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deconstructed or free form lasagna Florentine Bolognese
@ordo great article btw , i'll pm you some of the science
Jerk chicken, absolutely love it with yellow rice and spicy black beans. Use the leftovers for Jerk Chicken Arancini. Curry?, thousands of curries, personally like Jamaican Curry, it's also great as a marinade for grilled or smoked recipes, make a ton of stir frys, cordon bleu, divan, pot pie and or turnovers, enchiladas      
I'm usually 25-45  minutes depending on the size of the product, don't PC tongue much so at somewhat of a loss as to "why".
@crankcasy, firstly welcome to CT!, secondly did you peal the tongue after you cooked it?
http://www.cookithere.com/Kitchen/Search http://rentthiskitchen.com/find-a-commercial-kitchen-rental/ http://www.cookithere.com/Kitchens/ http://www.culinaryincubator.com/     Good luck, cheers!     EDG     (no affiliations ftr)
Linguini with spicy clams casino sauce      
@Josh71, agreed the vac method should be fine, it's such a PITA that we usually do a fair amount to either keep submerged in the duck fat of freeze. We use a cure of house apple smoked salt and turbo sugar, wild fennel pollen, lavender and rosemary salt, juniper berries and black pepper overnight skin side down, next morning shallot, garlic, herbs de Provence and let set about 4 more hrs    Cheers!   EDG
Seems like I've been in the weeds most Jan, noticed some posting "older" pics so while I finish chopping thru the weeds, I offer duck confit  
@Josh71, you got a crock pot?, I use a versa cooker which is basically a glorified slow cooker when I make confit @ home.     .        
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