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There's a prep crew? That's your excuse? It's fine if the prep crew says it's fine? Really sounds like somewhere I'd want to eat. Taste everything! Trust nobody to put your name on something they did.
Harden the hell up. Everything is your fault Everything. So make sure EVERYTHING is done right. People will always notice someone with their head down and mind focused. And don't use the bs I'm a girl excuse. If you want to be treated equal, act like an equal. Good luck!
I've heard and read some pretty incredible things about him, although I just started 4 months ago, Chef Coughenour is quite an accomplished man himself.
Chefwriter says it perfectly. The chefs you know personally are "role models" while all others are inspiration.
Who did you work under?
I'm going to have to agree with Lagom and Junglist here. If you take corn starch and slurry it into just plain chicken stock and then taste it for texture the mouth feel is unbearable. I've seen people use it for frying and it work okay sometimes but all you need to do is have the right temperature oil and not to overcrowd or bring the temp down when adding whatever you're frying and it becomes unnecessary.
Good call! Very impressive.
I don't doubt that there are people out their on Cheftalk that have worked under Bissonnette or Adria or Keller. I was just making a point that you can drool over cookbooks or menus or websites all you want but for a Chef to truly guide you and really be a "role model" that you need hands-on experience with them
Linecook854 makes an incredibly good point. Have you ever met Child? Adria? Bissonnette? Aizpitarte? While I agree you can learn an extraordinary amount from a plethora of chefs, true role models are the chefs you have worked with or for that don't take shortcuts, the ones that taste most every bite leaving their kitchens, the ones that can actually make you a better cook day in and day out. I have learned an immense amount from reading or watching people but it'll never...
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