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Bromelain, weird stuff man.
Yeah they are the most fickle.  People have sunk tons of cash trying to grow them by buying Oaks with roots that have the mycorrhiza, huge forests and nothing.  Soil pH, everything matched.  hahaha.  Maybe someday they will get it down.
Man I haven't made  a cream pie in ages.  Dammit, cream pie tonight haha!
I think the muscilagenous quality might be a turn off to some. For those who haven't had it, it's got that Okra quality.  I like it snipped raw in salads.  It readily reseeds and it's substrate growth habit makes it good for something interspersed with other greens.  You can buy improved varieties online too. 
Use canned coconut milk not the cream and adjust the sweetness level if need be with sugar.  I find that stuff way too sweet (cream) and I like to have more control....just a personal take on it.  Plus I think the straight up coconut milk has a much better flavor
I never knew hosta flowers were edible until now.  Cool! I've been eating the day lilies which are so pretty.
That's funny.  My friend just showed me his Rosemary Bonsai he is working on.
haha, that looks like a fun Angry Birds cake!
That's just sad.   Makes me want to oak grill some steaks and serve them with a heaping pat of compound herb butter (or maybe my black trumpet butter).  Heck maybe both. It just makes me bothered so I am going to rebel.  Yes. Steaks tonight.  Compound herb and mushroom butter.  Me and my boys.  Maybe I'll make some barley cakes to go with and a quick salad.  Yes. This sounds good. 
Uhhh....lulz...that cetainly sounds odd out of context hahaha.   I love to make scrapple from scratch, crust it in cornmeal flour mixture, fry it in bacon fat.  Serve that with fresh made homefries and some eggs over-easy..yum!  Another favorite is poached eggs on buttered white toast that is torn into pieces and then a liberal sprinkling of a "seasoned" salt mixture (I typically do salt, paprika, sugar, onion and garlic). A little garnish of chive rings is nice on top.
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