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Nice step by step here,     http://www.meatlovessalt.com/2012/03/butter-poached-lobster-pasta-with-lobster-roe-sauce/
jake-t-buds and chefbubba, sorry for the delay in the reply.   A Proper Pastrami is made from the plate or navel cut NOT the brisket.   That being said have seen tongue pastrami, beef round pastrami etc., personally like beef short rib pastrami.   You can literally corn/cure spice and smoke any cut you want. Have seen lot of brisket done nowadays as there's more available on each animal thus a less expensive cut than the plate.   "U-235" is a proper plate cut from...
Why the sieve?, could have or probably broke the eggs in the roe, but IF that's what you were going for then okay. My preference?, lobster botarga or whole fresh roe with hot pasta, tablespoon of finely chopped flat leaf parsley & clarified butter, dash sweet smoked paprika = Lobster Carbonara, for your special customers.   Cheers!   EDG  
Yeah me too, think I may have 1 or 2 left to offer. Btw, if you're keeping pepper count in my dish above it's red and green bell in the trinity, red and green jalapeños in the jack, chipotle in the smoked gouda red jalapenos in the cornbread the Calabria / Mesilla Hybrid   and the Calabrian / Messilla hybrid powder  
Hot Stuffed Red Poppers (locally sourced Calabria / Mesilla Hybrid)        Started with the trinity, sautéed with cured curried chicken, tasso, red jalapeño cornbread, all house made of course, deglazed with a dash of champagne and chili beer, finished the stuffing with a 5 cheese blend (including Jalapeño Jack) and topped with smoked chipotle gouda, house made cherry wood smoked bacon and American Grown Sweet Calabria Pepper Powder, locally sourced, dried in house. 
Chef Bubba, you posted a commercial product, do you doctor it or make it from scratch? Completely agree with using the plate cut as a proper Pastrami. Seen restaurant's using peppered smoked brisket. Been scarce as of late as we've bought a business and have really delved into charcuterie and seacuterie. One of our specialties is an air dried pastrami that from all I've been able to find, no one has done before. As on homage to the home of pastrami (NY,NY) we call it...
cake saw, or recently wanted to replace the wire on my cheese cutter, saltwater wire leaders are stainless wire (in various thicknesses avail) strong as hell, and cheap. For the after care found some stuff called "O'Keefe's Working Hands" cream, packaged in a bright green thing about the size of a hockey puck. We've been processing a-l-o-t of various meats for the smoker and curing chamber many, many hot scrubs before the next batch takes its toll on my hands and that...
light smoke over apple or cherry cold as you can muster for a couple of hrs increase the heat and cook for another 30 mins, or transfer to an oven 275, half brush with melted butter, S&P and finish cut side down over charcoal, concentrates the sugars and the flavor is awesome!     Cheers!   EDG
Freddy12712, Culinary Convenience on Andrews in Fort Lauderdale have a pretty good selection on the floor you can go hands on with, nice folks too! (FTR no affiliation)                      Culinary Convenience Address: 2212 S Andrews Ave #1, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Phone:(954) 525-0011
@eastshores, Publix also, has a premium brand called Genova which is yellow fin in olive oil from Italy as a bogo, but not very often, that comes out to a buc a can.
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