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Probably not traditional with gelato but I use a shot of vodka when I make ice cream. The alcohol keeps it from getting quite so hard, but, really, you do have to just let it soften a bit if it's been in the freezer for more than a couple of hours.   Also, if you keep other things in your freezer you really don't want to be fiddling with it to make it warmer or you risk spoiling everything else that is in there that should be kept very frozen.
I don't know where I'd be without electric appliances, though I really don't use them all that often but when I do need them nothing else will suffice. Coffee maker and coffee grinder daily. Blender to make dressings occasionally, mini Cuisinart to grind spices, Kitchen Aid mixer to make cakes & other baked goods, ancient Cuisinart food processor still going strong from the early 80s--not often but when I need it nothing else will do, stick blender rarely but also makes my...
I saw that earlier today and thought it looked singularly unappetizing.
Make a pesto with the basil--just olive oil and the basil in the food processor (leave out the garlic and use fresh when you use the pesto)--and freeze it in ice cube trays rather than trying to dry it. Drying it leaves you with a grey-green flavorless powder. Freezing it in oil gives you a jolt of summer in the dead of winter.   The oregano should be fine just hung upside down on the branches, out of direct light.   Mint will dry to a state that is OK for some things...
I'm also scratching my head over the idea that the same amount of filling will fill one nine inch or TWO eight inch pies, as her recipe states.   Definitely should have to give up the prize if she did, in fact, use a Pilsbury crust.
I was 19 or 20 in 1979 or so and had been vegetarian for awhile and eating pretty bland food (anyone remember Diet for a Small Planet? Yuck.) I also had to have my tonsils out. On the way to the hospital I picked up a copy of Anna Thomas's Vegetarian Epicure cookbook. It is very painful to have your tonsils out as an adult and for 2 weeks I could eat nothing but crushed ice and pureed foods but I read my way through every word of that cookbook and fantasized over the...
I like it in a sausage, white bean and kale soup when it's cold out. Garlic, onions, sweet potato or carrot to season it.
If it's not getting brown on the outside pretty quickly in 1 inch cubes, I would try a little more heat.  
Is it pure grain alcohol? It's probably past the season this year, but how about cherries? My French neighbor and I make some every year. Here is Jacques Pepin's method:   http://www.kqed.org/w/morefastfoodmyway/episode215.html       In his Essentials cookbook, he recommends a similar recipe with sweet/bing cherries. Last week I could still get Washington State bing cherries at the market but they were getting pricey. Or, you could wait until the season next year....
Maybe the problem with falling apart in the past is that you're trying to make them too huge. 1 pound of meat + 2 cups of flour and egg and you only got 2 burgers out of it? Even if it was just the meat, a half pound burger seems pretty big to me. And what cut of meat are you mincing? The fat in most cuts you're going to want to make a burger out of should help hold the thing together.
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