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  Gene,IMHO, if you plan something methinks "we" the CT brethren, would respond how about testing the waters with a new thread?Obviously like anything it usually starts modest, e.g. Aspen and the SoBe wine and food festival, not that that is the plan, BUT, why not try?What's better than a group of recognized enthusiasts & professionals getting together and plying their collective gastronomical trade and talents? A concentration of professional and enthusiastic "foodies",...
How about owner mud cutters that feel threatened and instead of embracing/recognizing talent respond with "your services are no longer needed"?, w/o cause of course. Seen it a couple of times to some really good people, pi$$es me off thinking about it.
Wow the first(?) Continental food challenge, no more Mr. Nice Ingredient, you're not fooling around anymore huh FF?
I'm sorry the 1st annual Chef Talk "Wish You Were Here...." Wine & Food Festival!
I'm in what a great idea, a the first annual CT Reunion / convention / cook-off or what ever thoughts Nicko?
Very welcome John, keep us informed on your progress pictures please!   In  my "other" life I maintain an office presence in London, might just stop by for a pint!       Cheers,   EDG
Hey John, welcome to CT! IME a lot of variables, available kitchen & dining space, volume, size of the menu etc. Personally would recommend contacting your local kitchen equipment supplier, tell them your thoughts, wishes vs needs and get their feed back re layout etc. Should offer this service for free. Also ask if they have quality used and, or refurbished equipment (with a warranty btw!) Obviously you can then price comps on line and negotiate a fair price with...
If you have any carpentry or woodworking shops around you try using their floor mounted disc sander, takes about 10 seconds and are very "true". One of my neighbors has a shop and learned that from him.   Good luck.   EDG
Welcome AE711!, we use "confit jelly" as a base or to finish a dish not reserved just for broths. Personally wouldn't think to change it as it took so long to create such a wonderful by product. In abundance will reduce just to save space. Also we keep them separate, duck, chicken, goose etc.     Try some on your mashed roots in place of, or added to gravy, to finish roasted roots depending on the dish, sauces, pastas, beans, sauteed green beans, brussel sprouts, etc.,...
simple ice shock, use a spider store on wax paper if parchment is to cling-e.   Best,     EDG
New Posts  All Forums: