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I'd say leave out the meat and chicken. Neither ever tastes good nuked. I read somewhere once what the chemical reaction is that creates the obnoxious flavor but I don't remember where. Probably Harold McGee. The obnoxious flavor is somewhat mitigated when nuking stews.
I may be courting botulism, but I always buy tins of anchovy fillets and what I don't eat, I put in a jar and cover with olive oil and keep it in the fridge. Sometimes for a very long time.
Have you tried taking one of the apples with leaves and stem attached to a local tree nursery? They should be able to tell you what kind it is. I don't know about the UK, but here in the States we have county agriculture agents who provide education and advice on such things to the public at various field offices. Here, they are usually affiliated with Universities--but that is because of our land grant university history/system.
I agree. Not exactly a "skills" list.   Also, by this list I am something of a failure. I've long passed 30 and have still never successfully poached an egg.
The FDA has been systematically gutted by a series of budget cuts which began during the Reagan administration. This article was written in 2007. Since that time there have been more cuts to FDA funding.   http://prospect.org/article/who-strangled-fda   The Center for Science in the Public Interest has also documented the lack of adequate funding and linked it to food safety issues:   http://www.cspinet.org/foodsafety/fdafunding.html
Labneh is yogurt strained until it becomes the consistency of a soft cream cheese. You can make it yourself by straining yogurt. If you start with Greek yogurt, you are already half-way there. Otherwise, if you have a Middle-Eastern or international market near you, you can buy it already made.   Za'atar is a Middle Eastern seasoning made here with thyme, sesame seeds, sumac which is slightly tangy/sour and salt. In the Middle East, the herb is usually something called...
My breakfast for the past few weeks has been pita bread drizzled with olive oil, smeared with labneh, heavily sprinkled with za'atar and topped with sliced tomatoes.
Vertical food Tasting menus started--Charlie Trotter-style California Pizza Kitchen Cajun blackened everything Raspberry Vinaigrette on Spinach Salad, especially The explosion of pasta as its own food group All manner of chilies made their way into our kitchens  So did polenta I have a TON of rustic Italian cookbooks purchased in the 90s Ditto for Thai and Vietnamese cookbooks Rick Bayless popularized Mexican food in way that hadn't been done before At the very...
Oh yuck. FF. The first time I saw an empty can on the sidewalk of the prepared version of that drink with Bud Lite and Clamato, I almost gagged. I could not believe anyone would actually think up much less drink such a thing.
I'm guessing it's this one. I've heard this author on the radio and he is actually highly entertaining.   http://www.amazon.com/Rats-Observations-History-Unwanted-Inhabitants/dp/1582344779/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1439960907&sr=1-1&keywords=rats
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