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During the 60s we ate some of that stuff and I have absolutely no nostalgia for it, though I did not hate it at the time.  Around 1970 or so my mom started reading health food books by Adele Davis. The transition in our household was not smooth, as you can imagine with three children not yet teenagers. We HATED the new regimen--no pop tarts, no soda, chips and soda very rarely, if at all, a banishment of white bread. Our bag  lunches were eccentric for the times, to say...
If Houston is one of your options, you might want to locate near one of the Fiesta Supermarkets. There are several. Friends of mine who have been to or relocated from Houston say wonderful things about them, including the availability of wonderful produce and an abundance of international foods:       http://fiestamart.com/departments/international/     You also might want to take climate into consideration. Seattle is much closer to what you are accustomed to....
I was vegetarian for over 30 years. Not anymore but I still do lots of meatless meals.   I'd suggest looking for a copy of Deborah Madison's New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone or an older edition, just called Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone (without the "New" in front of the title.)   There are lots of other good vegetarian cookbooks out there but this is probably the most comprehensive, with the most interesting food.   People either love or hate Mark Bittman, but...
A friend of mine won as a charity raffle prize the opportunity to "apprentice" for one night in the Moto kitchen. She was over-the-moon excited and afterwords said he was a lovely person.
Has this come up here in the last couple of days?   http://time.com/3819348/cheese-good-for-you/
My favorite is Tonnino brand yellow fin fillets in olive oil, imported from Italy. Only had them once or twice, because there was a European import store here that used to sometimes have it on sale. It was still expensive. You can find it on line for around $6 for a 6 oz jar, but I'm certainly too frugal to spend that much. It is delicious, though.   I usually buy Genova brand, also yellow fin in olive oil, imported from Italy, but I think it's around $3 a can at a fruit...
Funny, Mimi...I was eating roasted Brussels Sprouts when I read your comment!   I love roasted anything as well. Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes are my favorites. Fast, easy, big bang of deliciousness for very little effort.
You should learn as much as you can about the menu in anticipation of questions but how on earth do you think you should be finding out the details of what is in each dish if you are not asking the kitchen staff or, at least, the servers?    I am especially confused by this question or why you think asking the kitchen staff is for some reason not OK.
I'm not sure the OP really wants assistance or encouragement. He has started this same thread twice and has seemed to find any suggestion made on either thread unhelpful or othewise inadequate.
I'm not sure what you mean by that. The food I eat is not always time consuming but it is always very high quality. The two things are not mutually exclusive.
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