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Two questions.  First is what is your knead time? Second, do you have an aversion to white flour?
If you've never made Khatte Chole, run don't walk to buy some chick peas! I *always* make 2 lbs dried beans and freeze 2 quarts. The texture does change a little bit but is still super amazing and so easy to just thaw and add as another dish to the Indian supper. I make mine a bit more acidic and spicy than the base recipe.  My family loves this dish!
First, I agree where you live there should be oodles of them readily available.  I have found if you leave them in the fridge the flour tortilla (and possibly to a degree with the corn) this prevents the potential stick-and-tear problem which I believe comes from the temperature allowing the surfaces to mend a bit between tortillas.
Hey look at the bright side.  Now they won't have to tag and track them, they can just check the radioactive signature.  Maybe they can label it as "irradiated" for raw consumption.  :D
Metric immediately gives you a sense of scale across any measurement used therein.  All of my own recipes are in metric. 
There's two sides to this that I see.  One is the positive improvements in ethics, food safety, cost and the beauty of innovation these new technologies bring.   The other side is that we must take care not to lose what we have learned or depart from traditions that have gotten us where we are now. I see many threads here portraying this same riddle, two that come to mind are the Hollandaise thread and the Caesar thread.    I also can envision a time when, much like...
There's a part in the film that any chef will find haunting (it involves a tomato, a stalk of celery and a small chunk of beef if I recall).
I really, really very highly recommend Bread Alone: Daniel Leader.  The method is the time-honored method before bad practices began to gobble up much of the industry.
Hehe...well when I discovered the latin name based on the description, I found a link that had the Italian.  Knowing a little about you I decided that was best. :)
Hmm, I was digging a they look like this:   Bay Sucker   Oftentimes when plants are stressed and still recovering it can be a period prone to attack.  I'm wondering if you could use something like a mosquito netting to keep them off until the plant can adjust.  It seems though that most of what is recommended is a systemic insecticide if the infestation is bad, otherwise they recommend to keep doing what you are doing (pick and prune).
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