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I really don't think you need pectin as an additive unless you want it to be a very firm jelly.  Homemade, natural pectin is made by boiling apple skins and cores or crabapples themselves and reducing the liquid. 
If you have a Halal butcher in your area, I'd suggest looking there for the lamb.They sell a lot of it, whether they are Middle Eastern or South Asian.   If they also happen to be Middle Eastern, rather than South Asian, and you tell them what you want to make, you're golden. They'll be happy to fix you right up--and will probably be happy to give you recipe suggestions to boot.
I've made it with a friend the last couple of years. Rock hard little crab-apples. PITA to cut up. Very seedy. Wouldn't want to even try to put that mess through a food mill. They do have enough pectin that I've never added any. One batch we made didn't seem to be setting up,so we cooked the bejesus out of it. It became very dark, a bit syrupy thick and somewhat caramelized and it was AWESOME. I love the stuff. I've used it instead of current jelly as a glaze as well.
Find a fruit market. Learn how to cook what is in season and on sale. I buy almost nothing edible at the grocery store, though I do look at the sales flyer every week (on line) to see what is on sale in the meat department. I often buy the "value pack" of chicken thighs, take it home and break it down into portions for the freezer. Pork butt is another thing I look for. Pulled pork, pork stews, pork roast...delicious. A whole chicken is another boon if found on sale....
I am so excited about this. I'm still on this stupid restrictive diet. Facing a Chicago winter with no cheese, no booze, and no sausage was making me despondent. My social life during a winter here pretty much revolves around gatherings where those 3 things are built into the event. But this is low fat so it should be fine. And, living in Porkopolis, tenderloin goes on sale a lot. I have a freezer full of them because for awhile I was buying one or two every time they went...
I think after 40 years it is not a fad but a classic. Like chocolate ice cream or a slice of pie or chocolate cake. Or, in another context, panna cotta. Creme Brulee has been around a lot longer than 40 years, too.   http://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/Creme-Brulee-Origins
Yes Koukou!   Used to love Boston Cream Pie!
German Chocolate Cake Devil's Food Cake Orange Chiffon Cake Fudgesicles Hot Fudge Cream Puff
I make kale salad all year-round using this recipe from Food 52. I amp up the anchovies and garlic in the dressing. I love it. LOVE it. have taken it to pot-lucks and there is never a bite left. The first time I was nervous that it was too "rabbity" for a pot-luck but it got such raves, I bring it a lot. It always goes. I don't always use lacinato kale. I usually just use curly kale, torn into small pieces. I also often skip the Parmesan cheese. You really need to massage...
There was a delicious-sounding recipe for Pumpkin Bread with Brown Butter and Bourbon in the New York Times a week or two ago. I'm completely over pumpkin-spice everything but this is on my to-bake list for this fall.
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