to see a subscription service out there that also caters to other things besides beauty. Lifestyle things, such as home and cooking, & pets all combined to each persons interests. I definetly would.  
I am a qualified manager but have been getting paid in the same manner a consultant gets paid. So when my my credit report & history is pulled up it doesn't show my work history and my resume looks like a lie. I do not want to start over. any suggestions?
the site is less than easy on the eyes and hard to keep following. i hope something is done soon.
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