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Couple of my personal favorites     Worcestershire Sauce   According to historian and Herald for Wales, Major Francis Jones, 1908–93, the introduction of the recipe can be attributed to Captain Henry Lewis Edwardes 1788–1866. Edwardes, originally of Rhyd-y-gors, Carmarthenshire, was a veteran of the Napoleonic wars and held the position of Deputy-Lieutenant of Carmarthenshire. He is believed to have brought the recipe home after travels in India.   When the recipe...
medium dice, soak in cold water, single layer sheet pans, coat lightly with grape seed oil and sear in the oven about 9mins. If your oven is hot enough they'll sear but not cook through. Finish on the flat top any way you wish, with bacon grease, butter, duck fat and whatever seasonings you wish to complement the entrée,   spicy with say a SW omelet, parsley w/rosemary salt for poached eggs, w or w/o onions and smoked salt for steak and eggs, real crispy no salt for...
@flipflopgirl you're recommending him to even consider serving wild game?, at a restaurant?
To pick up a thread from last year, What's Your Food Game Plan for SB Sunday?, team (regional) centric?, old favs?   Think we're opting for some new favorites and adopting a graze for the game stance as opposed to big halftime spread, jalapeno popper dip, jerk chicken and black bean dip, N'djua spread, chili with cornbread, Curry smoked chicken Arancini, mulling over a couple deep fried turkeys, maybe.       And You's???   
Just had this discussion at length and ad nauseam, long story short, "wild game" in a commercial restaurant?, cost you your license and/or @ least a heavy fine. All "game" served in a restaurant, in the US, must be farm raised. The USDA recommended safe IT's for pork and wild swine are different a higher temp for wild is strongly recommended. Would I even entertain serving wild boar tartar, NO!, but it's your bacon soes to speak.     Cheers!     EDG     
N'duja Hack,   using smoked pork jowl + chipotle in adobo + spices + sous vide = N'duja in 24hrs!, pretty happy with the end product.     EDG                          
deconstructed or free form lasagna Florentine Bolognese
@ordo great article btw , i'll pm you some of the science
Jerk chicken, absolutely love it with yellow rice and spicy black beans. Use the leftovers for Jerk Chicken Arancini. Curry?, thousands of curries, personally like Jamaican Curry, it's also great as a marinade for grilled or smoked recipes, make a ton of stir frys, cordon bleu, divan, pot pie and or turnovers, enchiladas      
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