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  Man, competing with Mike Tyson...Kudos!
I typically order Spam from those sites.  It makes delivery easy.
I guess I am having a hard time visualizing that "crumb" that I see on the patty and equating that to a slurry was my point.  I assume they have a machine that works much like one of those paint devices used for the "popcorn" ceilings then? (total speculation)  Every time I make a slurry it's always very consistent and smooth, which is what's throwing me I suppose.
How long and how aggressively do you run the mixer once you begin the dry additions? I am guessing it might not be terribly important with that much egg, but I thought I'd ask just to make sure I'm not missing something.  That looks simple and kind of dessert.
My experience (here in Central PA) has been that most culinary herbs aren't typically bothered by pests (Parsley is one of the exceptions).  The only one you list out of the 4 that I don't see being practical is the Dill because most varieties grow quite tall.  What I would do if you have limited space is you can either go with a standard variety (there may be more compact ones out there?) and then once it reached a decent size, depending on the pot size, start...
Sorry I don't have anything constructive to offer but every time I see this thread I think of Cheech Marin in "Shrimp on the Barbie" where they freeze the cake and thaw it out in a microwave....:D
That's my go-to.  I saw on an a show there is a restaurant close to Vancouver (If memory serves me correct) where everything on the menu comes from within a 20 mile radius or something of that nature.  Flavors are actually contrived by clever combinations of local ingredients.  I personally like to make just about everything from scratch, as much as I can.  My point in all of this is, it would be good to investigate the flavors you are experiencing and try to match those...
No idea man.  If it were me, a smell test is in order. Is this a straight-up salt cure?  I have noticed salt sprinkled on raw liver will begin to react, although exactly what is occurring there I am not well versed.  My real reason for posting is actually a question I is this consumed?
The attempt I would probably make would be along the lines of what Koukouvagia mentions, but a little different.  Start with a bound egg breading....flour on a thinner steak (1/2"), dip in beaten egg and then the crust of pulverized Fritos (the corn should be substantial enough to hold up).  Shallow fry this like you would fried chicken, a slightly lower temp in shortening.  Depending on how you want your steak cooked.  The tricky part of this is most likely that...
Classic sides for Ropa are: Moros (Moros y Christianos), Tostones (sin o con mojo) or Vayandas.   In particular boiled Yuca (Yuca cocida).   When I make Tamales, I typically serve them as is...but a decent sauce is from Tomatillos, Onion, Chicken Stock, Salt and some Jalapeno (if you are into it).  Simmer, stick blend, chinoise and reduce to the proper consistency if necessary.
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