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Middle Eastern cuisine is also good for flavorful veg dishes. Check out Deborah Madison's vegetarian cookbooks. I, too, was veg for about 30 years and still eat a lot of Middle Eastern and Indian food. The only veg cookbook I've bought recently because it was so good is this one:   http://www.amazon.com/Olive-Trees-Honey-Vegetarian-Communities/dp/0764544136   Not veg but worth a look:   http://www.amazon.com/The-Book-Middle-Eastern-Food/dp/0375405062   Yamuna Devi...
  Ridiculously easy ricotta/olive oil/Italian plum tart.  This is for tomorrow. Will be eating it while watching Fellinni's Nights of Cabiria.
My guess with the Aleppo--presumably Syrian-- za'atar would be that it is redder because of more sumac. I'm pretty sure it was in one of Claudia Roden's very through Middle Eastern cookbooks that I read that Syrian dishes, in particular, often have a sweet/sour interplay that isn't as common in other parts of the Middle East--which an extra jolt of sumac would certainly help to achieve.  Syrian dishes use more pomegranate molasses (again, that sour note, but also sweet)...
I've looked in all of my Thai cookbooks and don't find anything with peaches. It would surprise me, actually, if this is a real Thai dish, rather than a "Thai-inspired" dish. Peaches are from a tree that requires chilling during a period of cold-weather dormancy which you would not find in the tropical climate of Thailand.
Thanks Teamfat. You are very kind.   I really should invest in a real camera. I just had to buy a new phone and was hoping for a better camera but I'm old school and can't stand typing on a touch screen. The only slide out keyboard model I could get with my service is the same terrible phone, so my photography will likely not improve much in the near future.   And the actual dish--one of my mainstay weeknight dinners because it's pretty quick but it does leave a lot of...
Gorgeous! Thank you Koukou!
There's a Syrian/Lebanese/Palestinian (everyone claims it)  pickled eggplant dish that I was going to try making for the Middle East challenge but never had the baby eggplant or the time. It's called makdous and  baby eggplants are salted then stuffed with walnuts, garlic and red pepper flakes and packed in olive oil. I used to eat them at a Middle Eastern restaurant where they were made by the owner's elderly Aunt and they were incredible.
Oh yes, I've had a box or two of mixed Destrooper biscuits (we would call them cookies.) There used to be a European foods importer in the city that had quarterly sales when they were open to the public to reduce the inventory in their warehouse. It moved to a far away suburb a few months ago. I miss it terribly...the chocolate and the cheeses most especially, but they often had biscuits from France, The UK and Belgium. At Christmas they also had mountains of stolen and...
Paula Wolfert's eggplant-tomato jam:   http://www.izzyeats.com/2007/09/in-eggplant-tomato-jam-three-days-until.html   She makes this with chicken but on its own it makes a delicious dip for pita or French bread, too.   And another Paula Wolfert eggplant salad/dip:   http://www.bonniestern.com/bonnies-recipes/recipe/paula-wolfert's-moroccan-eggplant-zaalouk/
  Another bad phone picture--this time of a less than successful over easy egg on rapini sauteed with pancetta, garlic, onion, Aleppo pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice.
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