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Beastie Boys, Bad Religion, Godsmack....it's one of those days....
Oysters on the half shell. Yum.  I am a huge fan of anything raw. :D
I guess that's what's throwing me.  The goal seems to be a hybrid between the two worlds...(although I hadn't realized that you still need yeast to provide the mechanical action in no-kneads, learn something new every day!).  I have never had a batter bread that wasn't crumbly and I don't see any way around that other than some gluten development or adding gluten?  Maybe try to shift the recipe to a no-knead yeast based one?  You should have enough in the flour to at...
As an aside....last year I grew over 20 lbs of Rocambole, etc.  I like the concept of "garlic as a food", which is how Ron Engeland (author of Growing Great Garlic) pitches it.  Unfortunately not a clove went into the ground this past year as we are in a transitional phase. 
The biggest change was when food became a product, and solely a product. It severed us from the fundamental cycle that we are living, breathing creatures and the world around us that sustains us.
A little OT but the belief is that the Appendix is actually a storage bladder for beneficial bacteria.      I see mentioned the pre-fab, even the "butchers" at the grocer no longer butcher anything! It's all vac'd primals.  You can't even get caul, etc.  If you are fortunate to live in either an extremely rural area or the opposite, a thriving metropolis, chances are you are subject to the receiving end of this mechanization.  Once you push through the bubble and start...
I've seen a lot of those no-knead recipes incorporate gluten.  I'd bet if you knead some or incorporate gluten it would begin to get closer to what you are looking to achieve.  You could also experiment with shifting to an organic winter wheat, which is typically higher in gluten.  These of course assume that you want to keep the no-knead route but you should be resting that dough at least overnight, 18 hrs is probably best
This was actually what came to mind when I was writing the above.  To clarify what I was jabbering about, was that it all depends on what else is going into the dish and what ingredients.  The example of how just rubbing a fondue pot with garlic can actually come through and be recognized in a traditional fondue has always amazed me. 
Sorry for going OT, but since we've devolved to the bowl aspect of the dressing hopefully nobody will mind.  My son trumped a guy at a cookout recently.  One guy brought along a tube of ground Bhut Jolokia and me being the hot food lover I am asked for it to put on the pork chop.  A little sprinkle and the guy was like "That's WAAAY too much!".  I said "Sterling come over here" (my eldest son, just turned 10).  "You want some pork chops buddy".  "Sure daddy".  He ate the...
If it were me, scavenge 1 (or 2) refrigerators (assuming you have the room), clean them out and hold your stock there. Better yet nab a freezer and use a ranco or other temp controller to keep it where you want it.  Have the store txt you when they are at 1/4 stock so you can plan and refill. 
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