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I keep dry vermouth around all the time, anyway, so often if I don't have a bottle of white I plan to drink open I will often use dry vermouth.   I often buy whatever dry white--or red, for that matter--that is being sold off at $4 a bottle at my neighborhood wine store to keep around for cooking.   Pernod is Anisette is Ouzo is Arak is Pastis is Sambuca is Raki by yet another name. Delicious but nothing at all like white wine. It's sweet and very heavily...
Pickled red onions.   Slice and blanch a red onion. Drain and refresh under cold water to stop the cooking. Put the slices in a non-reactive bowl with a a few halved garlic cloves. Grind a half teaspoon or so each of  whole cumin seeds, whole black peppercorns, and kosher salt in a mortar and pestle and add to the bowl. Just barely cover the slices with apple cider vinegar and top off with cold water and stir. Taste. You might want to add some salt or more water. Cover...
Yes to Lodge. 12" skillet and 6 qt enameled Dutch oven. I also use 9" and  6" skillets.   I wouldn't mind having a 4.6 qt Dutch oven, as well.    I'm not sure how old your dad is but the one caveat with cast iron is that it is heavy and elderly people often have trouble with that. The 6 qt Dutch oven weighs 15 lbs. The 12" skillet weighs 7.5 lbs.
Anything by MFK Fisher. Not exactly memoir but not entirely not. She is the doyenne of food writing.   And, this explains a lot about how what we eat has evolved, at least here in the US, away from the horrifying "convenience food" cooking of the 1960s:   https://www.amazon.com/Provence-1970-M-F-K-Reinvention-American/dp/0307718344   (Trust me, I have a 1959 cookbook that I believe does not have a single fresh vegetable in it aside from iceberg lettuce.)
Gabrielle Hamilton's Blood, Bones & Butter. Marcus Samuelson's Yes, Chef! Eddie Huang's Fresh Off the Boat Jacques Pepin's The Apprentice
Yes! Get those family recipes written down!   I've never gotten over the fact that neither my sister or I could find our mother's spattered, handwritten cookbook after she died. We grew up eating Hungarian walnut and poppyseed rolls at Christmas and the recipe she, her sisters, her mother, and her mother's mother all used is lost. So are the palacsinta, chicken paprikash, & stuffed pepper recipes. For some weird reason, none of them ever really made goulash. 
My suggestion? Skip the fancy board and spend a few bucks on a sturdy bench scraper, instead.   I don't think I'd ever use an un-sealed wood surface to roll or knead dough on. Too much friction. And 18" in either direction is kind of small for rolling or kneading dough.   Pastry likes to stay as cold as possible. I wouldn't mind having a marble counter top for pastry, but that's just a crazy fantasy that I would never spend money on, unless I found a nice, good-sized...
I just heard that Candye Kane died last month. RIP Toughest Girl Alive.            
No way to delete a post? Really?
@teamfat --I love your garden!
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