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Try Stevia. I find that it is the best no calorie sugar for baking. Also, you might try some agave syrup. It is a low GI food.
Custards. I love hot custards personally, but you can get creative and do all sorts of custards!
I really was thinking about Flour Bakery for a while...but then I got turned off when I realized that when hear from word of mouth it will sound like Flower Bakery. :/
I want a name for the bakery and my business
I'm local right now, but I won't be always. My future will be on the other side of country
Eh. Too cute...and/or expected lol. Thanks for your help though
Hmm, well baking is everything to me. It is the reason I am alive today, as it pulled me out of my eating disorder. Food terrified me, and between baking and cooking I was able to learn to love food again. I still have some issues, but instead of starving myself, I bake something to ground myself back in reality rather than the illusion the eating disorder gives me.   Baking really is my passion.     Also, I plan on doing different diets aka gluten-free, vegan,...
I thought about that, but then people might get the idea that I just do bread.  
I am a high school senior who dreams of opening my own bakery one day. For now though, I am baking things from home and occasionally selling stuff. I want to make a facebook page and maybe even a website in the next year to really get my name out there, so I am able to sell more and practice more.   The problem is, I can't think of a name. I was liking Mind Over Batter, but it is too long and too...silly. Not easily remembered at all.   My favorite bakery name...
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