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Thank you both for your help. I guess the boss agreed today, she would like the see individual made cookies after all. We decided we will do some testing. At least two of us agreed to do some baking at home, for the fun of it.  We'll try some different kind of cookies. One idea is the walnut shaped cookie, you bake in shaped models. We would probably just do a normal walnut cookie dough, to make them. Then I was thinking to make a filling that would be similar to the...
Thank you for your answer I know the "peaches" you sent me the link for. My mom makes them and they are very nice, tasty and moist, but I think they want something that's easier to make and they have to stay fresh for a longer period. Because the cookies are going to be  for promotions, we might need them in larger quantities at times and the chef of our kitchen already said, it has to be something that is not going to put to much of an extra pressure on our pastry...
 I am again having a project and I would love to hear some suggestions on. This time is not related to my school, but my job. We have developed a house drink a liqueur. It's sweet, made on a base of a walnut brandy and honey ( this two ingredients are very common in our part of the world + some other herbs to the taste). We are still at the beginning, but we are trying to come up with some promotional ideas, to promote this liqueur and the hotel. We might eventually...
Hi! It's been a week, since we passed the chaos test.  In the end we ended up doing nothing special to the food and only focused on chaos in service and set up. We literally made it a chaos, so much that our professor regreted for giving us the theme, lol. Argument, Can't judge what is right or wrong if you were supossed to create chaos? Anyway props to our group leaders   
Science fiction I think we the people are slowly growing out of the need to pay for this generically and artificially produced food. Fortunately, I don't see it happening, yet. I understand there is a growth of the population, but the answer is probably not in complication but in rationalization. On the other side, maybe some day in the future when we become "enlightened", we might come back to it.  Than science might be used to benefit the population and not the...
Welcome to chef talk.
I am not sure about squash beetles and Cabbage moths, but I know my mom uses a preparation for aphids, made out of stinging nettle. You're supposed to be careful with it, not to make it to strong though, cause it can destroy the plant. I think you have to use about 1 kilo of nettle per 10 litter of water and let it soak for 24 h, it works really well.  
I officially don't like group projects :-(  I could rant right now, but I'll rather just say nothing, cause I am probably just paranoid.
Hello To you, too. Welcome to the forum.  
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