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@chefboyOG, I can teach it to you but I can't understand it for you!, lol. The "Gobbledygook" as you put it, is a legal clause claiming and asserting copyright and ownership by the author. You may find it obtuse and seemingly unnecessary but copyright is among the easiest laws to prove and enforce. You mention retainer and consultant, NO business is going to retain you as a consultant without a contract. Have recovered damages without going to court as 99% of email...
Still think a basic employment agreement if not copyright everything you send to them, ideas, conversations, menu ideas etc. It's the easiest to defend and enforce. We copyright all our email, email footer example below   Copyright © 2014 ABC, CO Ltd. - All Rights Reserved -   This message is intended for the addressed recipient(s) only. If you have received this, and are not the intended recipient(s), please contact the sender/author immediately and delete this...
Wow, take a little gin with those bitters @chefedb lol! You paint with a very broad and stiff brush sir!   A contract by definition is a formal and, or legal binding agreement, agreement being the operative word here.   Unless you're going to work as a rocket surgeon for L3 or Space X pretty sure you won't need to much legal advice for such a simple agreement. I'll be glad to help you wade through this annoyance if you wish. Not offering legal advice, just guidance...
@sharkwindow my first question is have you even discussed a contract with the potential "crazy owners"?, others on the team have one? If not you may be causing a problem for yourself. IME, an open for anyone is stressful. At the start is an investment with no guaranteed ROI, the owners stress level is very commensurate with their business experience and not necessarily just in the restaurant sector  As far as structure suggest you research "employment contracts", they're...
@tbird I suggest you try the search bar at the top of the page, TONS of advice and specific topics Im sure will interest you. E.g. I searched the vinaigrette you are interested in and got over 2000 results. The search bar is like the G00gle of CT and searches discussions held here. Unlike many other sites that automatically take you to a commercial search engine. You can search for anything from a single ingredient to a complex recipe, try it out!    Cheers! EDG
Delaware, I'd be smoking crab cakes and oysters as a hook to get folks in the door!! Agree with @Kuan
@tbird, congratulations, glad the dinner for such an important occasion worked out for you.   Cheers,   EDG
@Meezenplaz true, so true, in his defense, Chef Santos is new and this was his first post! Don't feel bad @Chef Santos has happened to most if not all of us here on CT. Have posted in "dated" conversations usually start with something like, hey know this is an older post or sorry I'm late to the party but had something I wanted to add.   Welcome to Chef Talk btw.     Cheers!   EDG
Hey @chefedb & @Chef Santos this thread is 2 years old almost to the day and the last "recent" response besides youall was10, 2012, fyi.       Food for thought,     EDG
These are a fresh shoulder we de boned for a Porchetta          
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