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I just bought the book "On Food and Cooking,..." (I now have the 2004 revised edition), and it is a great reference book for someone that wants to learn more about food and not simply to learn how to execute (cook) food. It is already one of my favorite books and I find in it invaluable information in it that I don't have access while I am training in the kitchen. For someone interested in learning about Techno Cuisine and Molecular Gastronomy, it is a must have. In...
Yes, we are reached to follow money so hard that we forget that we are more than money in a bank account and consuming wrong stuff all the time. Sometimes it can feel that handling the pressure (that is stress, not really if you love what you do) can really be the nice song in our ears. Good luck ! Cheers!
HI Baconator. Thanks for the post. I am prepared for the low pay and the consequences associated to that. But I agree with you because the more I made the more I spent and the basic stuff (Food, Health, etc) cost states the same and it is manageable. No doubt it will be something I will love to do without all the stress I had in the past. After all it will be replacing money with happiness and peace. Cheers
Thanks a lot.   "Don't seek the title of chef seek to become a great cook first, a really really great cook. Then start focusing on how to run a kitchen. Great chefs know how to do both."   I don't think I will ever forget these words. Thank you!
Thanks for the book recommendation. I love to read and your commendation is definitely in my list. Thank you.
Thanks for you comment. I means a lot to me. I believe I have discovered myself in a way that for the last 20 years of professional life I had not.Try to do what I love and care to be happier. One of the things that also makes me believe that I can be happier in this field is the range of possibilities. I may decide to work on a food truck even though I may not have the steady paycheck. Whatever I decide at the end, I will be committed with the basics of the profession....
Hello everyone,   I am about to start my studies in the Culinary Arts field. I am over 35 years old and changing profession. My dream is to cook: learn how to cook and persist in the career. I am not dreaming of becoming a Executive Chef in the short term and, quite honestly I want to enjoy the ride.   I am not searching for answers here. I am looking for some honest recommendations and advices in the different ways that this new career can take me, at my age, of...
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