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I make kale salads all the time. The trick is to massage the dressing into the kale with your hands and let it sit for awhile before you eat it. It's still good the next day.   Lacinato or dragon kale is a little less tough. As with regular kale you need to remove the rib. I just tear regular kale into bite sized pieces but Lacinato kale I slice into thin ribbons.
Jennet--Are you in the US?   Inexpensive and easy to get if you are:   http://www.abebooks.com/Grand-Diplome-Cooking-Course-Vol-8/3785280351/bd   Even if you aren't it's still a bargain but you might pay a bit for shipping.
You probably don't even really need a grinder. Partly frozen chunks of raw shoulder can be turned into burger-suitable mince in a food processor.
I use all the sizes I have but I have multiple small bowls --probably 1 qt to 1.5 qt that I use several of at a time sometimes. I can never have too many of those.   I think my two largest bowls are over 8 qts. I don't use them often but once in awhile they are necessary. The only time I have trouble washing a large bowl is is when it is heavy & deep as well as large. My crockery bowl is very large and deep and I find it very difficult to wash in a smallish sink because...
Thanks Petals! That video is a riot. I've heard of this ad campaign but never seen any of the commercials. Very funny.
If you can get your hands on a bottle of pomegranate molasses and a bag of pita bread, you should really try muhammara.   https://food52.com/blog/11919-our-favorite-cocktail-books#JzEgM7:UQv   It's delicious.
I have more mixing bowls than any other item in my kitchen and I use them all.   I have a Fiestaware enameled metal set with plastic, fitted covers that I use when cooking, to store food in the refrigerator and to take with me when I have to take food to a gathering. Without the covers they can go in the oven to reheat whatever is in them. They are an attractive turquoise color, so they can be used for serving. They are easy to clean.   Looking for them online, they...
Thumbs up on the careful grooming but I really have a visceral & negative reaction to the big, bushy beards. I know several men who sport them and I just find them (the beards) completely unattractive. Some of those men I knew in their pre-bearded days and didn't find them unattractive at all, so it's the beards that completely turn me off. A well-trimmed and neat beard is OK. One thing I really, really can't take at all seriously is a handlebar mustache. They make me...
Another one I've heard good things about is Afro-Vegan:   http://www.amazon.com/Afro-Vegan-Farm-Fresh-African-Caribbean-Southern/dp/1607745313
Aw...thanks Teamfat.     Thanks Nicko. I didn't think you had removed it, so I was thinking it might be a FB issue...but, like so many FB issues, I don't even like thinking about how FB might "know" if I reposted a picture somewhere else not linked to my FB account. It's just creepy.   Cheflayne--I checked to see if maybe the picture had been removed from my FB photos and it is still there, so it's just a mystery.
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