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Initial cost is high but really, truly how much does it impact cost-per-plate basis?  A pinch of saffron thread weighs next-to-nothing and goes a long way.  28 grams, many servings per can easily recoup that cost by a very small price increase that nobody would notice.
I'd eat a baby lamb.
I'm pushing 38 and just had that moment. Life is weird man.  I think though, a HUGE difference in your case is your son has the role model and guidance to help him discover who he is.  I find, as a parent, this is one of the greatest services we can do our children, our society, our country, our world, our humanity.  Think about a world where more people were just happy because they were pursuing what they truly wanted to at heart. Granted it's never that easy in terms of...
Passion is never pushed.  It cannot be taught, but it can be quenched by regiment. Fortunately he's young (my eldest son is 10) and there is time. As to guiding him in the path best for him, my personal feeling is it just takes knowing the person that your son is and who he is becoming.  If you listen carefully you can sift through the various interests and find the passion. Sometimes it's apparent, other times it seems hidden.  What I would caution is not to...
Banana leaves aren't too hard to come by anymore, at least in my experience (sold frozen in many large grocers).  The other route is like the Mexican tamales...corn husks.  It's an interesting button that was pressed...the very definition of "Tamale" varies quite largely from place to place, region to region even.  As an example of what I am saying in Puerto Rico the answer to this is the Pastele, but the ingredients are different and they are boiled...some places they...
I haven't had the spring shoots before, but we get the winter bamboo shoots.  Those are really good, a little astringent on occasion though. Those runner bamboos can be really problematic once established though.   I'd certainly try a lactoferment on them in a salt brine.  You could make a vinegar pickle as well with garlic, chilis, salt and sugar.  Maybe a touch of ginger or lemongrass..?
Have a look at the link menu referenced in my thread above...go to the core menu and you can see the patty that is referenced.  This will give you an idea of what I mention.
Some more inspiration.  Granted, as mentioned in this thread examples like this are certainly very unique and are a culmination of many variables...but what if Rene had chosen to enroll in a school or decide a different path?
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