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I use 1 egg yolk, 6 ounces of salad oil, 1 tblsp. white wine vinegar, 1 tblsp colemans dried mustard....whisk everything together besides oil, then slowly stream in the oil. Once thick squeeze a lemon as well as a pinch of cayenne pepper
I just started my internship at the Hilton Hotel in a fine dining restaurant. I am wanting to read books from great chefs to learn there style of cooking and gain knowledge from them..I am thinking of Gordon Ramsay perhaps..any ideas? Also give me the book title.My goal is to be like Gordon Ramsay one day, He really inspires me with his cooking ability 
Hi, I have a question. I recently started my internship for culinary school at the Hilton Hotel (Corporate location). I am wanting to become a sous chef eventually and now I am making $11/an hour.What must I do to become a sous chef at one of the outlet restaurants? Also I am still making mistakes such as burning the baguette, serving a sour sweet potato bisque, etc. I work in a fine dining restaurant in the hotel, and next month I will be working with a place called...
Well I am tired of getting home at midnight so probably not dinner. More like coming in at 9 at prepping and service and get off at 5
I just graduated culinary school, and had a job at a country club. I worked there for 2 days and then quit because the hour and a half commute 5 days a week was tough especially getting home at midnight. I'm wanting to find a culinary job from 9 am to 5 pm. I hear that the marriot hotels are similar to that. Any ideas?
I called a fine dining greek seafood restaurant, and explained to them I am about to graduate culinary school. The chef told me to come in and hangout tomorrow night. I'm not sure what "hang" out means, but I am wondering if it is smooth working in a kitchen where the restaurant takes reservations? How do fine dining kitchens operate? Does the chef tell you what to make when? Instead of in corporate chains you get bombarded with orders on a screen? I worked at a TGI...
I just got hired at T.G.I Fridays bout a month ago, and have been training. The problem I am having is that the entire staff of the restaurant is african american, and today we were making menu items with ticket times. My trainer told me since I am "white" that if I "F" something up on the menu all the attention will be aimed at me. Im not sure how to take this. The trainers are constantly sceaming and throwing food away and making me start over. Are there better...
I just made a creme brulee , and right now I got it in the fridge to set overnight. As I cooked it the recipe called for 300 degrees and 30 minutes, but after that time I noticed it was still runny so I bumped the temp to 325 and cooked for another 20 min. The top was sort of dark but not black it had a crust on the top which I know is wrong. It took a spoon to it and noticed it looked sort of like polenta. Is this cooked eggs? Is it still edible? Here is the recipe I...
I am thinking about making Ropa Vieja (cuban braised beef), I was thinking about making tamales with it. What is another side I could make besides plain rice and beans, Alos a good tamale recipe with a red sauce.
I am doing a throwdown for a stuffed appetizer, with a sauce, any ideas of what i should make as well as plating presentation?
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