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cake saw, or recently wanted to replace the wire on my cheese cutter, saltwater wire leaders are stainless wire (in various thicknesses avail) strong as hell, and cheap. For the after care found some stuff called "O'Keefe's Working Hands" cream, packaged in a bright green thing about the size of a hockey puck. We've been processing a-l-o-t of various meats for the smoker and curing chamber many, many hot scrubs before the next batch takes its toll on my hands and that...
light smoke over apple or cherry cold as you can muster for a couple of hrs increase the heat and cook for another 30 mins, or transfer to an oven 275, half brush with melted butter, S&P and finish cut side down over charcoal, concentrates the sugars and the flavor is awesome!     Cheers!   EDG
Freddy12712, Culinary Convenience on Andrews in Fort Lauderdale have a pretty good selection on the floor you can go hands on with, nice folks too! (FTR no affiliation)                      Culinary Convenience Address: 2212 S Andrews Ave #1, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 Phone:(954) 525-0011
@eastshores, Publix also, has a premium brand called Genova which is yellow fin in olive oil from Italy as a bogo, but not very often, that comes out to a buc a can.
Corned Beef Confit.   Anyone ever try to confit corned beef? Had a wild hair up my ass yesterday, had a whole brisket that was cured/corned broke it down and removed almost all the fat and decided to bake it. So I had a bunch of cured beef fat and had a brief thought about trying to make a lardo from it then just decided to cook it down potential for the dog. As it was cooking I added water and then it hit me, beef schmaltz!, why not? So added an onion, black pepper and...
pastrami jerky and pastrami meatball sliders for bits and bobs, dry cured homemade pastrami, baked corned beef, Guinness braised corned beef, baked cabbage, braised cabbage, bubble and squeak, roasted roots all with homemade Guinness horseradish mustard, oh yeah and plenty of mothers milk and hard tack.    
Thanks guys, am familiar with the cut you refer to, think I'm leaning toward the round.
Thanks Luc_H!,appreciate the history and "family tree" but looking for someone that has tried this and what they learned and the success and problems encountered but again I certainly appreciate your responses.    Cheers,  EDG
My "mother-in-law" god bless her, Ukrainian, from the old country made "varenyky" all the time, what I noticed was the texture of her dough, pretty sticky and elastic like no pasta dough I ever made. She used cream cheese in her dough. You can use regular pasta dough but the texture will be different, they won't freeze as well and may not hold up to being browned as well imo.   Welcome to CT!           EDG
Purslane, dandelion, burdock, milkweed and cattails pop immediately into mind, probably my favorites?, purslane and dandelion, grows everywhere tastes great and we use it sautéed on steak or with broccoli rabe and spinach.
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