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@hmsanabriam will do and don't be surprised if I show up there! Have friends and worked in Panama and El Salvador! Do you have Suprema Beer in Columbia?, one of my favorites, just another reason to visit!     Regards,   EDG
@Sofarris hi and welcome to CT! Great primer from @flipflopgirl. I also use the search and advanced search feature like a food Goog/Bing.   Cheers!,   EDG
@hmsanabriam yes, a month is safe and according to USG 3-4 months is acceptable. http://www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/storagetimes.html     Best of luck,     EDG
Chicken Parm     chicken parm let-us picnic snacks   4 u @kaneohegirlinaz
@hmsanabriam make sure both are cooled properly as well. You may have a problem with forming and keeping a burger shape with shredded pork, maybe an egg to help bind. Done similar as smoked brisket burgers and add cooked bacon to pork sliders.   Like to see the finished product.   Cheers!   EDG
Funny stuff @Fablesable! I kind of liked the "I'll use water and fire" quote. So what i'm going for here is hot water, gotta check the ingredients, let's see, water, check, fire check, nailed it!,   There is a movie called the god of cookery which a con artist poses as a celebrity chef in judgment of others gets exposed, BUT, redeems himself by creating a street dish called "pissing beef balls", no really!   Anyway @GodOfCookery you're pretty funny!, hope amusing was...
Happy2 @kaneohegirlinaz !, it's been a wip for a couple of years, if you use it for business would appreciate a "by line"   I make @ least 6lbs @ a X for home and freeze 1/2 loafs, have served as apps on garlic bread bruschetta, thin cut, goes over real good.   EDG Chicken/Turkey Parm Meatloaf   Ground chicken breast and ground chicken or turkey   (breast has almost no fat, "regular"  ground chicken had 30 or 40% fat used 50/50 for a lean/ fat of 80/20 )   ½ C...
I use them in my regular pasta sauce, also alone with cream or in concert with roasted tomatoes and garlic, in an antipasto salad, and yes as a dressing like Italian roasted red pepper, your regular Italian dressing recipe and add a roasted tomato and blitz, or as a roasted red pepper vinaigrette, added to an Alfredo, as a compound butter. One of the staples in my kit is a combo or roasted red pepper, garlic, onion & tomato, use this as a  bruschetta spread or as a quick...
So the dude in the photo is dressed retro, okay, but Can, He, Cook!!! lol     Cheers,   EDG
Friend swears by chicken breast hot dogs made from a local small Italian chain in SoFla called Doris Market, (no affiliation), also Trader Joes "all natural uncured chicken hot dogs". (Have to make some of my chicken breast bacon and post some pics). As far as the C vs T imposter, besides hot dogs everything else commercially processed pales in comparison not to mention the whole "pink slime" commercial additive that's in a lot if not most commercial sausages and chain...
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