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Oh, good! I'm so glad!
So, Ms KK--did you try the herbed potato salad? If you did, I hope you liked it.
I had shakshuka: a tomato, sweet pepper, garlic, harissa and cumin sauce with a couple of eggs broken into it and poached/steamed until perfectly cooked and served with a spoonful or two of Greek yogurt, all scooped up with pita bread.
There is a woman chef in my neighborhood, self-taught,  a friend of a friend, who did an underground "tasting" menu in her apartment on weekends by appointment only for awhile, I never went to the tasting but I did have a brisket she cooked at a party once and it was outstanding. She now has a legit restaurant where she does a tasting menu made of thing she has foraged or hunted or grown herself and it is communal style tables and an hours- long production. I've heard it...
I'm extremely lucky to be on the far north side of the city, which has long been a "port of entry" area for immigrants from all over the world. Within a mile or so of my apartment I can source any ingredient you can think of. The only thing I have to go a bit out of my way for is the Korean market since the one near me closed then reopened as a giant Middle Eastern supermarket. Consequently, my spice and condiment cabinet overflows. I love ethnic markets and do almost all...
I have eaten it the 2nd day and I think it tastes even better, although it isn't quite as green. I think it's the basil darkening.  The color is better if you use a white balsamic vinegar. With the red it tastes good but the color is a little muddy. I know, the last thing any of us probably need to buy is yet another type of vinegar, but it's very versatile. It's a little tangier than red balsamic and it's good in dressings and in deglazing without turning whatever it is...
I think you tried this potato salad last fall but I don't remember if you liked it or not:   http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2013/07/03/potato_salad_without_mayonnaise_an_improved_version_of_the_fourth_of_july.html   It has a bit of garlic in it but mostly it tastes very green, tangy, herbal and fresh.
Thanks K-girl. That's good to know.
Off topic--but where is Siduri? Does anyone know? Is she OK?
Arrabiata--tomato/garlic/chili flakes   Gorgonzola & cream   Cream, lemon & parmesan   In summer when they are perfect, diced fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, basil, fresh mozarella and a splash of balsamic vinegar   Too bad it has to stay "Italian." There is also the world of spicy peanut and sesame sauces to explore. 
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